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  • Hardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment
    Hardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment (English, Paperback) Tubal Cain

    A comprehensive exposition of the structure of steels and the effects of different heat treatments, particularly in respect of tools. With accurate colour temperature charts.

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  • Soldering and Brazing
    Soldering and Brazing (English, Paperback) Tubal Cain

    Joining metal by one form or another of soft and hard soldering, or brazing with various alloys, are run-of-the-mill jobs in model and light engineering workshops. Tubal Cain examines the processes, equipment, materials and explains what is happening in the joints as they are made.

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  • Model Engineer's Handbook
    Model Engineer's Handbook (Paperback) Tubal Cain

    This third edition comprises a compilation of tables, facts, procedures and data that the author has found invaluable in his model engineering activities including the use of data and calculations in both imperial and SI units. The book also contains helpful explanations of the hows and whys of using many of the entries.

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  • Spring Design and Manufacture
    Spring Design and Manufacture (Paperback) Tubal Cain

    Few mechanics are entirely devoid of springs of one sort or another, but satisfactory operation rests on details such as spring strength and degree of movement. This book explains the property of each type of spring, plus essential materials and methods.

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  • Milling Operations in the Lathe
    Milling Operations in the Lathe (English, Paperback) Tubal Cain

    This book is a thorough and practical discourse on how to use the lathe for all types of milling work. Next to turning, the most valuable use of the lathe is for milling operations, either using the lathe itself to drive the cutters or by extending its scope by adding a separate milling attachment.

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  • Building Simple Model Steam Engines
    Building Simple Model Steam Engines (Paperback) Tubal Cain

    The sheer simplicity of miniature oscillating steam engines has an enduring fascination for all marine and model engineers. This book shows how to build four model steam engines and features designs and plans that even a beginner will be able to follow.

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  • Building Simple Model Steam Engines: Book 2
    Building Simple Model Steam Engines: Book 2 (Paperback) Tubal Cain

    Since the publication of the first book, the author has designed and built several more engines ranging from a delightful little turbine to a larger engine in the style of the magnificent 'Steam Engines of the Highest Class' offered by toymakers before WW1. Fully detailed methods of construction with the beginner in mind.

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  • Simple Workshop Devices
    Simple Workshop Devices (Paperback) Tubal Cain

    Tubal Cain, who has enjoyed more than sixty years experience in designing and building engines and machines (in both full size and model scale) shares his experiences of making 52 ancillary lathe devices.

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  • Workholding in the Lathe
    Workholding in the Lathe (English, Paperback) Tubal Cain

    A fundamental requirement of the lathe operation is the ability to hold any workpiece securely on the machine. In this book, the author discusses all the practical aspects of the subject, with photographs to illustrate specific points.

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  • Drills, Taps and Dies
    Drills, Taps and Dies (English, Paperback) Tubal Cain

    In this book, Tubal Cain discusses drills and drilled holes and threading with taps and dies, primarily by hand. Imperial and metric sizes plus conversions are included together with all standard thread gauges, sharpening etc.

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  • Workshop Drawing
    Workshop Drawing (Paperback) Tubal Cain

    The long-awaited new edition of Tubal Cain's comprehensive, classic guide to making the reading technical workshop drawings, featuring the author's classic text with completely new illustrations and technical drawings, specially created for this purpose.

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