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New Releases in True Crime books

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  • Kidnapped by Chloe Ayling
    Kidnapped (English, Paperback) Chloe Ayling

    Since being freed, Chloe's version of events, along with some of the stranger circumstances of her kidnapping have driven the press into a frenzy of doubt. Chloe has been called a liar, an attention seeker and judged by us, the public at every turn. What Chloe has gone through is not trial by jury, but trial by media.But Chloe is determined not to be a victim and in Six Days she will revisit her...

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  • Creepy Crawling by Jeffrey Melnick
    Creepy Crawling (English, Hardback) Jeffrey Melnick

    A fascinating look at how one of the most notorious murderers of the 20th Century, Charles Manson, infiltrated American culture, leaving his indelible mark.

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  • Hunting Charles Manson by Lis Wiehl
    Hunting Charles Manson (English, Hardback) Lis Wiehl, Caitlin Rother

    New York Times bestselling author and former federal prosecutor Lis Wiehl uses new research and first-hand interviews to tell the heart-pounding story of Charles Manson's horrific crimes, the painstaking investigation that followed, and the inspired prosecution that put him away.

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  • The Grinning Killer by Nigel Cawthorne
    The Grinning Killer (Paperback) Nigel Cawthorne

    Superintendent Steve Fulcher had not followed procedure. ...

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  • Chicago Heights by Charles Hager
    Chicago Heights (English, Paperback) Charles Hager, David T. Miller

    In this riveting true story of coming of age in the Chicago Mob, Charles ""Charley"" Hager is plucked from his rural West Virginia home by an uncle in the 1960s and thrown into an underworld of money, cars, crime, and murder on the streets of Chicago Heights. Chicago Heights is part rags-to-riches story, part murder mystery, and part redemption tale.

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  • Clearer Than Truth by John Philipp Baesler
    Clearer Than Truth (English, Paperback) John Philipp Baesler

    A person strapped to a polygraph machine. Few images are more evocative of Cold War paranoia. In this first comprehensive history of the polygraph as a tool and symbol of American Cold War policies, John Philipp Baesler tells the story of a technology with weak scientific credentials that was nevertheless celebrated as a device that could expose both internal and external enemies.

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  • The Will To Kill by James Alan Fox
    The Will To Kill (English, Paperback) James Alan Fox, Jack Levin

    Now with SAGE Publishing, The Will to Kill: Making Sense of Senseless Murder explores extraordinary and seemingly inexplicable cases of homicide?not to sensationalize them?but to educate you about these crimes. Authored by renowned experts, the Fifth Edition places recent crimes in context by reviewing current homicide laws, introducing the latest theories that seek to explain murder, and presenting up-to-date statistical data that identify homicide patterns and trends. You will develop a foundational understanding of a variety of topics, for example, domestic and workplace homicide, cult and hate killings, murders committed by juveniles, and serial slayings. You will also examine various criminal justice responses to homicide, including the strategies and tactics employed to apprehend, prosecute, and punish killers.  New to the Fifth Edition Up-to-date research and data offers you the latest statistics on homicide patterns and trends in recent years.  New illustrative cases cover various forms of homicide, focusing on crimes that drew significant interest from the public and policymakers alike and provide you with unique insights into violent behavior.   Updated coverage of recent controversies, legislative changes, and Supreme Court decisions includes heightened concern over mass shootings, hate-motivated homicide and terrorism; new laws, shifting policies, and Supreme Court rulings pertaining to gun rights, juvenile offenders and the death penalty; and advances in surveillance technology, computer-aided investigation, and DNA forensic testing.  Early introduction of theories helps you to understand the definition of homicide/homicide laws before developing a theoretical framework to explain violence.   

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  • What's Tha Mean, Tha Jacking In? by Martyn Johnson
    What's Tha Mean, Tha Jacking In? (English, Paperback) Martyn Johnson

    The fifth instalment in Martyn Johnson's What's Tha Up To series offering more heartfelt and often hilarious memories of Martyn's final years as a beat bobby on the streets of Sheffield and surrounding areas.

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  • The Grim Sleeper by Victoria Redstall
    The Grim Sleeper (English, Paperback) Victoria Redstall

    During the mid-1980s, a brutal killing spree began in Los Angeles as several women were murdered, having been sexually assaulted and shot in the chest with the same .25 calibre gun. The man responsible was Lonnie David Franklin Jr. However, his identity wouldn't be revealed for more than 20 years, by which time he had become one of America's most prolific serial killers. At the time, Los Angeles...

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  • The Dead Girls by Jorge Ibarguengoitia
    The Dead Girls (English, Paperback) Jorge Ibarguengoitia

    Inspired by true events, The Dead Girls is the story of the unexplained deaths of six young prostitutes, buried in the back yard of a small-town brothel.

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  • Deadly Force by Lawrence O'Donnell
    Deadly Force (English, Paperback) Lawrence O'Donnell

    Featuring a new preface and afterword by the author...

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  • The Trigger by Daniel J. Patinkin
    The Trigger (English, Hardback) Daniel J. Patinkin

    Six moving profiles reveal the complex realities behind gun violence in the United States. These are the stories of the shooters.

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  • City of Devils by Paul French
    City of Devils (English, Hardback) Paul French

    By the New York Times bestselling author of Midnight in Peking?winner of both the Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime and the CWA Gold Dagger for Non-Fiction?comes rags-to-riches tale of two self-made men set against a backdrop of crime and vice in the sprawling badlands of Shanghai....

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  • City of Devils by Paul French
    City of Devils (Paperback) Paul French Currently Unavailable More details
  • Intimate Partner Violence, Risk and Security by Kate Fitz-Gibbon
    Intimate Partner Violence, Risk and Security (English, Hardback) Kate Fitz-Gibbon

    This edited collection addresses intimate partner violence, risk and security as global issues. Although intimate partner violence, risk and security are intimately connected they are rarely considered in tandem in the context of global security. Yet, intimate partner violence causes widespread physical, sexual and/or psychological harm. It is the most common type of violence against women...

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  • Sex Money Murder by Jonathan Green
    Sex Money Murder (English, CD-Audio) Jonathan Green

    A searing portrait of the crack epidemic and the violent drug wars that once ravaged the Bronx.

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  • The Skorzeny Papers by Ralph Ganis
    The Skorzeny Papers (English, Hardback) Ralph Ganis

    In The Skorzeny Papers, the author reveals the details of the post-World War II activities of former SS Commando Otto Skorzeny. Considered by British and American Allied forces as ?the most dangerous man in Europe,? Skorzeny planned and led numerous daring missions throughout the war. The story in this book was extracted by Major Ganis from Skorzeny's personal papers. The evidence reveals that...

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  • Conan Doyle for the Defense by Margalit Fox
    Conan Doyle for the Defense (English, Hardback) Margalit Fox

    In this thrilling true-crime procedural, the creator of Sherlock Holmes uses his unparalleled detective skills to exonerate a German Jew wrongly convicted of murder....

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  • Gangs and Organized Crime by George W. Knox
    Gangs and Organized Crime (English, Paperback) George W. Knox, Gregg Etter

    In Gangs and Organized Crime, George W. Knox, Gregg W. Etter, and Carter F. Smith offer an informed and carefully investigated examination of gangs and organized crime groups, covering street gangs, prison gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, and organized crime groups from every continent. The authors have spent decades investigating gangs as well as researching their history and activities, and this...

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  • Cyber Strategy by Brandon Valeriano
    Cyber Strategy (English, Hardback) Brandon Valeriano, Benjamin Jensen

    Are cyber operations as revolutionary as the headlines suggest? Do they compel rival states and alter international politics? By examining cyber strategy as a contemporary form of political warfare and covert action, this book demonstrates that the digital domain complements rather than replaces traditional instruments of power.

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