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  • Memoirs Of A Revolutionary
    Memoirs Of A Revolutionary (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    A New York Review Books Original...

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  • Revolution In Danger
    Revolution In Danger (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    Writings from Russia 1919-1921 A collection of writings covering the post-revolutionary period of Soviet history when Russia was a country under siege and foreign imperialists and native reactionaries were uniting in an attempt to strangle the revolution at birth. 'This is a book that all socialists - and anarchists - must read, and those who start will not be able to stop until they have read it...

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  • Life And Death Of Leon Trotsky
    Life And Death Of Leon Trotsky (English, Paperback) Victor Serge, Natalia Ivanovna Sedova

    A biography of Leon Trotsky by two of his close friends and collaborators

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  • The Case Of Comrade Tulayev
    The Case Of Comrade Tulayev (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    One cold Moscow night, Comrade Tulayev, a high government official, is shot dead on the street, and the search for the killer begins. In this panoramic vision of the Soviet Great Terror, the investigation leads all over the world, netting a whole series of suspects whose only connection is their innocence?at least of the crime of which they stand accused. But The Case of Comrade Tulayev,...

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  • Birth Of Our Power
    Birth Of Our Power (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    Serge's tale begins in the spring of 1917, the third year of mass slaughter in the trenches of WWI. When the flames of revolution suddenly erupt in Russia and Spain, Europe is 'burning at both ends.' Although the Spanish uprising eventually fizzles, in Russia the workers, peasants and common soldiers are able to take power and hold it. Serge's 'tale of two cities' is constructed from the...

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  • Men In Prison
    Men In Prison (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    Victor Serge served five years in French penitentiaries (1912-1917) for the crime of 'criminal association' - in fact for his courageous refusal to testify against his old comrades, the infamous 'Tragic Bandits' of French anarchism. 'While I was still in prison,' Serge later recalled, 'fighting off tuberculosis, insanity, depression, the spiritual poverty of the men, the brutality of the...

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  • Anarchists Never Surrender
    Anarchists Never Surrender (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    Anarchists Never Surrender anthologises Victor Serge's previously unavailable texts on anarchism and fleshes out the portrait of this brilliant writer and thinker, a man who legendary American journalist I.F. Stone called one of the 'moral figures of our time.' It provides a complete picture of Victor Serge's relationship to anarchism. The volume contains writings going back to his teenage years...

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  • Witness to the German Revolution
    Witness to the German Revolution (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    In 1923 history stood at a cross roads. Serge unapologetically lent his pen to those fighting for international workers' revolution.

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  • Year One Of The Russian Revolution
    Year One Of The Russian Revolution (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    Serge exposes the heart of the vital first year of the most important working class revolution in history.

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  • From Lenin to Stalin
    From Lenin to Stalin (English, Paperback) Victor Serge $18.68 $25.00
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  • Conquered City
    Conquered City (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    1919?1920: St. Petersburg, city of the czars, has fallen to the Revolution. Camped out in the splendid palaces of the former regime, the city's new masters seek to cement their control, even as the counterrevolutionary White Army regroups.Conquered City, Victor Serge's most unrelenting narrative, is structured like a detective story, one in which the new political regime tracks down and eliminates...

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  • Unforgiving Years
    Unforgiving Years (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    A New York Review Books Original...

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  • Die grosse Ernüchterung
    Die grosse Ernüchterung (German, Paperback) Victor Serge

    Die späten Dreißigerjahre in der Sowjetunion: Der junge Kostja aus Moskau gelangt in den Besitz eines Colts. Zufällig sieht er eines Nachts Oberst Tulajew vom Zentralkomitee, mitverantwortlich für Massendeportationen und politische Säuberungen. Ein Schuss fällt, Tulajew stirbt. Kostja läuft durch den Schnee davon und entkommt. Mit dieser Tat beginnt eine Lawine ungeahnten Ausmaßes. Das...

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  • Die große Ernüchterung
    Die große Ernüchterung (German, Hardback) Victor Serge

    Die späten Dreißigerjahre in der Sowjetunion: Josef Stalin und seine Gefolgsmänner verüben mit der Verfolgung, Verhaftung und Exekution kommunistischer Genossen, die als mutmaßliche Gegner der stalinistischen Herrschaft eingestuft werden, eines der größten Verbrechen des 20. Jahrhunderts. Die Schreckenszeit dauert vom Herbst 1936 bis Ende 1938 und wird später als der "Große Terror" oder...

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  • Year One of the Russian Revolution
    Year One of the Russian Revolution (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    This book, an eye-witness account of the Russian Revolution, shows the many new possibilities that were present as a result of the workers' revolution of 1917. While the author reveals the forces that were to produce the Stalinist dictatorship, he also shows how this was far from inevitable.

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  • Witness to the German Revolution
    Witness to the German Revolution (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    Victor Serge had the opportunity to witness the events that took place in Germany from 1919 to 1923, when the whole country was rocked by insurrectionary action. Redwords is proud to publish, in English for the first time, crucial writings and articles which he wrote during this historic period. Including an overview of Serge's life, and a short preface to each piece to place it in context, this...

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  • Schwarze Wasser (German, Hardback) Victor Serge

    Kostrow, Historiker, Parteiaktivist, wird verhaftet. Er weiß nicht, was ihm vorgeworfen wird. Kostrow beginnt seinen Weg durch die verschiedenen Stationen des Stalin'schen Repressionsapparates, bis er sich schließlich verbannt in einem entlegenen Ort am Fluss

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  • Vita e morte di Trotskij (Italian, Paperback) Victor Serge

    Trotskij ha vissuto 61 anni avventurosi e appassionanti come forse nessun altro europeo del nostro secolo. Dalla deportazione in Siberia alla rivoluzione del 1905, dall'esilio a Parigi e New York al successo del '17, alla costituzione dell'Armata Rossa, allo scontro con Stalin che lo perseguit

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  • Russia Twenty Years After
    Russia Twenty Years After (English, Paperback) Victor Serge

    This is one of the most important documentary accounts of the Stalinist system written by the revolutionary novelist and historian Victor Serge. This was his first major work, written just after his harrowing release and expulsion from the Stalinist gulag, where he spent three years as an intransigent oppositionist to the Stalinist regime. Stalin nearly stilled Serge's voice, and in exile he,...

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