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  • Don't Go to Sleep
    Don't Go to Sleep (English, Paperback) Jason Wallace, Virginia T Watson

    Don’t go to sleep. These tales will surely haunt your dreams. No one awakens from their dark embrace. If your nightmares are not filled with a child murderer and a reanimated, murderous corpse, you will never find rest from the deadly secrets of the past, dismemberment, or being buried alive. Sleep, if you dare. Run, if you can. You will never be safe again.

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  • Bleeding Glass
    Bleeding Glass (English, Paperback) Jason Wallace, Virginia T Watson

    These 10 vividly frightening stories are sure to leave you chilled, thrilled, and searching the room to make sure that you're alone.Where are the crazed killers, the undead seeking revenge, the dimension-travelling spirits, those that have waited centuries for your blood, and many other creations of the most the savagely-sadistic minds that never stop imagining the worst?They're here... for you!

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  • Inner Yearnings
    Inner Yearnings (English, Paperback) Virginia T Watson

    16 of the hottest stories you could ever imagine! It has gangbangs! It has hot, steamy lesbian action! It has first time girl/girl seduction, great sensual surprises, supreme sluttiness and enticement at every turn and much much more!

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