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  • Painting as a Pastime
    Painting as a Pastime (English, Hardback) Sir Winston S. Churchill

    A glorious essay by Winston Churichill about one of his favourite pastimes, painting.

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  • Knitskrieg: A Call to Yarns!
    Knitskrieg: A Call to Yarns! (English, Hardback) Joyce Meader

    Throughout warfare man has relied on knitted comforts and this book looks at many of these across three centuries. This is the first time knitting has been covered across the military history genre

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  • A Potter's Book
    A Potter's Book (English, Hardback) Bernard Leach

    Written by Bernard Leach, the father of British studio pottery, this seminal book is the first treatise to be written by a potter on the workshop traditions handed down from the greatest period of Chinese ceramics in the Sung dynasty. With this book, potters can learn everything from how to adapt recipes for pigments and glazes to designing kilns.

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  • Fechin
    Fechin (French, Hardback) Galina Toulouzakova

    Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin (1881- 1955) was a Russian- American painter known for his portraits and works featuring Native Americans.

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  • Jewels from Imperial St Petersburg
    Jewels from Imperial St Petersburg (English, Paperback) Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm

    Russian jewelry has its own special allure and is highly appreciated the world over. This book not only offers a fascinating range of jewels and objects d'art crafted in St. Petersburg, but also describes the development of style and design within the art of the St. Petersburg goldsmith, putting it into historical context.

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  • Hidden Gems
    Hidden Gems (English, Hardback) Sarah Hue-Williams, Raymond Sancroft-Baker

    40 stories about jewels never publicly shared before

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  • Another Figure in the Landscape
    Another Figure in the Landscape (English, Paperback) Fred Cuming

    This book showcases this popular major contemporary British artist's work with an introduction by Richard Holmes.

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  • By the Grace of God
    By the Grace of God (Hardback) Gary Bunt

    By the Grace of God features paintings sketches and sculptures by Gary Bunt. Published to coincide with an exhibition at the Portland Gallery in November/December 2016. Features poems to accompany the artwork.


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  • The Happy Warrior
    The Happy Warrior (English, Paperback) Richard M. Langworth

    The complete set of Eagle comic strips which tell the story of Winston Churchill's life - his birth at Blenheim, his education at Harrow and Oxford, his time in the army as well as his appointment to government and eventually to his stint as War Leader.

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  • Looking to Heaven: Volume 1
    Looking to Heaven: Volume 1 (English, Hardback) Sir Stanley Spencer

    Stanley Spencer is one of the most important, original and admired British artists of the 20th century. None of this work has ever been published before - all the material is new and has been extracted from Spencer's notebooks and diaries.

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  • The Art of John Piper
    The Art of John Piper (English, Hardback) David Fraser Jenkins, Hugh Fowler-Wright

    A full account of his artistic life with supporting and textural images written by two leading experts on Piper.

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  • Galliano: Fashion's Enfant Terrible
    Galliano: Fashion's Enfant Terrible (English, Paperback) David Foy

    With over 125 lavish images Galliano: Fashion's Enfant Terrible is the showcase for a legendary couture career that has never been out of the public eye.

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  • The Firstborn
    The Firstborn (English, Hardback) Laurie Lee

    Laurie Lee greeted his daughter Jessy's arrival into the world with a small, but in his trademark style, lyrical essay, originally published in 1963. This is a republication of that enchanting essay - filling just 40 pages, and published in hardback with a soft and subtle-coloured ribbon marker.

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  • The Sea Around Us
    The Sea Around Us (Paperback) Rachel Carson

    Rachel Carson's classic trilogy comprises three volumes - The Sea Around Us (1950), Under the Wind-Sea (1941) and The Edge of the Sea (1955). The Sea Around Us presents an overview of the subject, a natural history of the oceans in which Rachel Carson discusses such matters as their origins, the evolution of life, the creation of volcanic islands

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  • The Wager Disaster
    The Wager Disaster (English, Paperback) Rear Admiral C. H. Layman

    This is the astounding story of HMS Wager, driven ashore in foul weather onto the inhospitable coast of Patagonian Chile in 1741

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  • Martin Cheek Mosaic Artist
    Martin Cheek Mosaic Artist (English, Paperback) Martin Cheek

    The first book to be published into the trade for over 6 years by the world-renowned mosaicist, Martin Cheek. Contains previously unseen images.

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  • David Inshaw
    David Inshaw (English, Paperback) Mr. Andrew Lambirth

    One of the founding members of the Brotherhood of Ruralists, David Inshaw is a key figure in 21st century British art. This edition contains updated text from the hardback edition.

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  • Charleston Farmhouse
    Charleston Farmhouse (English, Hardback) Kim Marsland

    Never-published-before atmospheric photographs of Charleston House taken just after Duncan Grant died, and before the farmhouse was restored and opened to the public. A rare glimpse into the world of the Bloomsbury set.

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  • Epitaphs of the Great War
    Epitaphs of the Great War (English, Hardback) Sarah Wearne

    Epitaphs of the Great War: The Somme is an edited collection of one hundred headstone inscriptions from those who paid the ultimate price during this infamous battle which marked a turning point in the public perceptions of the war in Britain.

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  • The Cookbook Notebook
    The Cookbook Notebook (English, Hardback) Magda Joicey, Angela Carter

    Republished for the first time in seventy years

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