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Tony Smith

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  • America's Mission by Tony Smith
    America's Mission (English, Paperback)

    Argues that the global strength and prestige of democracy today are due in large part to America's impact on international affairs. This book documents the history of how American foreign policy has been used to try to promote democracy worldwide.

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  • SharePoint 2016 User's Guide by Tony Smith
    SharePoint 2016 User's Guide (English, Paperback)

    Learn how to make the most of SharePoint 2016 and its wide range of capabilities to support your information management, collaboration, and business process management needs. Whether you are using SharePoint as an intranet or business solution platform, you will learn how to use the resources (such as lists, libraries, and sites) and services (such as search, workflow, and social) that make up...

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  • Beyond Liberal Egalitarianism by Tony Smith
    Beyond Liberal Egalitarianism (English, Paperback)

    An original and convincing political and philosophical argument that capitalism--even when highly regulated--will always breed massive inequality

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  • Sea-Country by Tony Smith
    Sea-Country (English, Paperback)

    In his tiny gaff-rigged yacht Tony Smith takes us around some of the lesser-known corners of the Thames Estuary he know so well.

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  • British Communism And The Politics Of Race by Tony Smith
    British Communism And The Politics Of Race (English, Paperback)

    A ground-breaking examination of how the Communist Party of Great Britain helped shape the anti-racist movement in the U.K.

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  • Gordon Smith by Tony Smith
    Gordon Smith (English, Paperback)

    Gordon Smith won the league with Hibernian on three separate occasions during an eighteen-year-long glittering career with the club. With Heart of Midlothian he won another league medal as well as a League Cup medal, followed by yet another championship medal with Dundee. This title recounts the life of legendary footballer Gordon Smith.

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  • Foreign Attachments by Tony Smith
    Foreign Attachments (English, Paperback)

    Who speaks for America in world affairs? In exploring this question, Smith ranges over the history of ethnic group involvement in foreign affairs; he notes the openness of our political system to interest groups; and he investigates the relationship between multiculturalism and U.S. foreign policy.

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  • Why Wilson Matters by Tony Smith
    Why Wilson Matters (English, Paperback)

    The liberal internationalist tradition is credited with America's greatest triumphs as a world power?and also its biggest failures. Beginning in the 1940s, imbued with the spirit of Woodrow Wilson's efforts at the League of Nations to "make the world safe for democracy," the United States steered a course in world affairs that would eventually win the Cold War. Yet in the 1990s, Wilsonianism...

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  • The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx by Matt Vidal
    The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx (English, Hardback)

    Karl Marx is one of the most influential writers in history. Despite repeated obituaries proclaiming the death of Marxism, in the 21st century Marx's ideas and theories continue to guide vibrant research traditions in sociology, economics, political science, philosophy, history, anthropology, management, economic geography, ecology, literary criticism, and media studies....

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  • Marx's Capital And Hegel's Logic: A Reexamination by Fred Moseley
    Marx's Capital And Hegel's Logic: A Reexamination (English, Paperback)

    Marxist economists and philosophers debate the impact of Hegel on Marx, and the insights gained by reading Hegel through Marx.

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  • Crocheting with Lucy Loop by Karen D Thompson
    Crocheting with Lucy Loop (English, Paperback)

    Would you like to teach a child the joys of making something special with their own two hands? Lucy Loop is here to help! Now, children ages five to ten years old can learn the super-fun art of crocheting by simply reading one delightful story. The first children's crochet pattern storybook, Karen D. Thompson's engaging, easy-to-read introduction to crocheting is a terrific way to teach a young...

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  • The Police K-9 Unit by Tony Smith
    The Police K-9 Unit (English, Paperback)

    Protecting a community is serious business and takes a fully trained and staffed police force. Likewise, to properly train a Police Canine Unit takes knowledge, skill and experience. The Police K-9 Book gives an in-depth analysis and understanding of how to properly establish, maintain and grow a K-9 Unit.Every community is unique, but no matter what type of community you serve, adding a canine...

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  • A Pact with the Devil by Tony Smith
    A Pact with the Devil (English, Hardback)

    Despite the overwhelming opposition on the left to the war in Iraq, many prominent liberals supported the war on humanitarian grounds. This book traces this undeniable drift in mainstream liberal thinking toward a more militant posture in world affairs with respect to human rights and democracy promotion.

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  • Taxi Lives in Poetry by Tony Smith
    Taxi Lives in Poetry (English, Paperback)

    Tony Smith is a dyed-in-the-wool Kidderminster lad whose family have resided in the town for over two centuries. His work has taken many forms, from employment in a travel agency, in a colliery, in the electrical contracting industry, to being a proprietor of building company for over 30 years. More recently Tony has worked as a self-employed taxi driver, poet and author....

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