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  • Gears
    Gears and Gear Cutting (Paperback) Ivan R. Law

    Explanations and reasons for all conventional types of gears are clearly set out in this book together with useful tables and machinery techniques to form an invaluable reference work for anyone dealing with machinery.

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  • Porsche
    Porsche Flat-Six Boxer Engine Model Kit (Kit) Franzis Verlag GmBH

    The Porsche flat-six engine and the cars it powers are legendary. With this kit, you'll assemble a superbly detailed scale model of a 1966 2 litre flat-six engine. Discover the fascinating world of automotive engineering with the whole family! The Construction Kit *Electronic sound module with genuine boxer engine sound *Transparent casing allows view inside the engine *Cams activated by belt...

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  • Sail
    Sail and Rig Tuning (English, Paperback) Ivar Dedekam

    Fantastic computer graphics systematically explain how to tune-your-yacht, keelboat or dinghy. This beautifully illustrated and well-organised book shows the reader step by step, how to trim their sails and rig for maximum performance.

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  • Automotive
    Automotive Oscilloscopes (Paperback) Graham Stoakes $50.48 $55.99
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  • Canoecraft"/
    Canoecraft (English, Paperback) Ted Moores

    Revised and expanded edition of the illustrated guide to fine woodstrip canoe construction, now with 32 pages of colour illustrations.

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  • Reeds
    Reeds Skipper's Handbook (English, Paperback) Malcolm Pearson

    The bestselling aide-memoire of everything a boater would need to know at sea.

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  • Spy
    Spy Satellite Manual 2016 (English, Hardback) David Baker

    In 1954, three years before the launch of Sputnik 1, the world's first satellite, top-secret discussions were held in the United States to plan the development of military spy satellites, designedto obtain detailed photography of the Soviet Union's military strength, and its potential for waging nuclear war.

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  • Celestial
    Celestial Navigation (English, Paperback) Tom Cunliffe

    Celestial navigation i s one of the oldest of the mariner's arts - and one of the most awe-inspiring. Trusted navigation expert, Tom Cunliffe, shows you how to master the art in easy stages. Celestial Navigation includes clear diagrams and worked examples to guide the novice navigator.

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  • Reeds
    Reeds PBO Small Craft Almanac 2017 (English, Paperback) Perrin Towler, Mark Fishwick

    In a practical handy format, the Reeds PBO Small Craft Almanac, published in association with Practical Boat Owner, covers the European Coastline from Denmark to the Gironde.

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  • Celestial
    Celestial Navigation (English, Paperback) David Burch $30.20 $39.00
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  • Reeds
    Reeds Nautical Almanac 2017 (English, Paperback) Perrin Towler, Mark Fishwick

    Reeds Nautical Almanac is the indispensable trusted annual compendium of navigational data for yachtsmen and motorboaters, and provides all the information required to navigate Atlantic coastal waters around the whole of the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and the entire European coastline from the tip of Denmark right down to Gibraltar, Northern Morocco, the Azores and Madeira.The 2017 edition...

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  • Reeds
    Reeds Channel Almanac 2017 (English, Paperback) Perrin Towler, Mark Fishwick

    The Reeds Channel Almanac covers the south coast of England from the Scilly Isles to Dover, the Channel Islands and northern France from Calais to L'Aberildut, offering cruising and racing yachtsmen ready access to essential navigation information by virtue of its clear layout and user friendly format.Completely updated for 2017, topics include seamanship, pilotage, tide tables, safety procedures,...

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  • Spring
    Spring Design and Manufacture (Paperback) Tubal Cain

    Few mechanics are entirely devoid of springs of one sort or another, but satisfactory operation rests on details such as spring strength and degree of movement. This book explains the property of each type of spring, plus essential materials and methods.

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  • Wings
    Wings on My Sleeve (English, Paperback) Captain Eric Brown

    The autobiography of one of the greatest pilots in history

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  • Remote
    Remote Pilot Test Prep - UAS (English, Paperback) ASA Test Prep Board

    Flying a drone as a ?remote pilot-in-command” for non-hobby operations requires a ?Remote Pilot Certificate” issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You must successfully complete the FAA Knowledge Exam to earn a remote pilot certificate with a ?small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS)” rating. This book is your key ? ASA’s Remote Pilot Test Prep is the best resource for successful...

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  • Rolls-Royce
    Rolls-Royce Merlin Manual (English, Hardback) Ian Craighead

    Published in association with Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust.

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    5 stars

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  • British
    British Airways (English, Paperback) Paul Jarvis

    The facinating history of British Airways Engineering, from the earliest development of commercial civil aviation engineering in the early 1920s up to the present day.

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  • Tuning
    Tuning the A-Series Engine (English, Hardback) David Vizard

    The A-Series engine, first installed in the Austin A30, came to its own as the power plant for the Morris Minor. As it was further developed, the A-Series grabbed attention for its performance potential in 1959, when a revised version was launched with the Mini. First published in 1985, this essential reference for A-Series owners and tuners is updated to include the latest developments in engine technology'. All aspects of tuning are covered in detail, including filters, carburetion, intake manifolds, cylinder heads, exhaust systems, camshafts, valve trains, blocks, cranks, lubrication systems and pistons. In addition, there's information on tuning for economy and increasing engine power with nitrous oxide injection. Many new illustrations include specially drawn diagrams and charts.

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  • Warship
    Warship 2016 (English, Hardback) John Jordan

    Warship 2016 is devoted to the design, development and service history of the world's combat ships. Detailed and accurate information is the keynote of all the articles.

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  • Two-stroke
    Two-stroke Performance Tuning (English, Hardback) A. Graham Bell

    Ignition, carburetion, cylinders, and exhaust systems for vintage and modern motocross and road bikes, Japanese motorcycles, and karting.

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