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Tom Vowler

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  • That Dark Remembered Day by Tom Vowler
    That Dark Remembered Day (English, Paperback) Tom Vowler

    A thought-provoking suspense, for fans of Simon Lelic to Lisa Ballantyne

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  • Dazzling the Gods by Tom Vowler
    Dazzling the Gods (English, Paperback) Tom Vowler

    A brother returns from exile to stir up the past. Lovers torn apart by heroin confront their loss in wildly divergent ways. Rich with dark, beguiling, playful and audacious tales, Dazzling the Gods is the second short story collection from award-winning author Tom Vowler.

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  • The Method by Tom Vowler
    The Method (English, Paperback) Tom Vowler

    The characters in this award-winning debut collection are very good at losing things: children, lovers, hope, the plot. They discover the past is not a place easily escaped from, as it pursues them with startling, sometimes horrifying, consequences. Provocative and bold, these stories will get under your skin.

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  • What Lies Within by Tom Vowler
    What Lies Within (English, Paperback) Tom Vowler

    Combining the narrative drive and psychological suspense of BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP, with hard-hitting, thought-provoking themes, as Simon Lelic, WHAT LIES WITHIN is an exciting debut from a brilliant new voice in fiction

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