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  • Flying Dinosaurs
    Flying Dinosaurs (English, Paperback) John Pickrell

    Unearthing the recent paleontologial discoveries, this fascinating popular science book shows that birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs. The discovery of the first feathered dinosaur in China in 1996 sent shockwaves through the paleontologial world. Were the feathers part of a complex mating ritual, or a stepping stone in the evolution of flight? And just how closely related is T. rex to a...

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  • Rupert Murdoch
    Rupert Murdoch (English, Paperback) Rodney Tiffen

    Rather than focusing on particular aspects of Rupert Murdoch's personality or career, this comprehensive biography traces the whole of the Australian media tycoon's business trajectory, the entrepreneurial strategies that led to his early successes, and his later exercises of monopolistic power. It examines the development and evolution of his business, political, and journalistic ideas over the...

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  • Dirty Secrets
    Dirty Secrets (English, Paperback) Meredith Burgmann

    In this moving, funny and sometimes chilling book, leading Australians open their ASIO files and read what the state's security apparatus said about them. Writers from across the political spectrum including Mark Aarons, Phillip Adams, Nadia Wheatley, Michael Kirby and Anne Summers confront - and in some cases reclaim - their pasts.Reflecting on the interpretations, observations and proclamations...

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  • Don't go back to where you came from
    Don't go back to where you came from (English, Paperback) Tim Soutphommasane

    Is a multicultural approach to integration and diversity really as destructive as critics say? Have we been too quick to declare its demise? Offering an unflinching and informed defence of cultural diversity, Tim Soutphommasane shows that multiculturalism is more than laksa, kebabs or souvlaki and that it doesn't automatically spell cultural relativism, ethnic ghettos or reverse racism.

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  • The Worst Woman in Sydney
    The Worst Woman in Sydney (English, Paperback) Leigh Straw

    The legend of Kate Leigh, Sydney's famed brothel madam, sly grog seller and drug dealer, has loomed large in every account of Sydney's criminal history from the 1920s to the 1960s. But she has never had a biography of her own. Novelist and historian Leigh Straw teases out the full story of how this wayward Reformatory girl made a fortune in eastern Sydney and became a leading underworld figure.

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  • Copyfight
    Copyfight (English, Paperback) Phillipa McGuinness

    Copyright is one of the central economic and creative issues of our time. We expect to be able to log on, and read, watch or listen to anything, anywhere, anytime. Then copy it, share it, quote it, sample it, remix it. Does this leave writers, designers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, artists, and software and game developers with any rights at all? Have we forgotten how to pay for content?...

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  • Piranesi's Grandest Tour
    Piranesi's Grandest Tour (English, Hardback) Colin Holden

    The 18th-century Italian printmaker Giovanni Battista Piranesi achieved fame for his etchings of real and imaginary buildings: Roman ruins, baroque cityscapes, and fantastical prisons. This retrospective reassesses his life and his art, as well as the complex world of his son, Francesco, whose promotion of his father's work was overshadowed by allegations of espionage. The book also reveals the...

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  • The Melbourne Tram Book
    The Melbourne Tram Book (English, Paperback) Randall Wilson, Dale Budd

    Melbourne's trams are more than a mode of transport. They are a symbol of the city. This fully updated new edition is a colourful and compact tribute to Melbourne's famous trams. More than 200 photographs and illustrations show trams in the streetscapes of today and yesterday, with detailed commentary from experts Randall Wilson and Dale Budd.

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  • The Misogyny Factor
    The Misogyny Factor (English, Paperback) Anne Summers

    In 2012, Anne Summers gave two landmark speeches about women in Australia, attracting more than 120,000 visits to her website. Within weeks of their delivery Prime Minister Julia Gillard's own speech about misogyny and sexism went viral and was celebrated around the world.

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  • Forgotten War
    Forgotten War (English, Paperback) Henry Reynolds

    Australia is dotted with memorials to soldiers who fought in wars overseas, but there are no official commemorations of the battles fought on Australian soil between Aborigines and white colonists. Delving into why it is more controversial to talk about the frontier war now than it was 100 years ago, Forgotten War continues the story told in Henry Reynolds' seminal book The Other Side of the...

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  • Shark Tracker
    Shark Tracker (English, Paperback) Richard Fitzpatrick

    Marine biologist and underwater cameraman Richard "Shark Tracker" Fitzpatrick wrangles sharks and other deadly marine creatures for a living. From the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef to the murky depths of the Amazon, Fitzpatrick shares his real-life experiences with predators of the deep - from sharks and box jellyfish to sea snakes.

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  • City Dreamers
    City Dreamers (English, Paperback) Graeme Davison

    Examines the main currents in Australia's urban culture by looking at the ways in which artists, social scientists, poets, writers, reformers and engineers have imagined Australian cities over the last 200 years. Graeme Davison examines a range of these observers and thinkers, and argues that there's a particular twist to the ways in which Australians think about cities.

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  • Whackademia
    Whackademia (English, Paperback) Richard Hil

    A scathing insider expose, this account lifts the lid on a higher education system that's corporatized beyond recognition, steeped in bureaucracy, and dominated by marketing and PR imperatives rather than intellectual pursuit. Fearless, ferocious, and often funny, this exposes a world that stands in stark contrast to the slogans and mottos joyously promoted by Australia's universities.

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  • Australia and the Vietnam War
    Australia and the Vietnam War (English, Hardback) Peter Edwards

    In this landmark book, award-winning historian Peter Edwards skillfully unravels the complexities of the global Cold War, decolonization in Southeast Asia, and Australian domestic politics. The Vietnam War was Australia's longest and most controversial military commitment of the 20th century, ending in humiliation for the United States and its allies with the downfall of South Vietnam. The war...

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  • Empathic Intelligence
    Empathic Intelligence (English, Paperback) Roslyn Arnold

    Explains what makes an educator exceptional. The theory of empathetic intelligence affirms the practice of those who are attuned to others and gifted in developing others' potential. This work argues for the importance of creating a dynamic between thinking and feeling in a climate of intelligent caring.

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  • Evolution in the Antipodes
    Evolution in the Antipodes (English, Paperback) Tom Frame

    Charles Darwin liked and loathed Australia. The father of evolution paid the continent a flying visit during in 1836, and was glad to put the place behind him. Yet Australia's astonishing wildlife influenced him deeply, and his revolutionary theories still resonate profoundly in Australian society. This tile explores Darwin's life and times.

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  • There Goes the Neighbourhood
    There Goes the Neighbourhood (English, Paperback) Michael Wesley

    For the first time in history, Australia will be uncomfortably close to the designs and demarches of competing great powers. This title points to the key economic and political issues that we need to be considering right now, as a western country geographically and economically tied to Asia, and urgently calls for a renewed public engagement.

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  • How to do a liver transplant
    How to do a liver transplant (English, Paperback) Kellee Slater

    As a female surgeon, Dr. Kellee Slater works in one of the most demanding areas of medical operations, liver transplantation. In this inspiring, heartbreaking, and darkly humorous memoir, she opens up the fast-paced world of donor surgery. She takes readers with her as she flies across the Rocky Mountains in winter to collect transplant organs, rushes out of a department store change room to save...

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  • Blind Conscience
    Blind Conscience (English, Paperback) Margot O'Neill

    Reveals the untold story of the people who struggled to get asylum seekers out of detention and change government policy. Some like Petro Georgiou, Julian Burnside and Phillip Ruddock, are very well known. Others are not as famous but felt compelled to follow their consciences.

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  • A Collector's Year
    A Collector's Year (English, Paperback) Adrian Franklin

    Offers an account of a year in the life of a collector. From a souvenir shop in Hobart to a car-boot sale in rural England, this title explores the best hotspots for collecting, and provides useful insight into where to find collectables and how to sort the trash from the treasure.

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