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New Releases in True Crime

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  • The Chickenshit Club
    The Chickenshit Club (English, Hardback) Jesse Eisinger

    From Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jesse Eisinger, comes a blistering account of corporate greed and impunity.

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  • My Sister Milly
    My Sister Milly (Hardback) Gemma Dowler, Amanda P. Smith

    'My name is Gemma Dowler. On 21 March 2002, a serial killer named Levi Bellfield stole my sister and sent our family to Hell . . .'...

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  • My Sister Milly
    My Sister Milly (Paperback) Gemma Dowler

    'My name is Gemma Dowler. On 21 March 2002, a serial killer named Levi Bellfield stole my sister and sent our family to Hell...'Everyone thinks they know the story of Milly Dowler.Haunting headlines about the missing schoolgirl splashed across front pages. The family's worst fears realised when her body was found months later. The years of waiting for the truth, only to learn that the killer,...

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  • Catching a Serial Killer
    Catching a Serial Killer (Paperback) Stephen Fulcher

    19 March 2011, D S Stephen Fulcher receives a call that thrusts him into a race against time to save missing 22-year-old Sian O'Callaghan, who was last seen at a nightclub. Steve knows from experience that he has a small window of time to find Sian alive, but his hopes are quickly dashed when his investigation leads him to Christopher Halliwell.

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  • The Lynching
    The Lynching (English, Paperback) Laurence Leamer

    The New York Times bestselling author of The Kennedy Women chronicles the powerful and spellbinding true story of a brutal race-based killing in 1981 and subsequent trials that undid one of the most pernicious organizations in American history—the Ku Klux Klan.On a Friday night in March 1981 Henry Hays and James Knowles scoured the streets of Mobile in their car, hunting...

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  • The Big Heist
    The Big Heist (English, Hardback) Anthony M DeStefano

    “Terrific DeStefano. He finally gives us a fitting end to the murderous and fabled story of the 1978 Lufthansa heist.”—Nicholas Pileggi, author of Wiseguy and Casino“A comprehensive account of the legendary 1978 heist . . . impressive.” —Publisher’s Weekly The crime that inspired the movie Goodfellas. The story that couldn’t be...

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  • The Wicked Boy
    The Wicked Boy (English, Paperback) Kate Summerscale

    Winner of the 2017 Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime Book! From the internationally bestselling author, a deeply researched and atmospheric murder mystery of late Victorian-era LondonIn the summer of 1895, Robert Coombes (age 13) and his brother Nattie (age 12) were seen spending lavishly around the docklands of East London -- for ten days in July, they ate out at coffee houses and took trips...

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  • Narcos Inc
    Narcos Inc (Paperback) Ron Chepesiuk $19.17
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  • Who Killed Constable Cock?
    Who Killed Constable Cock? (Paperback)
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  • Jack the Ripper
    Jack the Ripper (English, Hardback) Paul Begg

    Enables the reader to travel back into the London of 1888 by recreating key scenes from Jack the Ripper's murders in pin-point accuracy, using the power of CGI. Through detailed and atmospheric crime scene recreations, this book explores the movements of each victim, the position of witnesses and the location of various buildings and streets.

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  • Heroin, Organized Crime, and the Making of Modern Turkey
    Heroin, Organized Crime, and the Making of Modern Turkey (English, Paperback) Ryan Gingeras

    Exploring the development of heroin smuggling in Turkey since the 1920s, Ryan Gingeras uses newly declassified documents to trace the impact of the drug trade and organized crime on the evolution of the Republic of Turkey, and shows how narcotics syndicates have influenced the political establishment through the 20th century.

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  • Legends of the Firm
    Legends of the Firm (English, Paperback) Cass Pennant


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  • Serial Killers
    Serial Killers (Paperback) Brian Innes

    The inside story of 50 of the World's Serial Killers

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  • Deconstructing Jack (English, Paperback) Daryl Simon Wood

    This second, expanded, edition of Simon Daryl Wood's award-winning book continues to reveal the endless stream of lies, invention, political misinformation, self-publicity and opportunism which has kept this Victorian bogeyman alive in the darkest reaches of our 21st Century imaginations. It introduces characters many readers may not have encountered before, takes a closer look at some of...

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  • In Vino Duplicitas
    In Vino Duplicitas (English, CD-Audio) Peter Hellman

    True crime pairs well with fine wine in this astonishing story of a con man who rides his gift for tasting wine to the highest reaches of society-and then comes crashing down.

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  • Wartime Sexual Violence
    Wartime Sexual Violence (English, Paperback) Kerry F. Crawford

    Reports of sexual violence in armed conflict frequently appear in political discussions and news media, presenting a stark contrast to a long history of silence and nonrecognition. Conflict-related sexual violence has transitioned rapidly from a neglected human rights issue to an unambiguous security concern on the agendas of powerful states and the United Nations Security Council. Through...

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  • Who Killed These Girls?
    Who Killed These Girls? (English, Paperback) Beverly Lowry

    The facts are brutally straightforward. On December 6, 1991, the naked, bound-and-gagged, burned bodies of four girls--each one shot in the head--were found in a frozen yogurt shop in Austin, Texas. Grief, shock, and horror overtook the city. But after eight years of misdirected investigations, only two suspects (teenagers at the time of the crime) were tried; their convictions were later...

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  • American Mafia
    American Mafia (English, CD-Audio) Thomas Reppetto

    Organized crime-the Italian American kind-has long been a source of popular entertainment and legend. Now Thomas Reppetto provides a balanced history of the Mafia's rise-from the 1880s to the post-World War II era-that is as exciting as it is authoritative.

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  • Obeying Evil (English, Paperback) Ryan Green

    Obeying Evil presents the shocking true story of Ronald Gene Simmons and the most disturbing family killing spree in the United States. Over the course of a week in 1987, he murdered 14 members of his own family, a former co-worker, and a stranger. In 1979, Simmons retired as an Air Force Master Sergeant following 20 years of service. The instability that followed his military days exacerbated his...

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  • Making a Monster
    Making a Monster (English, Hardback) Dawn Keetley

    When twelve year old Jesse Pomeroy tortured seven small boys in the Boston area and then went on to brutally murder two other children, one of the most striking aspects of his case was his inability ever to answer the question of why he did what he did. In this book, Dawn Keetley details the story of Pomeroy's crimes and the intense public outcry.

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