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  • Notebooks from New Guinea
    Notebooks from New Guinea (English, Paperback) Vojtech Novotny

    Some of the world's most advanced work on biodiversity is being carried out deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea by a team including local tribes-people. Novotny's entertaining, engaging, and unique diaries reflect on the wisdom of the ancient culture, bringing to life the people and the sometimes tragi-comic interactions between it and the West

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  • Arthropods of Tropical Forests
    Arthropods of Tropical Forests (English, Paperback) Yves Basset

    This book is a comprehensive review of the ecology of tropical rainforest insects and spiders.

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  • Cur Homo?
    Cur Homo? (English, Paperback) Vojtech Novotny

    Examining, outlining, elucidating, and supplementing the existing body of scholarship concerning the medieval theological supposition that man was created as a replacement for fallen angels, this book traces the implications of the question from the first century of the common era to the present day.

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  • Notebooks from New Guinea
    Notebooks from New Guinea (English, Hardback) Vojtech Novotny

    Novotny, a leading tropical biologist, does Big Science in Papua New Guinea, one of the world's last wild frontiers. In this unique and delightfully engaging collection of notes and reflections, he brings to life with warmth and wisdom the place, the people, the doing of science deep in the jungle, and the curious antics of Western tourists.

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