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  • Remembering the Kanji 1 by James W. Heisig
    Remembering the Kanji 1 (English, Paperback) James W. Heisig

    Volume 2 (4th ed.) updated to include the 196 kanja approved in 2010 for general use.

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  • Integrated Korean by Young-Mee Cho
    Integrated Korean (Multiple languages, Paperback) Young-Mee Cho, Hyo Lee

    This is a thoroughly revised edition of Integrated Korean: Intermediate 2, the fourth volume of the best-selling series developed collaboratively by leading classroom teachers and linguists of Korean. All the series' volumes have been developed in accordance with performance-based principles and methodology-contextualization, learner-centeredness, use of authentic materials, usage-orientedness,...

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  • White Metisse by Kim Lefevre
    White Metisse (English, Paperback) Kim Lefevre

    In this evocative memoir, Kim Lefevre recounts her childhood and adolescence growing up in colonial Viet Nam. Set within a tumultuous period of Franco-Vietnamese history - resistance and revolt, World War II and the Japanese invasion, the first war for independence against the French - White Metisse offers a unique view of watershed events.

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  • Integrated Korean by Korean Language Education and Research Center (KLEAR)
    Integrated Korean (Multiple languages, Paperback) Korean Language Education and Research Center (KLEAR), Sungdai Cho

    These textbooks are the 9th and 10th volumes in a five-level series developed by teachers and linguists of Korean. Each lesson consists of pre-reading activities, one or two main reading texts, new words, useful expressions, exercises, comprehension questions, related reading, discussion and composition and English translation of the reading texts.

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  • Chinese Architecture and Metaphor by Feng Jiren
    Chinese Architecture and Metaphor (English, Hardback) Feng Jiren

    Investigating the historical tradition of Chinese architectural writing from antiquity to the twelfth century, Chinese Architecture and Metaphor reveals significant and fascinating social and cultural phenomena in the most important primary text for the study of the Chinese building tradition. Unlike previous scholarship, which has reviewed this imperially commissioned architectural manual largely...

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  • From a Native Daughter by Haunani-Kay Trask
    From a Native Daughter (English, Paperback) Haunani-Kay Trask

    This text challenges stereotypes of Hawaiians and explores the wrongs perpetrated upon the native peoples. It includes material that builds on issues raised in the first edition and situates the essays in the contemporary native Hawaiian rights discussion.

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  • Modern Ink by Britta Erickson
    Modern Ink (English, Paperback) Britta Erickson

    Wrenched by warfare and famine from the quiet life of a small-town scholar to the fast-growing treaty port of Shanghai, Wu Changshi (1844?1927) rose to the forefront of the jinshi, or ?epigraphic,? movement in calligraphy and painting. His inventive method of adapting the rugged strength of ancient engraved texts to his own brushwork reinvigorated Chinese art through a reconnection with its...

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  • Map of Maui by James A Bier
    Map of Maui (English, Sheet map) James A Bier

    Features of the ninth edition of this full-color, topographic map of the Valley Isle include detailed road networks, large-scale inset maps of towns, points of interest (historic, natural, and cultural), hiking trails, parks, beaches, waterfalls, peaks, and ridges (with altitudes), and more than 1,200 place names (index included). Most notably, Hawaiian words are spelled with all diacritical...

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  • Integrated Korean
    Integrated Korean (Multiple languages, Paperback)

    Offers a project of the Korean Language Education and Research Center (KLEAR) with the support of the Korea Foundation. This title includes ""Korean Composition"", ""Korean Language in Culture and Society"", ""Korean Reader for Chinese Characters"", ""Reading in Modern Korean Literature"", and ""Selected Readings in Korean"".

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  • Remembering the Kanji 2 by James W. Heisig
    Remembering the Kanji 2 (Multiple languages, Paperback) James W. Heisig

    Following the first volume of Remembering the Kanji, this provides students with helpful tools for learning the pronunciation of the kanji. Remembering the Kanji 2 lays out the varieties of phonetic pattern and offers helpful hints for learning readings, that might otherwise appear completely random, in an efficient and rational way.

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  • Last Writings by Nishida Kitaro
    Last Writings (English, Paperback) Nishida Kitaro

    Nishida Kitarô, Japan's premier modern philosopher, was born in 1870 and grew to intellectual maturity in the final decades of the Meiji period (1868?1912). He achieved recognition as Japan's leading establishment philosopher during his tenure as professor of philosophy at Kyoto University. After his retirement in 1927, and until his death in 1945, Nishida published a continuous stream of...

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  • Understanding Reality by Chang Po-tuan
    Understanding Reality (English, Paperback) Chang Po-tuan $30.55
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  • The `Ukulele by Jim Tranquada
    The `Ukulele (English, Paperback) Jim Tranquada, John King

    Since its introduction to Hawai?i in 1879, the ?ukulele has been many things: a symbol of an island paradise; a tool of political protest; an instrument central to a rich musical culture; a musical joke; a highly sought-after collectible; a cheap airport souvenir; a lucrative industry; and the product of a remarkable synthesis of western and Pacific cultures. The ?Ukulele: A History explores all...

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  • Making Pilgrimages by Ian Reader
    Making Pilgrimages (English, Paperback) Ian Reader

    This study involves a 1400-kilometer-long pilgrimage around Japan's 4th largest island, Shikoku. In traveling the circuit of 88 Buddhist temples, pilgrims make their journey together with Kobo Daishi (774-835), the holy miracle-working figure at the heart of the pilgrimage. Ian Reader examines contemporary practices and beliefs of the pilgrimage.

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  • Integrated Korean Workbook by Mee-Jeong Park
    Integrated Korean Workbook (English, Paperback) Mee-Jeong Park, Sang-Suk Oh

    This workbook accompanies the thoroughly revised edition of Integrated Korean: Intermediate 1, the third volume of the best-selling series developed collaboratively by leading classroom teachers and linguists of Korean. All series' volumes have been developed in accordance with performance-based principles and methodology-contextualisation, learner-centeredness, use of authentic materials,...

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  • Entry into the Inconceivable by Thomas Cleary
    Entry into the Inconceivable (English, Hardback) Thomas Cleary

    Entry Into the Inconceivable is an introduction to the philosophy of the Hua-yen school of Buddhism, one of the cornerstones of East Asian Buddhist thought. Cleary presents a survey of the unique Buddhist scripture on which the Hua-yen teaching is based and a brief history of its introduction into China. He also presents a succinct analysis of the essential metaphysics of Hua-yen Buddhism as it...

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  • Himiko and Japan's Elusive Chiefdom of Yamatai by J.Edward Kidder
    Himiko and Japan's Elusive Chiefdom of Yamatai (English, Hardback) J.Edward Kidder

    Turning to three sources - historical, archaeological, and mythological, this title provides a multifaceted study of Himiko and ancient Japanese society.

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  • Yasukuni Shrine by Akiko Takenaka
    Yasukuni Shrine (English, Paperback) Akiko Takenaka

    The first extensive English-language study of Yasukuni Shrine as a war memorial. It explores the controversial shrine's role in waging war, promoting peace, honouring the dead, and, in particular, building Japan's modern national identity. It traces Yasukuni's history from its conceptualization in the final years of the Tokugawa period and Japan's wars of imperialism to the present.

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  • The Victim as Hero by James J. Orr
    The Victim as Hero (English, Paperback) James J. Orr

    This work is an inquiry into the emergence of ""victim consciousness"" as an essential component of Japanese pacifist national identity after World War II. It reveals how postwar Japanese elites and American occupying authorities collaborated to structure the parameters of remembrance of the war.

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  • Drawing on Tradition by Jolyon Baraka Thomas
    Drawing on Tradition (English, Paperback) Jolyon Baraka Thomas

    Manga and anime (illustrated serial novels and animated films) are highly influential Japanese entertainment media that boast tremendous domestic consumption as well as worldwide distribution and an international audience. Drawing on Tradition examines religious aspects of the culture of manga and anime production and consumption through a methodological synthesis of narrative and visual analysis,...

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