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Vaino Linna

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  • Unknown Soldiers by Vaino Linna
    Unknown Soldiers (English, Paperback) Vaino Linna

    Follows the fates of a ramshackle troupe of machine-gunners in the Second World War, as they argue, joke, swear, cadge a loaf of bread or a cigarette, combat both boredom and horror in the swamps and pine forests - and discover that war will make or break them.

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  • Reconciliation: Under the North Star 3 by Vaino Linna
    Reconciliation: Under the North Star 3 (English, Paperback) Vaino Linna Currently Unavailable More details
  • Unknown Soldiers by Vaino Linna
    Unknown Soldiers (Hardback) Vaino Linna

    Drawing on wartime experiences, this gritty and realistic account shatters the myth of the noble, obedient Finnish soldier. It tells the story of a platoon of ordinary Finnish soldiers fighting their Soviet Union counterparts during the Second World War.

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