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  • Black Tickets
    Black Tickets (English, Paperback) Jayne Anne Phillips

    A collection of short stories and vignettes reveals the daily life and loneliness of common people in town and country settings.

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  • All Passion Spent
    All Passion Spent (English, Paperback) Vita Sackville-West

    Irreverently funny and surprisingly moving, All Passion Spent is the story of a woman who discovers who she is just before it is too late....

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  • A Very Expensive Poison
    A Very Expensive Poison (English, Paperback) Luke Harding

    A true story of murder and conspiracy that points directly to Vladimir Putin, by The Guardian's former Moscow bureau chief....

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  • Dogwalker
    Dogwalker (English, Paperback) Arthur Bradford

    A debut collection of short fiction by an O. Henry Award-winning author presents twelve thought-provoking, humorous tales that capture the lives and fortunes of some of society's colorful misfits and mutants, including a giant slug that wreaks marital havoc, three-legged dogs, and an unusual family of former circus freaks who look like cats. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.

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  • Trumpet
    Trumpet (English, Paperback) Jackie Kay

    The death of celebrated Scottish trumpeter Joss Moody reveals an extraordinary secret to which only his wife Millie had been a party, a secret that profoundly alters the life of Millie, their adopted son Colman, and their friends and colleagues. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.

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  • Victoria & Abdul (Movie Tie-In)
    Victoria & Abdul (Movie Tie-In) (English, Paperback) Shrabani Basu

    Now a Major Motion Picture starring Dame Judi Dench from director Stephen Frears....

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  • The Erstwhile
    The Erstwhile (English, Paperback) Brian Catling

    The Erstwhile brings readers back to the singular world and mind of B. Catling, continuing the groundbreaking storytelling of his hit The Vorrh....

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  • Money
    Money (English, Paperback) Felix Martin

    What is money, and how does it work? In this tour de force of political, cultural, and economic history, Felix Martin challenges nothing less than our conventional understanding of one of humankind's greatest inventions. Martin describes how the Western idea of money emerged in the ancient world, and was shaped over the centuries by tensions between sovereigns and the emerging middle classes....

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  • Time Travel
    Time Travel (English, Paperback) James Gleick

    Best Books of 2016...

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  • Bach
    Bach (English, Paperback) John Eliot Gardiner

    One of the Best Books of the Year...

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  • After the Quake
    After the Quake (English, Paperback) Haruki Murakami

    The six stories in Haruki Murakami's mesmerizing collection are set at the time of the catastrophic 1995 Kobe earthquake, when Japan became brutally aware of the fragility of its daily existence. But the upheavals that afflict Murakami's characters are even deeper and more mysterious, emanating from a place where the human meets the inhuman....

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  • Thug Notes
    Thug Notes (English, Paperback) Sparky Sweets

    Sparky Sweets, PhD. and Wisecrack proudly present this outrageously funny, ultra-sharp guide to literature based on the hit online series, Thug Notes. Inside, you'll find hilarious plot breakdowns and masterful analyses of sixteen of literature's most beloved classics, including: The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill A Mockingbird,Pride & Prejudice, The Color Purple, Hamlet, Things Fall Apart, and more!...

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  • Drums Along the Mohawk
    Drums Along the Mohawk (English, Paperback) Walter D Edmonds

    The bestselling novel behind John Ford’s acclaimed film starring Claudette Colbert, Henry Fonda, and Edna May Oliver.When newlyweds Gilbert and Lana Martin settle in the Mohawk Valley in 1776, they work tirelessly against the elements to build a new life. But even as they clear land and till soil to establish their farm, the shots of the Revolutionary War become a rallying cry for both the...

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  • The Woman in Black
    The Woman in Black (English, Paperback) Susan Hill

    The classic ghost story from the author of The Mist in the Mirror: a chilling tale about a menacing spectre haunting a small English town. Now a major motion picture starring Daniel Radcliffe. ...

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  • Ancient Light
    Ancient Light (English, Paperback) John Banville

    Is there a difference between memory and invention? That is the question that haunts Alexander Cleave as he reflects on his first, and perhaps only, love?an underage affair with his best friend's mother. When his stunted acting career is suddenly, inexplicably revived with a movie role playing a man who may not be who he claims, his young leading lady?famous and fragile?unwittingly gives him the...

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  • The House of the Dead
    The House of the Dead (English, Paperback) Daniel Beer

    Winner of the Cundill History Prize ...

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  • How to Survive a Plague
    How to Survive a Plague (English, Paperback) David France

    A definitive history of the successful battle to halt the AIDS epidemic, here is the incredible story of the grassroots activists whose work turned HIV from a mostly fatal infection to a manageable disease. Almost universally ignored, these men and women learned to become their own researchers, lobbyists, and drug smugglers, established their own newspapers and research journals, and went on to...

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  • A First-Class Temperament
    A First-Class Temperament (English, Paperback) Geoffrey C Ward

    In this classic of American biography, based upon thousands of original documents, many never previously published, the prize-winning historian Geoffrey C. Ward tells the dramatic story of Franklin Roosevelt's unlikely rise from cloistered youth to the brink of the presidency with a richness of detail and vivid sense of time, place, and personality usually found only in fiction....

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  • You Gotta Have Wa
    You Gotta Have Wa (English, Paperback) Robert Whiting

    The definitive book on Japanese baseball provides a close-up look at our national pastime as seen through the eyes of American players who found the Japanese approach completely baffling. Updated and with a new introduction by the author. Original.

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  • The Man Without Qualities, Volume 1
    The Man Without Qualities, Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Professor Robert Musil

    Set in Vienna on the eve of World War I, this great novel of ideas tells the story of Ulrich, ex-soldier and scientist, seducer and skeptic, who finds himself drafted into the grandiose plans for the 70th jubilee of the Emperor Franz Josef. This new translation--published in two elegant volumes--is the first to present Musil's complete text, including material that remained unpublished during his...

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