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  • The Centurions
    The Centurions (English, Paperback) Jean Larteguy

    The military cult classic with resonance to the wars in Iraq and Vietnam....

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  • The Things They Carried
    The Things They Carried (Paperback) Tim O'Brien

    The million-copy bestseller, which is a ground-breaking meditation on war, memory, imagination, and the redemptive power of storytelling.

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  • The Gun Room
    The Gun Room (Paperback) Georgina Harding

    The memory of war will stay with a man longer than anything else. ...

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  • Ray
    Ray (English, Paperback) Barry Hannah

    Nominated for the American Book Award, Ray is the bizarre, hilarious, and consistently adventurous story of a life on the edge. Dr. Ray--a womanizer, small-town drunk, vigilante, poet, adoring husband--is a man trying to make sense of life in the twentieth century. In flight from the death he dealt flying over Vietnam, Dr. Ray struggles with those bound to him by need, sickness, lunacy, by blood...

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  • Northern Lights
    Northern Lights (English, Paperback) Tim O'Brien

    The acclaimed novel from the award-winning author of `If I Die in a Combat Zone', `Going After Cacciato' and `In the Lake of the Woods'.

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  • The Odd Angry Shot
    The Odd Angry Shot (English, Paperback) William Nagle

    The seminal account of Australian soldiers in the Vietnam War: brief and bracing, tragic yet darkly funny.

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  • The Vietnam Reader
    The Vietnam Reader (English, Paperback) Stewart O'Nan

    An extraordinary selection of the finest and best-known art from the American war in Vietnam, from Tim O'Brien to Marvin Gaye, from mainstream bestsellers to radical poetry....

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  • Black Knight Alfa
    Black Knight Alfa (English, Paperback) Fred Steen

    A true war story based on the exploits of the Black Knight Alfa troop. Part of Steen's Vietnam series of classic military fiction.

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  • Purple Sun
    Purple Sun (English, Paperback) Lawrence McAuliffe

    This book has won high praise from those who served in Vietnam, those who protested it, and from younger people learning about the war as history.The story begins in 1968 in Vietnam. Master Sergeant Isaiah Ross and Lt. Patric Gallo don't have much in common, but they share mutual concern about a twice-wounded young soldier who, they suspect, abandoned his unit while under enemy fire. Is it...

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  • Someone Else's War
    Someone Else's War (English, Paperback) Howard R. Simpson

    This thriller, set during the 1968 Tet offensive, takes the reader inside the troubled mind of a CIA operative as he decides whether to follow orders to murder his friend, a French double agent.

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  • A Dangerous Friend
    A Dangerous Friend (English, Paperback) Ward Just

    Ward Just's twelfth novel penetrates deeply into America's role in the world. Set in Indochina in 1965, A DANGEROUS FRIEND tells a story of "the devolution of an innocent American crusading for democracy" (VANITY FAIR), a man living the conflict of so many Americans caught in a political and spiritual crossfire. Sydney Parade, a political scientist, has left home and family in an effort to become part of something larger than himself, a foreign-aid operation in Saigon. Even before he arrives, he encounters people who reveal to him the unsettling depths of a conflict he thought he understood, and in Saigon the Vietnamese add yet another dimension. This "fabulous, tense and dramatic" (LOS ANGELES TIMES) narrative needs neither combat nor bloodshed to tell its tale. A DANGEROUS FRIEND is the beautifully constructed story of civilians who want to reform Vietnam -- but the Vietnam they see isn't the Vietnam that is.

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  • Best We Forget
    Best We Forget (English, Paperback) Bernard Clancy

    Simpson, a typically naive young Australian thrust into uniform by his country, sets out on the adventure of a lifetime - or so he thinks. But Vietnam is not what he expected. It's a horror story. It is a story over which he has no control, at first a "typical Army stuff-up" which wrenches him this way and that, like a puppet soldier on a string, and then something far more dangerous and sinister...

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  • Shopping Cart Soldiers
    Shopping Cart Soldiers (English, Paperback) John Mulligan

    In his critically acclaimed first novel, the winner of the 1997 PEN/Oakland Award for Fiction, a Vietnam veteran describes the nightmarish experiences of an American soldier in the Vietnamese jungles and his painful psychological convalescence. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.

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  • Arizona Moon
    Arizona Moon (English, Hardback) J. M. Graham

    In 1967, the infamous Arizona Territory of Vietnam's An Hoa basin was a crucible that forged the souls of men. Through the booby-trapped trails of one of the conflict's most hotly contested free-fire zones, thousands of Vietnamese and Americans fought and died while others learned what it means to finally live....

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  • Grunt Air
    Grunt Air (English, Hardback) John R. Taylor

    A novel based on real-life adventures, Grunt Air tells the story of an elite Air Force helicopter unit used for the secret rescue of American pilots shot down during the Vietnam War. The author, a decorated Vietnam veteran, returned to Vietnam to interview notable combat leaders, including General Nguyen Vo Gap, as part of the research that brings to light a clandestine operation that saved many U.S. lives.

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  • Gunning for Ho
    Gunning for Ho (English, Paperback)

    In this collection of short stories, former Green Beret Lee Barnes deals with the war itself and its aftermath, focusing on the human aspects of men in armed conflict and their families at home. The characters reveal the many faces of war and the small tragedies as well as the large.

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  • A Time Far Past
    A Time Far Past (English, Hardback) Le Luu

    This epic novel presents a sweeping portrait of war and peace in northern Vietnam from the defeat of the French to the mid-1980s. The story follows the odyssey of Giang Minh Sai, the son of a Confucian scholar in the rural Red River delta, from his early childhood through his decorated service during the American War and his later efforts to adapt to the postwar world of urban Ha Noi.

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  • Devil's Guard Counterattack
    Devil's Guard Counterattack (English, Paperback) Eric Meyer $22.51
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  • Northern Lights
    Northern Lights (English, Paperback) Tim O'Brien

    Originally published in 1975, Tim O'Brien's debut novel demonstrates the emotional complexity and enthralling narrative tension that later earned him the National Book Award. At its core is the relationship between two brothers: one who went to Vietnam and one who stayed at home. As the two brothers struggle against an unexpected blizzard in Minnesota's remote north woods, what they discover about themselves and each other will change both of them for ever.

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  • Sympathy for the Devil
    Sympathy for the Devil (English, Paperback) Kent Anderson

    An acclaimed and controversial account of the Vietnam era follows a college student who discovers his own capacity for violence when he becomes a Green Beret during the Vietnam War and is forever changed by the experience. Reprint.

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