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  • Porsche Flat-Six Boxer Engine Model Kit
    Porsche Flat-Six Boxer Engine Model Kit (Kit) Franzis Verlag GmBH

    The Porsche flat-six engine and the cars it powers are legendary. With this kit, you'll assemble a superbly detailed scale model of a 1966 2 litre flat-six engine. Discover the fascinating world of automotive engineering with the whole family! The Construction Kit *Electronic sound module with genuine boxer engine sound *Transparent casing allows view inside the engine *Cams activated by belt...

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  • Celestial Navigation
    Celestial Navigation (English, Paperback) David Burch $29.71 $39.00
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  • Spy Satellite Manual 2016
    Spy Satellite Manual 2016 (English, Hardback) David Baker

    In 1954, three years before the launch of Sputnik 1, the world's first satellite, top-secret discussions were held in the United States to plan the development of military spy satellites, designedto obtain detailed photography of the Soviet Union's military strength, and its potential for waging nuclear war.

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  • Rolls-Royce Merlin Manual
    Rolls-Royce Merlin Manual (English, Hardback) Ian Craighead

    Published in association with Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust.

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  • NASA Mercury Manual
    NASA Mercury Manual (English, Hardback) David Baker

    Full coverage of the design, engineering, development and flight operations of NASA's Mercury spacecraft, which in addition to several unmanned tests supported two piloted ballistic sub-orbital flights in 1961 and four piloted orbital flights between 1962 and 1963.The Mercury programme bridged the gap between the hypersonic X-15 and the two-man Gemini spacecraft, which in turn led to the Apollo...

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  • Remote Pilot Test Prep - UAS
    Remote Pilot Test Prep - UAS (English, Paperback) ASA Test Prep Board

    Flying a drone as a ?remote pilot-in-command” for non-hobby operations requires a ?Remote Pilot Certificate” issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You must successfully complete the FAA Knowledge Exam to earn a remote pilot certificate with a ?small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS)” rating. This book is your key ? ASA’s Remote Pilot Test Prep is the best resource for successful...

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  • Celestial Navigation
    Celestial Navigation (English, Paperback) Tom Cunliffe

    Celestial navigation i s one of the oldest of the mariner's arts - and one of the most awe-inspiring. Trusted navigation expert, Tom Cunliffe, shows you how to master the art in easy stages. Celestial Navigation includes clear diagrams and worked examples to guide the novice navigator.

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  • Land Rover Defender
    Land Rover Defender (English, Other printed item) Mike Gould

    Land Rover Defender is a highly illustrated collection of classic and limited edition models, filled with specs, stats, and images of Defenders both at home and abroad.

    $20.21 $22.99
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  • Warship 2016
    Warship 2016 (English, Hardback) John Jordan

    Warship 2016 is devoted to the design, development and service history of the world's combat ships. Detailed and accurate information is the keynote of all the articles.

    $46.36 $60.00
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  • The Battleship Bismarck [Anatomy of the Ship]
    The Battleship Bismarck [Anatomy of the Ship] (Paperback) Jack Brower

    The titles in Conway's highly acclaimed 'Anatomy of the Ship' series are widely acknowledged as standard references in their field, providing accurate and comprehensive documentation of individual ships and classes. Selected titles are now available in a new paperback format, making the series accessible to a new generation of historians, scholars, enthusiasts and ship modelmakers. The Bismarck is...


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  • British Airways
    British Airways (English, Paperback) Paul Jarvis

    Lavishly illustrated full-colour history of this iconic company, in association with British Airways and full of fascinating images from the British Airways archive.

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  • Modern Marine Weather
    Modern Marine Weather (English, Paperback) David Burch $30.17 $39.00
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  • Hidden Figures
    Hidden Figures (English, CD-Audio) Margot Lee Shetterly $27.90 $39.99
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  • Manifesto
    Manifesto (English, Paperback) Mike Busch A&p/Ia

    “There’s a dirty little secret about aviation maintenance: it often breaks aircraft instead of fixing them.”“Manifesto” is the much-anticipated first book from renowned aviation columnist and speaker Mike Busch. Written in typical no-nonsense style, it lays out the basis of Mike's “minimalist” maintenance philosophy for owner-flown general aviation aircraft. An owner who follows the...

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  • North American X-15 Manual 2016
    North American X-15 Manual 2016 (English, Hardback) David Baker

    A unique Haynes Manual, providing fascinating technical insight into the development and use of rocket planes, focusing on the iconic X-15, which carried out much of the development work for the Apollo and Space Shuttle space programmes.

    $28.23 $39.95
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  • Reeds Weather Handbook
    Reeds Weather Handbook (English, Paperback) Frank Singleton, Alison Noice

    This pocket-sized aide-memoire will equip sailors (and other outdoors people) with the knowledge to read and predict the weather.

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  • The Wright Brothers
    The Wright Brothers (Paperback) David McCullough

    Two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize David McCullough tells the dramatic story-behind-the-story about the brothers who taught the world how to fly.

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  • Hidden Figures
    Hidden Figures (English, CD-Audio) Margot Lee Shetterly $29.07 $39.99
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  • Rocket Ranch
    Rocket Ranch (English, Paperback) Jonathan H. Ward

    Jonathan Ward takes the reader deep into the facilities at Kennedy Space Center to describe NASA’s first computer systems used for spacecraft and rocket checkout and explain how tests and launches proceeded. Descriptions of early operations include a harrowing account of the heroic efforts of pad workers during the Apollo 1 fire. A companion to the author’s bookCountdown to a Moon Launch:...

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  • NASA Space Shuttle Manual
    NASA Space Shuttle Manual (English, Hardback) David Baker

    Describes the origin of the reusable launch vehicle concept during the 1960s, its evolution into a viable flying machine in the early 1970s, and its subsequent design, engineering, construction and operation.

    $26.35 $36.95
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