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  • Drugs Without the Hot Air
    Drugs Without the Hot Air (English, Paperback) David Nutt

    This brilliant book from expert drug scientist David Nutt looks at the facts about drugs, including legal and illegal ones. In straightforward language, he explores the science of what a drug is and how it works, why people take drugs, and how it affects them.

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  • Solar Energy
    Solar Energy (English, Paperback) Arno Smets, Klaus Jager

    This book uniquely covers both the physics of photovoltaic (PV) cells and the design of PV systems for real-life applications.

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  • Sustainable Energy - without the hot air
    Sustainable Energy - without the hot air (English, Paperback) David J. C. MacKay

    The best-selling book on understanding sustainable energy and how we can make energy plans that add up.

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  • The Fall and Rise of Nuclear Power in Britain
    The Fall and Rise of Nuclear Power in Britain (English, Paperback) Simon Taylor

    Simon Taylor looks at the history of nuclear power in Britain, charting the decline following it's initial introduction through to the renaissance we're currently seeing.

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  • And Now The Shipping Forecast
    And Now The Shipping Forecast (English, Paperback) Peter Jefferson

    This book is both an affectionate memoir and a history of the science and BBC programming behind the forecast: Peter explains how it came about, who collects all the information and what it's like to read this bulletin.

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  • The Cambridge Art Book
    The Cambridge Art Book (English, Hardback) Jenny Seddon, Cathy Parker

    The Cambridge Art Book showcases one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Inspired by Cambridge's unique architecture and historic university, over 50 artists have produced a unique collection of contemporary images illustrating all aspects of the city and surrounding area.

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  • Inside The Green Economy
    Inside The Green Economy (English, Paperback) Thomas Fatheuer, Lili Fuhr

    Our general prosperity is in danger. The world economy faces severe problems, and environmental and climate crises make them worse. The "Green Economy" offers a new model, based primarily on large-scale technological solutions. It's a vision of phasing out fossil fuels in an economy assumed to become greener via technology and efficiency, and it's a comfortable, optimistic vision. This book puts...

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  • Urban Transport without the hot air
    Urban Transport without the hot air (English, Paperback) Steve Melia

    In this book, Steve Melia dispels long-standing transport myths, looks at the successes of London and other UK and continental cities in providing 21st century transport and suggests solutions for a sustainable future.

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  • The Transition Handbook
    The Transition Handbook (English, Paperback) Rob Hopkins

    Guides communities to begin an 'energy descent' journey to create a self-reliant existence.

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  • PSTricks
    PSTricks (English, Paperback) Herbert Voss

    The book describes everything, from how to draw simple lines on curves, to creating three-dimensional images, trees, knots, charts, etc. The book contains hundreds of examples, with ready-to-run code, for hardcopy or PDF output.

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  • Nuclear 2.0
    Nuclear 2.0 (English, Paperback) Mark Lynas

    A book that re-evaluates the role that nuclear energy has to play in a green future.

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  • The Nature of Sustainable Consumption and How to Achieve It
    The Nature of Sustainable Consumption and How to Achieve It (English, Paperback) Rico Defila

    Drawing on a body of research on sustainability and consumption, the book attempts to draw all the theories together and look at the role of need, business investment and consumer behaviour in assessing whether sustainable conssumption can be engendered through societal steering.Part 1 ? The synthesis framework 1 A landscape of research around sustainability and consumption 2 Needs and...

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  • Future of Food
    Future of Food (English, Paperback) Oekom_reihs Satzstudio

    Sustainable agriculture, forestry & fishing are essential for food security. Scientists, young and old, from Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe share the belief that family farms with lively local markets, appropriate technology and renewable energies are the future of farming and food systems. »Future for Food« demonstrates that agricultural and food systems need to be at the very heart of...

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  • LaTeX Quick Reference
    LaTeX Quick Reference (English, Paperback) Herbert Voss

    The large number of available LaTeX commands makes it almost impossible for a user to know the syntax of every command. Beginners, and even power users, need a list of commands, with a short description of the syntax of each. This book quickly answers the common questions "What command should I use? What parameters do I need?"

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  • Contributions Towards a Sustainable World
    Contributions Towards a Sustainable World (English, Paperback) Falk Schmidt

    Our world is shaped, more than ever before, by human activities. The scope of technology, to systemically alter nature in ways impossible for previous generations to comprehend, requests and requires a new relationship with »planet Earth.« Such a relationship may speak, in the end, not just of profit and loss but also of a new meaning of wealth, including a sense of ethics, stewardship, and...

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  • Poverty Reduction Through Social Business?
    Poverty Reduction Through Social Business? (English, Paperback) Kerstin Maria Humberg

    Since Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus first began launching joint ventures with multinational corporations in Bangladesh, his social business concept has received international attention. What is a social business and how can it contribute to poverty reduction? Using the example of Bangladesh, this book systematically explores YunusÂ’ theoretical propositions in relation to relevant...

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  • Pass the Bike Test (and be a great rider too!)
    Pass the Bike Test (and be a great rider too!) (English, Paperback) Sean Hayes, Rupert Paul

    The first book that arms you with the knowledge to choose an excellent bike training school, to monitor your own training, and to start riding with a full complement of real-world survival skills. It shows you how riding can be safe and fun.

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  • Typesetting Mathematics with LaTeX
    Typesetting Mathematics with LaTeX (English, Paperback) Herbert Voss

    This is a practical book. It shows you how to typeset your mathematics, from a simple equation to a complex mathematical treatise. As a reference book it contains a list of mathematical symbols, and covers a wide range of additional math packages, with the American Mathematical Society (AMS) packages explained in detail.

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  • Alternative DNS Servers
    Alternative DNS Servers (English, Paperback) Jan-Piet Mens

    This book examines many of the best DNS servers available.

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  • Energy and Carbon Emissions
    Energy and Carbon Emissions (English, Paperback) Nicola Terry

    Do you want to explore the energy and carbon impact of your personal consumption and lifestyle choices? Nicola Terry has the facts to answer your questions on just about every aspect of your daily life.

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