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  • My Mess
    My Mess (English, Paperback) Troy Daniel Black

    My Mess is all about grace. It's the story of how I was trapped in sin, struggling with pornography, fighting addictions, completely alone, living for myself and not caring who I hurt in the process. And one day I got to the point where I was so lost, out of hope, sunk in depression and emptiness, that I called out to God, looking for just a taste of His acceptance. Instead I was plunged into an...

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  • Jacob and Sylvia
    Jacob and Sylvia (English, Paperback) Troy Daniel Black

    Read a free chapter and watch the trailer on JacobAndSylvia.comJacob and Sylvia by Troy Black is an adventure fantasy novel about two children who find themselves lost in a strange world. They battle werebears, sea monsters, dragons, and eventually death itself.Jacob is entrusted with the task of protecting his new friend Sylvia from a perilous foe called Destiny, but he begins to learn that the...

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  • 30 Days of Inspiration and Hope
    30 Days of Inspiration and Hope (English, Paperback) Troy Daniel Black

    I invite you to join me for the next 30 days on a journey filled with hope. As you read this book, my desire is that you will develop a closer walk with Jesus Christ and a greater understanding of His love for you. I believe that the more in step we are with our Savior, the more our days will be filled with hope and our actions will be inspired by grace.These devotionals cover topics such as...

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