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  • East of Eden by John Steinbeck
    East of Eden (English, Hardback) John Steinbeck

    A masterpiece of Biblical scope, and the magnum opus of one of America's most enduring authors, in a commemorative hardcover edition...

    $26.66 $35.00
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  • The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene
    The Laws of Human Nature (English, Hardback) Robert Greene

    Draws on ancient wisdom to offer advice on how to understand the unconscious motivations of others, exercise self-control, and avoid conformity to develop an individual sense of purpose.

    $23.82 $30.00
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  • Elizabeth by John Guy
    Elizabeth (English, Hardback) John Guy

    A biography of the ambitious Tudor queen focuses on her life at the height of her power and the challenges she faced at home and abroad, including revolts in Ireland, riots in the streets of London, and a conspiracy to place her cousin Mary Queen of Scots on her throne.

    $10.14 $35.00
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  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk
    The Body Keeps the Score (English, Hardback) Bessel Van Der Kolk

    An expert on traumatic stress outlines an approach to healing, explaining how traumatic stress affects brain processes and how to use innovative treatments to reactivate the mind's abilities to trust, engage others, and experience pleasure.


    5 stars

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  • Churchill by Andrew Roberts
    Churchill (English, Hardback) Andrew Roberts

    Draws on extensive new materials, from private letters to transcripts of war cabinet meetings, to present a portrait of the iconic war leader that discusses Churchill's motivations and unwavering faith in the British Empire.

    $34.31 $40.00
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  • Finding Your Element by Sir Ken Robinson
    Finding Your Element (English, Hardback) Sir Ken Robinson, Lou Aronica

    A guide to self-improvement, happiness, and creativity outlines practical steps for identifying personal talents, merging one's passions with inherent abilities, and transforming interests into income.

    $22.29 $27.95
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  • In the Hurricane's Eye by Nathaniel Philbrick
    In the Hurricane's Eye (English, Hardback) Nathaniel Philbrick

    Details the campaign that ultimately won the Revolutionary War for the Americans, from the Battle of the Chesapeake--fought without a single American ship--to the victory at Yorktown.

    $23.59 $30.00
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  • The Prodigal Prophet by Timothy Keller
    The Prodigal Prophet (English, Hardback) Timothy Keller

    Explores the second part of the book of Jonah and uses Jonah's story to illustrate the point that Christians must listen to God's call even when it takes them to uncomfortable places.

    $16.97 $20.00
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  • The World of All Souls by Deborah Harkness
    The World of All Souls (English, Hardback) Deborah Harkness, Colleen Madden

    Provides synopses, character bios, maps, recipes, and the science behind the creatures, magic, and alchemy of the fantasy series.

    $29.83 $40.00
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  • Time's Convert by Deborah Harkness
    Time's Convert (English, Hardback) Deborah Harkness

    Three centuries after Revolutionary War-era doctor Marcus becomes a vampire, he falls in love with the thoroughly modern Phoebe, and the two discover that the challenges facing a vampire are no less formidable in the modern world than they were in the past.

    $23.34 $29.00
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  • The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness
    The Book of Life (English, Hardback) Deborah Harkness

    Historian and witch Diana Bishop and her vampire scientist husband Matthew Clairmont return from a trip to the past still searching for the elusive alchemy tome "Ashmole 782."

    $22.02 $28.95
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  • The Songs of Jesus by Timothy Keller
    The Songs of Jesus (English, Hardback) Timothy Keller, Kathy Keller

    Offers a year of daily devotions inspired by the book of Psalms.

    $16.90 $19.95
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  • Bunker Hill by Nathaniel Philbrick
    Bunker Hill (English, Hardback) Nathaniel Philbrick

    Nathaniel Philbrick, the bestselling author of In the Heart of the Sea andMayflower, brings his prodigious talents to the story of the Boston battle that ignited the American Revolution....

    $25.12 $32.95
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  • Leading Men by Christopher Castellani
    Leading Men (English, Hardback) Christopher Castellani

    A life-changing encounter among Tennessee Williams, his lover Frank Merlo, and a taciturn Swedish beauty at a 1953 Truman Capote party culminates in deathbed revelations about Williams's final play a decade later.

    $21.68 $27.00
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  • The Feather Thief by Kirk Wallace Johnson
    The Feather Thief (English, Paperback) Kirk Wallace Johnson $18.99
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  • God's Wisdom for Navigating Life by Timothy Keller
    God's Wisdom for Navigating Life (English, Hardback) Timothy Keller, Kathy Keller

    A year-long collection of daily devotionals offers biblical wisdom that can be applied to modern life to reinforce one's relationship with God and provide a new understanding of what it is to live a moral life.

    $16.93 $20.00
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  • Depth of Winter by Craig Johnson
    Depth of Winter (English, Hardback) Craig Johnson

    When Walt Longmire's daughter, Cady, is kidnapped by an international hit man and the head of a vicious drug cartel, Walt heads into the Northern Mexican desert to find her before they can auction her off to his enemies.

    $21.84 $28.00
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  • The Mayer Ralph : Artist'S Handbook (Fifth Edition) by Ralph Mayer
    The Mayer Ralph : Artist'S Handbook (Fifth Edition) (English, Hardback) Ralph Mayer

    Since 1940, when it was originally published, The Artist's Handbook has been indispensable for thousands of practicing artists and art students. The book has remained continuously in print through many editions and has some more than a quarter of a million copies. It is, as American Artist Magazine calls it, the "artist's bible," an invaluable reference for the painter, sculptor, and...

    $35.93 $50.00
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  • Grit and Glory by Lorna Schultz Nicholson
    Grit and Glory (English, Hardback) Lorna Schultz Nicholson

    The complete story of the Edmonton Oilers--from Wayne Gretzky and the dynasty years, to Connor McDavid and the future, and everything in between....

    $24.03 $26.95
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  • Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering by Timothy Keller
    Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering (English, Hardback) Timothy Keller

    Explores the role of pain and suffering from a Christian perspective, drawing on unique insights to offer counsel on how to pursue a spiritual journey in the face of difficult challenges.

    $21.66 $26.95
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