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  • Collusion
    Collusion (English, Paperback) Luke Harding


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  • Stories of Your Life and Others
    Stories of Your Life and Others (English, Paperback) Ted Chiang

    Soon to be a major motion picture starring Amy Adams....

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  • The Magic Keys
    The Magic Keys (English, Paperback) Albert Murray

    In the final volume in the autobiographical adventures of Scooter, which include Train Whistle Guitar, The Spyglass Tree, and The Seven League Boots, Scooter, recently married and an NYU grad student, sets out to uncover the roots of his destined greatness, making his way through the colorful streets of Manhattan on a quest that leads him back to Alabama. Reprint.

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  • Amatka
    Amatka (English, Paperback) Karin Tidbeck


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  • A Dog's Life
    A Dog's Life (English, Paperback) Peter Mayle

    The author chronicles the exploits of Boy, his clever canine companion, from the dog's perspective, from his humble beginnings to joining the Mayle household to his adventures throughout France

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  • The Avengers
    The Avengers (English, Paperback) Richard Cohen

    'A tremendous story.' ? The Washington Post The questions, discussion topics, and author biography that follow are intended to enhance your group's reading of Rich Cohen's The Avengers , a riveting and powerful look at the intrepid individuals who fought against the Holocaust and the Nazi occupation of Europe.

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  • Logan's Run
    Logan's Run (English, Paperback) William F Nolan

    The bestselling dystopian novel that inspired the 1970s science-fiction classic starring Michael York, Jenny Agutter, and Richard Jordan....

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  • The Master Switch
    The Master Switch (English, Paperback) Tim Wu

    It is easy to forget that every development in the history of the American information industry?from the telephone to radio to film?once existed in an open and chaotic marketplace inhabited by entrepreneurs and utopians, just as the Internet does today. Each of these, however, grew to be dominated by a monopolist or cartel. In this pathbreaking book, Tim Wu asks: will the Internet follow the same...

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  • Money
    Money (English, Paperback) Felix Martin

    What is money, and how does it work? In this tour de force of political, cultural, and economic history, Felix Martin challenges nothing less than our conventional understanding of one of humankind's greatest inventions. Martin describes how the Western idea of money emerged in the ancient world, and was shaped over the centuries by tensions between sovereigns and the emerging middle classes....

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  • Fifty Shades Trilogy: The Movie Tie-In Editions with Bonus Poster
    Fifty Shades Trilogy: The Movie Tie-In Editions with Bonus Poster (English, Paperback) E L James

    THE OFFICIAL MOVIE TIE-IN BOXED SET includes all three bestselling FIFTY SHADES novels by E L JAMES, all with movie art covers plus a BONUS full color movie poster....

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  • The Diamond Caper
    The Diamond Caper (English, Paperback) Peter Mayle

    Bon vivant and expert sleuth Sam Levitt and his partner in love and intrigue, Elena Morales, return in the latest installment of the delightfully sun-splashed ProvençalCaper series....

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  • Paprika
    Paprika (English, Paperback) Yasutaka Tsutsui

    A U.S. release of a signature work by the award-winning Japanese writer traces a brilliant psychotherapist's surreal battle in the realms of human subconscious when a psychiatric technology is stolen and used to invade dreams and induce insanity. Original. 15,000 first printing.

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  • Go Tell It on the Mountain
    Go Tell It on the Mountain (English, Paperback) James Baldwin

    "Mountain," Baldwin said, "is the book I had to write if I was ever going to write anything else." Go Tell It On The Mountain, first published in 1953, is Baldwin's first major work, a novel that has established itself as an American classic. With lyrical precision, psychological directness, resonating symbolic power, and a rage that is at once unrelenting and compassionate, Baldwin chronicles a...

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  • The Devil Finds Work
    The Devil Finds Work (English, Paperback) James Baldwin

    Baldwin's personal reflections on movies gathered here in a book-length essay are also a probing appraisal of American racial politics. Offering an incisive look at racism in American movies and a vision of America's self-delusions and deceptions, Baldwin challenges the underlying assumptions in such films as In the Heat of the Night, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and The Exorcist. Here are our...

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  • Gender Outlaw
    Gender Outlaw (English, Paperback) Kate Bornstein

    "I know I'm not a man . . . and I've come to the conclusion that I'm probably not a woman, either. . . . . The trouble is, we're living in a world that insists we be one or the other." With these words, Kate Bornstein ushers readers on a funny, fearless, and wonderfully scenic journey across the terrains of gender and identity. On one level, Gender Outlaw details Bornstein's transformation from...

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  • Glittering Images
    Glittering Images (English, Paperback) Camille Paglia

    The author of Sexual Personae presents a chronological tour of major themes in Western art as reflected by more than two dozen seminal images that use such mediums as paint, sculpture, architecture, performance art and digital art, from an Egyptian tomb and Titian's "Venus With a Mirror" to Jackson Pollock's "Green Silver" and Eleanor Antin's "100 Boots." 75,000 first printing.

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  • Time Travel
    Time Travel (English, Paperback) James Gleick

    Best Books of 2016...

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  • Jagannath
    Jagannath (English, Paperback) Karin Tidbeck

    An award-winning debut story collection by Karin Tidbeck, author of Amatka and heir to Borges, Le Guin, and Lovecraft....

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  • Station Eleven
    Station Eleven (English, Paperback) Emily St John Mandel

    A National Book Award Finalist...

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  • Darker
    Darker (English, Paperback) E L James

    E L James revisits the world of Fifty Shades with a deeper and darker take on the love story that has enthralled millions of readers around the globe....

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