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  • Crossing the River
    Crossing the River (English, Paperback) Nguyet

    Crossing the River presents a wide range of Nguyen Huy Thiep's short fiction, both realistic stories in contemporary settings and retellings of folk myths that serve as contemporary parables. When Thiep's stories first appeared in the 1980s, they set off a chain of debate, not only within intellectual and political circles, but also within the society at large. Typically, the struggles of his...

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  • Against the Flood
    Against the Flood (English, Paperback) Ma Van Khang

    Against the Flood caused a sensation in Viet Nam when it was published in 1999 because of its controversial description of sex and politics in that country. The plot revolves around a writer, Khiem, whose book is banned and who is publicly censured by his contemporaries, while the tangled relationships in his own circle involve drug-trafficking and adultery. His lover, a pretty and intelligent woman, is slandered and sacked from her job. She leaves Hanoi and becomes involved in opium traffic in an attempt to investigate it, but is arrested before she can report the activities to the police. His wife, a smuggler, has an extramarital affair and dies during an abortion. Khiem and his lover are finally reunited after a long separation. The novel presents a vivid picture of contemporary Vietnamese society, examining the dramatic tensions inherent in a changing society, and is imbued with the themes of friendship, love, and betrayal.

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  • An Insignificant Family
    An Insignificant Family (English, Paperback) Da Ngan

    Beginning in Vietnam shortly after the end of the American war and ending sometime in the 21st century, this 8th volume of Curbstone's Voices from Vietnam Series follows the life of Nguyen Thi My Tiep, a woman writer and a revolutionary, whose girlhood is spent as a guerrilla fighter, and whose post-war life becomes a search for personal liberation and individual love. Tiep's struggles are seamlessly connected to the changes her country is going through, as Da Ngan's daring and controversial novel draws us into the life of a woman who insists on leading a meaningful and honest life--as a citizen, as a daughter, as a mother, as a writer, and as a lover who pursues her own sexuality.

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  • Behind the Red Mist
    Behind the Red Mist (English, Paperback) Ho Anh Thai

    Behind the Red Mist gives us for the first time in English a wide range of stories from the most important writer of the post-war generation in Vietnam. The characters range from a party official who turns into a goat while watching porno movies, to an Indian who carries his mother's bones in his knapsack, to a war widow trying desperately to piece together her life through the fragments of debris she collects from her back yard. The title novella "Behind the Red Mist" is a Vietnamese "Back To the Future", a social satire in which a young man in the Hanoi of the eighties receives an electric shock and is transported back to his same apartment block in 1967 wartime Vietnam during the American bombing. He not only witnesses the war with the eyes of someone who knows its outcome, but participates in his parents' courtship and discovers some truths about the generation held up to his own as a role model.

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  • The Stars, The Earth, The River
    The Stars, The Earth, The River (English, Paperback) Le Minh Khue

    This collection of 14 stories--each a harrowing sketch of the Vietnam War and its aftermath-- offers American readers a glimpse offamiliar territory, but from an unfamiliar perspective. Often writing from a young woman's point of view, Le Minh Khue, a war veteran who served in the Youth Volunteers Brigade, uses simple, understated prose to describe numbing horrors: "There were three of us. Three...

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  • Love After War
    Love After War (Multiple languages, Paperback) Wayne Karlin

    How does the literature of a society that has endured decades of war reflect the echoes of that violence to bodies and spirits while depicting the ordinary lives of men and women who are searching, as all people do, for meaning, for happiness, for normalcy, for love? Love After War presents the widest range to date of contemporary writers in Vietnam, men and women who have become part of that...

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  • The Cemetery of Chua Village and Other Stories
    The Cemetery of Chua Village and Other Stories (English, Paperback) Doan Le

    This seventh volume in the Voices from Vietnam Series introduces U. S. readers to another major figure in modern Vietnamese letters. Doan Le is noted for her versatility of style and her originality. As Wayne Karlin notes in his introduction, "she is a master of allegory and gently complex satire; in her stories, a frustrated petitioner, unable to obtain housing can change not only into a fly, but...

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  • Past Continuous
    Past Continuous (English, Paperback) Khai Nguyen

    Nguyen Khai's documentary novel, Past Continuous, published in the early 1980s before the "doi moi" policy was introduced, gives a fascinating inside view of North Vietnamese views and strategies during the American War in Vietnam. As the three narrators exchange reminiscences, we not only learn about the inner-workings of the liberation movement, but we also see the tensions that developed...

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