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  • Urban Street Design Guide
    Urban Street Design Guide (English, Hardback) National Association of City Transportation Officials

    A well-illustrated guide that offers blueprints of street design from multiple perspectives, from the bird's eye view to granular details. It features case studies that show how to implement best practices, as well as provide guidance for customizing design applications to a city's unique needs.

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  • Urban Bikeway Design Guide, Second Edition
    Urban Bikeway Design Guide, Second Edition (English, Hardback) National Association of City Transportation Officials

    Based on the experience of the best cycling cities in the world, this title features designs that were developed by cities for cities, since urban streets require innovative solutions. It offers guidance for cities seeking to improve bicycle transportation in places where competing demands for the use of the right of way present unique challenges.

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  • The End of Automobile Dependence
    The End of Automobile Dependence (English, Paperback) Peter Newman, Jeffrey R. Kenworthy

    Looks at how we can accelerate a planning approach to designing urban environments that can function reliably and conveniently on alternative modes, with a refined and more civilized automobile playing a very much reduced and manageable role in urban transportation.

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  • Human Transit
    Human Transit (English, Paperback) Jarret Walker

    Public transit is a tool for addressing a huge range of urban problems, including traffic congestion and economic development as well as climate change. This title supplies the basic tools, the critical questions, and the means to make smarter decisions about designing and implementing transit services.

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  • BART
    BART (English, Paperback) Michael C Healy $19.29
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  • London Transport Buses in East London and Essex
    London Transport Buses in East London and Essex (English, Paperback) David Christie

    David Christie offers a range of superb images of London Transport buses in the eastern part of London.

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  • Incomplete Streets
    Incomplete Streets (English, Paperback) Stephen Zavestoski

    The ?Complete Streets' concept and movement in urban planning and policy has been hailed by many as a revolution that aims to challenge the auto-normative paradigm by reversing the broader effects of an urban form shaped by the logic of keeping automobiles moving. By enabling safe access for all users, Complete Streets promise to make cities more walkable and livable and at the same time more...

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  • Scottish Buses During Deregulation
    Scottish Buses During Deregulation (English, Paperback) Kenny Barclay

    Rare and unpublished images from this iconic period in Scotland's transport history.

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  • Highway Engineering
    Highway Engineering (English, Paperback) Daniel J. Findley, Bastian Schroeder

    This book helps readers maximize effectiveness in all facets of highway engineering including planning, design, operations, safety, and geotechnical engineering. Highway Engineering: Planning, Design, and Operations features a seven part treatment, beginning with a clear and rigorous exposition of highway engineering concepts. These include project development, and the relationship between...

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  • Are Trams Socialist?
    Are Trams Socialist? (English, Paperback) Christian Wolmar

    If you have ever wondered why the roads are congested, the trains are full and the buses are no longer running, this book provides the answers. The UK has never had a proper transport policy and it desperately needs one to address the twin challengers of getting people around cheaply and safely, while safeguarding the environment.

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  • Southdown Buses
    Southdown Buses (English, Paperback) Michael Hymans

    A collection of previously unpublished images of Southdown buses.

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  • Bristol Country Buses
    Bristol Country Buses (English, Paperback) Mike Walker

    A profusely illustrated history of Bristol's country buses

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  • Transport Justice
    Transport Justice (English, Paperback) Karel Martens

    Access for All aims to develop a new paradigm for transportation planning, based on principles of justice. The book starts from the observation that the principles underlying transportation planning have hardly changed over the past fifty years - in practice, as well as in theory, the focus has been on the performance of the transport system and ways to improve this performance. The goal has been...

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  • Roads Were Not Built for Cars
    Roads Were Not Built for Cars (English, Paperback) Carlton Reid

    Roads Were Not Built for Cars is a history book, focussing on a time when cyclists had political clout, in Britain and especially in America. The book researches the Roads Improvement Association - a lobbying group created by the Cyclists' Touring Club in 1886 - and the Good Roads movement organised by the League of American Wheelmen.

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    5 stars

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  • The Reshaping of British Railways
    The Reshaping of British Railways (Hardback) British Railway Board

    The Reshaping of British Railways is a piece of railway history every dedicated enthusiast will want in their collection.

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  • Fife Independents
    Fife Independents (English, Paperback) David Devoy

    David Devoy explores Fife's Independent Buses.

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  • Grey-Green
    Grey-Green (English, Paperback) Andrew Mead

    A pictorial history of the famous Grey-Green bus and coach company.

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  • Everybody Loves Uber
    Everybody Loves Uber (Paperback) Ben Mandell $16.45
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  • Strathclyde Traction
    Strathclyde Traction (English, Paperback) Colin J. Howat

    Colin J. Howat explores the wide variety of traction seen in the Strathclyde area.

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  • The Urban Section
    The Urban Section (English, Paperback) Robert Mantho

    The design of streets, and the connections between streets of different character, is the most important task for architects and urbanists working in an urban context. Considered at two distinct spatial scales ? that of the individual street ? the Street Section ? and the complex of city streets ? the City Transect ? Urban Section identifies a range of generic street types and their success or...

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