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  • The Story Machine
    The Story Machine (English, Paperback) Tom McLaughlin

    A captivating story about the magic of story telling "The Story Machine" will capture your imagination and your heart!"

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  • The Day That Aliens (Nearly) Ate Our Brains
    The Day That Aliens (Nearly) Ate Our Brains (Paperback) Tom McLaughlin

    A laugh-a-minute, action-packed alien adventure perfect for fans of Pamela Butchart and Frank Cottrell Boyce....

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  • Hot Dog Hal
    Hot Dog Hal (Paperback) Tom McLaughlin, Peter Bently

    Sausage dog Hal loves his trusty old blanket and takes it everywhere, even though his friends all say that it makes him look like a sausage covered in mustard. Little do they know just how useful that blanket might turn out to be when a thunderstorm strikes and Hal manages to rescue his canine chums using that scruffy old blanket!

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  • The Cloudspotter
    The Cloudspotter (Paperback) Tom McLaughlin

    His real name was Franklin. But everyone called him The Cloudspotter ......

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  • Up, Up and Away
    Up, Up and Away (Paperback) Tom McLaughlin

    What does it take to build your very own planet? Orson is about to find out....

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  • Chicken Nugget: Scrambled Egg
    Chicken Nugget: Scrambled Egg (Paperback) Michelle Robinson, Tom McLaughlin

    My name is Nugget. Chicken Nugget . . . It's not easy being the smallest chick in the family, but Nugget has had some good news: he's going to be a big brother! Little baby Benedict is still an egg at the moment and it's Nugget's job to look after him. What could possibly go wrong?Another cracking story from bestselling duo Michelle Robinson and Tom McLaughlin.

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  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget (Paperback) Michelle Robinson, Tom McLaughlin

    When Nugget's long-lost-cousin Franz turns up, all isn't quite as it seems. There's definitely something fishy - or foxy - about this chicken. This is Nugget's chance to save the day, because sometimes the bravest hero of all is just a little chicken.

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  • Catch That Rat
    Catch That Rat (English, Paperback) Caryl Hart, Tom McLaughlin

    A funny and zany caper that will take you up the chimney, all round town and out into space!

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  • The Sheep Won't Sleep
    The Sheep Won't Sleep (English, Paperback) Curtis Jobling, Tom McLaughlin

    .THE SHEEP WON'T SLEEP! A sleepy sheepdog struggles to put a hundred naughty sheep to bed in this chaotic farmyard romp with silly sheep to count on every page - can you find all 100? A delightful rhyming read that's perfect for bedtime - from the creators of Old Macdonald had a Farm.

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  • The Cloudspotter
    The Cloudspotter (English, Hardback) Tom McLaughlin

    A beautifully realised picture book, celebrating the power of the imagination and the importance of friendship, from the creator of "The Story Machine."

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  • Old MacDonald Had a Zoo
    Old MacDonald Had a Zoo (English, Paperback) Curtis Jobling, Tom McLaughlin

    Elderly farmer wins lottery! Old MacDonald, of MacDonald's Farm, is the talk of the cattle market and the most eligible pensioner in the paddock. With wellington boots, a jaunty flat cap and a spanking new muck-thrower topping his shopping list, lottery winner Old MacDonald has one million pounds burning a hole in his dungarees.

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  • The Sixth Form Poet
    The Sixth Form Poet (English, Paperback) Tom McLaughlin

    Since 2011, the mysterious figure known only as Sixth Form Poet has attracted over 50,000 followers on Twitter with his offbeat, witty and pun-laden observations on modern life. This collection brings together the best of his pithy one-liners and whimsical poems, brought to life with Tom McLaughlin's quirky illustrations.

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  • The Accidental Secret Agent (CD-Audio) Tom McLaughlin

    This year the secret service made a major mix up, they mistook a 13-year-old boy called Kevin for a secret agent (I know, so much for an 'intelligence' agency).

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  • Along Came a Different
    Along Came a Different (Hardback) Tom McLaughlin

    Reds love being red. Yellows love being yellow. And Blues love being blue. The problem is that they just don't like each other....

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  • The Accidental Billionaire (CD-Audio) Tom McLaughlin

    Jasper Spam is mad about science, the problem is that his experiments tend to end in a BANG, until one day Jasper manages to invent something that will change the world forever ... the world's first talking cat.

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  • The Odds Strike Back!
    The Odds Strike Back! (Paperback) Adam Perrott, Tom McLaughlin

    The Odds are a family of pranksters with a love of all things prankable! This time, they face an inspection by the Head Prankster, who happens to be a long-time enemy of Mr Odd...

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  • Up, Up and Away
    Up, Up and Away (English, Hardback) Tom McLaughlin

    Orson is about to find out that sometimes you have to let go of the things that you love the most in this heart-warming story from the award-winning Tom McLaughlin. Perfect for fans of Oliver Jeffers and Jon Klassen

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  • Die Geschichtenmaschine (German, Hardback) Tom McLaughlin

    Elliott hat eine eigenartige Maschine gefunden. Sie blinkt nicht und brummt nicht. Sie hat keinen Knopf zum Ein- und Ausschalten. Doch plötzlich findet er heraus, was man mit der Maschine anstellen kann, und ohne es zu merken wird er zum Geschichtenerzähler ...

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  • The Odds
    The Odds (Paperback) Adam Perrott, Tom McLaughlin

    Meet The Odds! A family of pranksters with a love of all things But they meet their match in the Plopwells - a couple whose dastardly plans make the Odds look like a bunch of goody-goodies. Can The Odds defeat the fiendish pair?

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