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  • 'Nam
    'Nam (English, Hardback) Battlefront Miniatures

    Vietnam. In a small corner of the world, one of the most bloody wars to be fought occurred in this small county in Southeast Asia. Traditionally framed as a war of small skirmishes, long patrols, and guerilla ambushes, there is a lot more that happened, including full-scale offensives and pitched battles . . ....

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  • M113 APC 1960-75
    M113 APC 1960-75 (English, Paperback) Jamie Prenatt, Henry Morshead

    An authoritative study of the world's most widely used armored vehicle, and its key role in the Vietnam War.

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  • The Vietnam War
    The Vietnam War (English, Hardback) Ken Burns

    From the award-winning historian and filmmakers of The Civil War, Baseball, The War, The Roosevelts, and others: a vivid, uniquely powerful history of the conflict that tore America apart--the companion volume to the major, multipart PBS film to be aired in September 2017....

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  • Rolling Thunder 1965-68
    Rolling Thunder 1965-68 (English, Paperback) Richard P. Hallion, Adam Tooby

    A new history of Rolling Thunder, the Vietnam War's first, most intense, and biggest US air campaign, by one of the most eminent names in air power studies. It will appeal to Vietnam War aviation enthusiasts and historical students, as well as everyone interested in Cold War air power.

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  • Thud Pilot
    Thud Pilot (English, Paperback) Victor Vizcarra

    Thud Pilot covers F-105 early combat in 1964 thru 1966, the year of heaviest losses. It details the first counter Surface-to-Air-Missile strike in warfare history, political blunders and inane Rules of Engagement that placed the Thud in unwarranted peril. Thud Pilot goes beyond the air battle; it shares the emotional impact on families left behind.

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  • Dispatches
    Dispatches (English, Paperback) Michael Herr

    A seminal classic of war reportage

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  • Street without Joy
    Street without Joy (Paperback) Bernard B. Fall

    Originally published in 1961, this book offered a warning about what American forces would face in the jungles of Southeast Asia; a war fought without fronts against a mobile enemy. This book describes the brutality of the Indochina War, in which French forces suffered a staggering defeat at the hands of Communist-led Vietnamese nationalists.

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  • Vietnam: The Real War
    Vietnam: The Real War (English, Hardback) Pete Hamill

    The definitive photographic record of the Vietnam War - The Vietnam War has left a deep and lasting impression, thanks to an uncensored press, the world knew and saw more of this war than any in history before or since. Collected here are images that tell the human story of the War, these are pictures that both recorded and made history.

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  • A Great Place to Have a War
    A Great Place to Have a War (English, Paperback) Joshua Kurlantzick

    The untold story of how America's secret war in Laos in the 1960s transformed the CIA from a loose collection of spies into a military operation and a key player in American foreign policy....

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  • Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art
    Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art (English, Paperback) John Brennan

    Like a fifty-year-old time capsule unearthed and opened for public display, this book unlocks a treasure trove of over 250 recently recovered Vietnam War photographs from veterans. These helicopter nose art photos capture that typical and distinctive American war custom of embellishing one's assigned aircraft with personalized markings.

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  • MiG-21 Aces of the Vietnam War
    MiG-21 Aces of the Vietnam War (English, Paperback) Istvan Toperczer, Jim Laurier

    During eight years of aerial warfare over the skies of Vietnam, the Vietnamese People's Air Force (VPAF) produced 13 MiG-21 aces and five "Hero" pilots who achieved four victories.

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  • The Mammoth Book of the Vietnam War
    The Mammoth Book of the Vietnam War (English, Paperback) Jon E. Lewis

    Over 40 vivid, eyewitness accounts of the defining conflict of the second half of the twentieth century

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  • We Gotta Get Out of This Place
    We Gotta Get Out of This Place (English, Paperback) Douglas Bradley, Craig Werner

    Doug Bradley and Craig Werner place popular music at the heart of the American experience in Vietnam. They explore how and why US troops turned to music as a way of connecting to each other and the world back home and of coping with the complexities of the war they had been sent to fight. They also demonstrate that music was important for every group of Vietnam veterans.

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  • Swift Boats at War in Vietnam
    Swift Boats at War in Vietnam (English, Hardback) Guy Gugliotta

    Developed for the Vietnam War (and made famous by the 2004 presidential campaign), Swift Boats were versatile craft "big enough to outrun anything they couldn't outfight" but too small to handle a moderate ocean chop, too loud to be stealthy, and too flimsy to withstand rocket attack. This is an intimate, exciting history of Swift Boats in Vietnam.

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  • Soldiering through Empire
    Soldiering through Empire (English, Paperback) Simeon Man

    In the decades after World War II, tens of thousands of soldiers and civilian contractors across Asia and the Pacific found work through the U.S. military. Recently liberated from colonial rule, these workers were drawn to the opportunities the military offered and became active participants of the U.S. empire, most centrally during the U.S. war in Vietnam. Simeon Man uncovers the little-known...

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  • MiGs Over North Vietnam
    MiGs Over North Vietnam (English, Paperback) Roger Boniface

    Until now the day-to-day working and opinions of the Vietnamese Peoples' Air Force (VPAF) has remained relatively unknown. For the first time the author focuses on the pilots and, using rare first-hand accounts and many new photographs analyses their fighter operations over North Vietnam between 1965-1975....

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  • Vietnam's American War
    Vietnam's American War (English, Paperback) Pierre Asselin

    A survey of the Vietnamese communist experience during the Vietnam War (1954-75) with a focus on high-level decision-making and military planning.

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  • Thud Ridge
    Thud Ridge (English, Paperback) Jack Broughton

    This is the story of a special breed of warrior, the fighter-bomber pilot; the story of valiant men who flew the F-105 Thunderchief 'Thud' Fighter-Bomber over the hostile skies of North Vietnam....

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  • Blood in the Hills
    Blood in the Hills (English, Hardback) Robert Maras, Charles W. Sasser

    A soldier's eye view of Vietnam's fiercest close-quarters battle upon its 50th anniversary Khe Sanh's Hill Fights of 1967?as experienced by co-author Bobby Maras and told in this hour-by-hour, day-by-day account?were carnage on the ground, much of it hand-to-hand fighting in the dark. Thanks to the brave Marines of the 9th and 3rd, Khe Sanh survived the first concentrated attack by the North Vietnamese to invade the South. After the Hill Fights, American forces pulled back and held out against constant enemy shelling and frequent attacks until the siege was broken. Combining Maras' personal experiences with the war's bigger picture, Blood in the Hills honors the heroic actions of our soldiers and shows how Khe Sanh was microcosm of the entire Vietnam War.

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  • A-3 Skywarrior Units of the Vietnam War
    A-3 Skywarrior Units of the Vietnam War (English, Paperback) Rick Morgan, Jim Laurier

    The Douglas A-3 Skywarrior, though something of a cult favourite, remains a largely unremarked classic of Naval Aviation. Built for nuclear weapon delivery, the A-3 made its name in Vietnam as a conventional bomber, tanker and Electronic Warfare platform. This volume focuses on the type's Vietnam service.

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