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  • Death
    Death at Wolf's Nick (Paperback) Diane Janes

    An atmospheric retelling and detailed investigation into an historic true murder case. Professional crime writer and lecturer Diane Janes reveals the terrible circumstances surrounding the killing of young Evelyn Foster and the name of her murderer - almost 90 years after her death.

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  • Madeleine
    Madeleine McCann (English, Paperback) Danny Collins

    On the evening of 3 May 2007, Gerry and Kate McCann returned to their holiday apartment in the resort of Praia da Luz on Portugal's Algarve to every parents' worst nightmare: their daughter, three year-old Madeleine Beth McCann had vanished from her room.

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  • The
    The Parkhurst Years (English, Paperback) Bobby Cummines

    Bobby Cummines was only 28 when he passed through the grim gates of Parkhurst, Britain's Alcatraz, as a category - A prisoner with a host of crimes to his name.

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  • Fast
    Fast Eddie (English, Hardback) Eddie Maher

    This is the first time Eddie has ever spoken out about his story and he is willing to reveal everything that the press have been dying to know for the last 20 years - including how he escaped. He has never confirmed or denied anything that has been printed about him before but will now in his own words.

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  • The
    The Road to Jonestown (English, Hardback) Jeff Guinn

    A comprehensive, authoritatve story of preacher Jim Jones, who was responsible for the largest murder-suicide in American history.

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  • The
    The Wizard of Lies (English, Paperback) Diana B Henriques

    Who is Bernie Madoff, and how did he pull off the biggest Ponzi scheme in history?This question has long fascinated people, about the New York financier who swindled his friends, relatives, and other investors out of $65 billion. And in The Wizard of Lies, Diana B. Henriques of The New York Times has written the definitive and bestselling account of the man and his scheme, drawing on unprecedented...

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  • The
    The Hard Way Out (English, Hardback) Jerry Langton, Dave Atwell

    The shocking true story of a Canadian biker turned informant, in the vein of Gangland Undercover and Under and AloneDave Atwell was a regular suburban Canadian kid who rose to the heights of society, rubbing elbows with billionaires as a personal security specialist before getting involved with some of the country’s most notorious gangsters as a member of first the Para-Dice Riders and then...

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  • The
    The Fear of 13 (English, Paperback) Nick Yarris

    'Somewhere in each of us is the blackest pit from which few ever return. I had found mine.' Found guilty of the rape and murder of a woman he had never met, Nick Yarris was sentenced to death. With appeal after appeal failing he spent twenty-two years waiting to die. This is the true and amazing story of how he survived Death Row.

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  • American
    American Kingpin (English, Hardback) Nick Bilton

    The unbelievable true story of the man who built a billion-dollar online drug empire from his bedroom—and almost got away with it   In 2011, a twenty-six-year-old libertarian programmer named Ross Ulbricht launched the ultimate free market: the Silk Road, a clandestine Web site hosted on the Dark Web where anyone could trade anything—drugs, hacking software, forged passports,...

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  • City
    City of Light, City of Poison (English, Hardback) Holly Tucker

    Appointed to conquer the "crime capital of the world", the first Paris police chief faces an epidemic of murder.

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  • The
    The Killing of Julia Wallace (English, Paperback) Jonathan Goodman

    The brutal murder of Julia Wallace in 1931 became one of Britain's great unsolved murders. People began arguing about the case almost immediately and continue to do so to this day. Julia was the middleaged wife of a mild mannered Liverpool insurance agent, William Herbert Wallace. By all accounts they were a quiet, unassuming, devoted couple. In January 1931 William Wallace received a telephone...

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  • The
    The Serial Killer Files (Paperback) Paul Simpson

    Drawing on primary sources wherever possible, a myth-busting and thought-provoking examination of 33 intriguing serial killers from Australia, Great Britain, South Africa, Iran, the United States and elsewhere.

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  • Lost
    Lost in Care (English, Paperback) Jimmy Holland

    Jimmy Holland was born into a family suffering at the hands of their drunk and abusive father. At the age of just two weeks, he was placed into care, and the beginning of a life lived in a constantly changing environment of homes, authorities, and institutions began. Let down and frequently abused, it wasn't long before Jimmy strayed onto the wrong side of the tracks. Before long, the mold for a...

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  • Morgue"/
    Morgue (English, Paperback) Vincent DiMaio, Ron Franscell

    In this clear eyed, gritty, and enthralling narrative, Dr. Vincent Di Maio and crime writer Ron Franscell guide us behind the morgue doors to tell a fascinating life story through the cases that have made Di Maio famous-from the exhumation of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to the complex issues in the shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

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  • Fast
    Fast Eddie (English, Paperback) Eddie Maher

    9.30 am, January 22, 1993: the moment in crime history that one of Britain's most audacious thefts ever took place and the legend of "Fast Eddie" was created. This is the story of how Securicor guard Eddie Maher managed to pull off a £1.2 million heist, fled the country despite every port being closed, spawned an international manhunt, and managed to evade capture for 20 years. As Britain's Most...

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  • Hard
    Hard Road (English, Hardback) Peter Edwards

    The spiritual godfather of Canadian bikers tells the story of his fascinating life.You could call Bernie Guindon the Sonny Barger of Canadian bikers (but not to his face). The founder of Satan's Choice, Guindon led what was in the 1960s the second-largest biker club in the world (after the Hells Angels, which Bernie would join briefly in the early 2000s) to national prominence and international...

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  • Sex
    Sex Crimes (Paperback) Alice Vachss $19.63
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  • Blood
    Blood on the Tracks (Paperback) Alan Brooke

    This fascinating history covers all varieties of crime on the railways and how it has changed over the years, from assaults and robberies, to theft, murder, vandalism, football and crowd activity, suicide on the line, fraud and white collar crime, and also looks at the use of railway crime in film and literature.

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