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  • Bitcoin by Dominic Frisby
    Bitcoin (English, Paperback) Dominic Frisby $19.60
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  • We Care For You by Paul Kitcatt
    We Care For You (Paperback) Paul Kitcatt

    "You let us in. Remember that" Would you let a robot care for your elderly mother - and what would the robot want in return?

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  • The Karma Farmers by Pierre Hollins
    The Karma Farmers (Paperback) Pierre Hollins

    Bradley Holmeson a thirty-something bookshop manager, is attempting to cure his existential dilemma with quantum physics. A reluctant philosopher embroiled in an occult experiment, he meets the violent, the obsessed and the dangerously misguided, armed only with his defensive sarcasm - all to win back the woman he loves.

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  • On The House by Helen Maskew
    On The House (Paperback) Helen Maskew

    1838 and under the new Poor Law the destitute are now housed in union workhouses. Two men unknown to each other seek to uncover the suspected mistreatment of inmates in a small Suffolk workhouse. Unlikely friendships are forged and lives are changed, but will it be for the better?

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  • The End of Politicians by Brett Hennig
    The End of Politicians (Paperback) Brett Hennig

    The truth is out: we don't need politicians to govern us any more. We can fix our broken politics and create a democracy fit for the twenty-first century without them.

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  • Echo Hall by Virginia Moffatt
    Echo Hall (Paperback) Virginia Moffatt

    In the early nineties, newlywed Ruth Flint arrives at Echo Hall to find an unhappy house full of mysteries that its occupants won't discuss. As Ruth discovers the secrets of the old house and her own family history, will she be able to bring peace to the Flint family, and in doing so, discover what she really needs and wants?

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  • Married to a Cave Man by Damien Owens
    Married to a Cave Man (Paperback) Damien Owens

    Three young couples doing their best to keep the magic alive amid the nappies, bills and dirty dishes in recession-hit Dublin. When each of these husbands decides that he deserves a man cave simmering tensions come to the boil. A heartfelt comic novel about the trials of modern marriage.

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  • The Wrong Story by James Ellis
    The Wrong Story (Paperback) James Ellis

    A cartoonist awakes to find his characters' lives more real than his own.

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  • Transilience by Kevin Bragg
    Transilience (Paperback) Kevin Bragg

    Daniel Helmqvist, a PI in the only city on Mars, risks his career and his life to solve two high-stakes cases

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  • Ben Again by Ben Clench
    Ben Again (Paperback) Ben Clench

    Ben Again tells the story of how Ben determinedly recovered from a near-vegetative and amnesiac state to regain his sense of self, pass a second Master's, run a half-marathon and learn to live a normal life again.

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  • Encounters With Harriet Martineau by Stuart Hobday
    Encounters With Harriet Martineau (Paperback) Stuart Hobday

    Hobday's biography considers Harriet Martineau, the first female journalist and a founder of sociology, as a true pioneer amongst pioneers. A champion of women's rights, racial equality, scientific progress, economic fairness and cooperatives, Martineau's popular writing on political and economic issues brought her considerable fame in the 1830s.

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  • The Speed Of Life by Richard Jobson
    The Speed Of Life (Paperback) Richard Jobson

    Two beautiful time-travelling aliens arrive on Earth, drawn by a powerful need to search for the meaning of human creativity, to discover the truth behind the words, music and changing faces of David Bowie, whose music has reached their world and sparked something new in them.

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  • The Meal of Fortune by Philip Brady
    The Meal of Fortune (Paperback) Philip Brady

    The worlds of arms dealing, espionage and TV cookery collide in a fast moving comedy caper

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  • The Happy Hero by Solitaire Townsend
    The Happy Hero (Paperback) Solitaire Townsend

    The Happy Hero reveals the secret of enjoying a better life and sets out the principles of how to feel good by doing good. Sounds simple, but where do you start? There is a simple solution; stop worrying about the future and start making it better.

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  • A Blindefellows Chronicle by Auriel Roe
    A Blindefellows Chronicle (Paperback) Auriel Roe

    At midday on 31st August, the new History master, Sedgewick, arrives at Blindefellows, a former charity school for poor, blind boys, now a second division private school for anyone who can pay. The story follows his adventures with Japes, the philandering Physics Master, and a handful of unmarried faculty at this obscure boarding school.

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  • The Log House by Baylea Hart
    The Log House (Paperback) Baylea Hart

    When Penny is abandoned and left for dead in the forest, she is forced to navigate the terrifying labyrinth in order to return home to her son and take revenge on the woman who tried to kill her.

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  • The Last Truth
    The Last Truth (Paperback)

    The Last Truth is about denial and the burden of unwanted responsibility. The damage caused leads a divided family to violence, destruction, and understanding.

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  • The Hope and Anchor by Julia Kite
    The Hope and Anchor (Paperback) Julia Kite

    When a vulnerable young woman goes missing, her girlfriend discovers how little she knows of life, love, and London.

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  • Simple Acts Of Kindness by Richard Todd
    Simple Acts Of Kindness (Paperback) Richard Todd

    Bob wants it all, who doesn't? But it's dog-eat-dog in this world, and when it's not-well, hell, it's just the other way around.

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  • Ebolowa by Simon Miller
    Ebolowa (Paperback) Simon Miller

    A thriller based on a true story of courage, complicity and murder. Private Detective Harry Kaplan investigates an old missing persons case, only to turn up much more than he was expecting.

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