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Tony Pollard

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  • Culloden by Tony Pollard
    Culloden (English, Paperback) Tony Pollard

    In battle at Culloden Moor on 16 April 1746 the Jacobite cause was dealt a mortal blow. The power of the Highland clans was broken. And the image of sword-wielding Highlanders charging into a hail of lead delivered by the red-coated battalions of the Hanoverian army has passed into legend. The battle was decisive - it was a turning point in British history. And yet our perception of this critical...

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  • Life on the Death Railway by Stuart Young
    Life on the Death Railway (English, Hardback) Stuart Young

    * Remarkable first-hand account of life in Second World War Japanese prisoner-of-war camps * Graphic descriptions of conditions at Changi and of work on the Burma railway * Fascinating insight into the daily reality of imprisonment in the harshest conditions

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  • The Secrets of the Lazarus Club by Tony Pollard
    The Secrets of the Lazarus Club (English, Paperback) Tony Pollard

    London, 1857. A series of mutilated corpses are pulled from the Thames. Young surgeon Dr George Phillips is first consulted, and then suspected, by police. The Lazarus Club - a gathering of the finest minds of the age wish to use their discoveries to change the world. But there are those who use the club for their own mysterious and black ends.

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