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  • Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki
    Oh Crap! Potty Training (English, Paperback) Jamie Glowacki

    Jamie Glowacki?potty-training expert, Pied Piper of Poop, and author of the popular guide, Oh Crap! Potty Training?shares her proven 6-step plan to help you toilet train your preschooler quickly and successfully....

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  • The Heart Speaks by Mimi Guarneri
    The Heart Speaks (English, Paperback) Mimi Guarneri

    An evaluation of the multi-faceted role of the heart considers its representation of human emotions and spirituality as well as its essential role in the perpetuation of life, drawing on recent studies to reveal that the human heart has its own intelligence and memory and operates independently from the brain. Reprint. 75,000 first printing.

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  • Mini Pusheen Coloring Book by Claire Belton
    Mini Pusheen Coloring Book (English, Paperback) Claire Belton

    Pusheen returns in a delightful, miniature coloring book with one-sided, perforated pages for fans of I Am Pusheen the Cat. The Internet's favorite chubby, tubby tabby is back in this miniature version of the Pusheen Coloring Book, now with perforated pages so you can easily tear out your creations to share and show-off?purr-fect for cat lovers and coloring book fans everywhere!

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  • Love Me Slender by Thomas N Bradbury
    Love Me Slender (English, Paperback) Thomas N Bradbury, Benjamin R Karney

    Based on cutting-edge research with more than 1,000 married couples, this ?revolutionary book? (Harville Hendrix, PhD, coauthor ofMaking Marriage Simple) shows you how to bolster your resolve by strengthening your relationship, offering a fresh approach to weight loss that will turn your spouse from diet saboteur into your most loyal health ally....

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  • Dueling with Kings by Daniel Barbarisi
    Dueling with Kings (English, Hardback) Daniel Barbarisi

    "Hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the characters, compulsions, and chaos inside the fantasy sports gold rush." ?Jason Gay, author of Little Victories...

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  • Disobedience by Naomi Alderman
    Disobedience (English, Paperback) Naomi Alderman


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  • The Forks Over Knives Plan by Alona Pulde
    The Forks Over Knives Plan (English, Paperback) Alona Pulde, Matthew Lederman

    The physician creators of the documentary by the same name present a four-week, celebrity-recommended plan for transitioning to a whole-food, plant-based diet to bolster the body's resistance to disease. 150,000 first printing.

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  • Simply Clean by Becky Rapinchuk
    Simply Clean (English, Paperback) Becky Rapinchuk

    From the cleaning and homekeeping expert and creator of the wildly popular Clean Mama blog comes a simple and accessible cleaning guide with a proven step-by-step schedule for tidying a home in just ten minutes a day....

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  • The Mind Illuminated by Dr John Yates
    The Mind Illuminated (English, Paperback) Dr John Yates, Matthew Immergut

    A revolutionary, science-based approach to meditation from a neuroscientist turned meditation master, The Mind Illuminated is an accessible, step-by-step toolkit for anyone looking to start?or improve?their daily meditation practice....

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  • The Little Book of Big Weight Loss by Bernadette Fisers
    The Little Book of Big Weight Loss (English, Paperback) Bernadette Fisers

    Food Rules meets Skinny Bitch in this fun, accessible guide to radical and sustainable weight loss?based on a set of thirty-one food and lifestyle rules for everyone sick and tired of diet failure and confused by conflicting advice and complicated regimens....

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  • Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them) by Sallie Tisdale
    Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them) (English, Hardback) Sallie Tisdale

    A straightforward, wise, and humorous narrative field guide for both the dying and those who love them by an author who brings a unique set of qualifications to this delicate subject?she's a Pushcart Prize-winning writer, a palliative care nurse with more than ten years of experience, and a lifelong Buddhist....

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  • The Narcissist You Know by Joseph Burgo
    The Narcissist You Know (English, Paperback) Joseph Burgo

    In the tradition of The Sociopath Next Door, clinical psychologist Joseph Burgo'sThe Narcissist You Know is a ?clear, easily digestible? (Kirkus Reviews) guide to help you identify, disarm, and coexist with extreme narcissists....

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  • Atkins by Colette Heimowitz
    Atkins (English, Hardback) Colette Heimowitz

    New from Atkins, this revolutionary guide to a low carbohydrate lifestyle?fully illustrated and packed with 100 delicious whole-food recipes?will teach you to eat right, not less, to reach your weight management goals and achieve optimal health....

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  • The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
    The Magic of Thinking Big (English, Hardback) David Schwartz

    With more than six million copies sold worldwide, David Schwartz's timeless guide and bestselling phenomenon, The Magic of Thinking Big, is now available as a special hardcover edition....

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  • The Last Castle by Denise Kiernan
    The Last Castle (English, Hardback) Denise Kiernan

    New York Times Bestseller...

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  • Sundown Towns by James W. Loewen
    Sundown Towns (English, Paperback) James W. Loewen

    A history of northern racial exclusion demonstrates the pervasiveness of racism throughout the entire United States, analyzing how "sundown towns" in northern states participated in racially oppressive practices and victimized black citizens with frequently violent attacks well into the late twentieth century. Reprint. 60,000 first printing.

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  • Cannabis for Chronic Pain by Dr Rav Ivker
    Cannabis for Chronic Pain (English, Paperback) Dr Rav Ivker

    The first authoritative and comprehensive guide for treating chronic pain with medical marijuana from a holistic family physician who has treated more than six thousand chronic pain patients with cannabis....

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  • Simon and Schuster Crossword Puzzle Book #257 by John M Samson
    Simon and Schuster Crossword Puzzle Book #257 (English, Spiral bound) John M Samson


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  • Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #14 by John M Samson
    Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #14 (English, Paperback) John M Samson

    This classic crossword series returns for its ninetieth year with 300 never-before-published puzzles!...

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  • There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather by Linda Akeson McGurk
    There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather (English, Hardback) Linda Akeson McGurk

    "A perfect antidote to the hyper-vigilant, extra-electrified, standardized-tested, house-arrested, 21st-century childhood." ?Richard Louv, bestselling author of Last Child in the Woods and Vitamin N...

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