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  • Letters
    Letters to the Bride (English, Mixed media product) Lea Redmond

    This innovative gift helps the bridesmaids, parents, or wedding shower guests delight the bride-to-be with memories, advice, and well wishes for her big day—all in a thoughtful package that becomes a cherished wedding memento. The bride's loved ones write the 12 letters, seal with the enclosed stickers, postdate, and give this book to the bride at her shower or as a wedding present, sending her...

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  • Memories
    Memories for My Grandchild Organizer (English, Record book) Suzanne Zenkel, Margaret Rubiano

    Don't you wish your grandmother had written down her life story? "Memories for My Grandchild: A Keepsake to Remember" enables you to write down yours! Guided questions and prompts will help you tell your grandchildren (and great-grandchildren to come) all about your childhood and teen years; your education, love, and marriage; work, community, religion, military service; parenthood and family...

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  • Being
    Being the Best Man For Dummies (English, Paperback) Dominic Bliss

    If you're looking for practical, straight-talking advice on getting things right, look no further. Being the Best Man For Dummies is a perfect one-stop guide to being the ideal best man.

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  • The
    The Honeymoon Handbook (English, Paperback) Lonely Planet

    Lonely Planet's selection of the most exciting locations for the perfect honeymoon. Discover ideas for out-of-the-ordinary trips and experiences. Pick up tips for making the trip a success and setting your life together off to a magical start. The essential honeymoon planning tool.

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  • Groom's
    Groom's Instruction Manual (English, Paperback) Shandon Fowler

    Provides instruction that a groom needs to know for his big day.

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  • The
    The Complete Wedding Plan (Paperback) Charlotte Rees

    A new edition of the comprehensive guide to all aspects of planning a wedding, written by an author who runs her own successful wedding planning company.

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  • Vintage
    Vintage Wedding Flowers (English, Hardback) Vic Brotherson

    Vic Brotherson believes that wedding flowers should express the character and individuality of a couple. In Vintage Wedding Flowers she provides ideas and inspiration for everything from bouquets to buttonholes, to table dressings, and corsages - and to suit all possible budgets.

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  • The
    The Wedding Planner & Organizer (English, Hardback) Mindy Weiss

    Offers tips, tools, checklists, spreadsheets, and schedules to help brides (and grooms) manage things from building a wedding timeline and organizing the dreaded seating chart to getting the wedding party matched and fitted.

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  • Grow
    Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers (English, Hardback) Georgie Newbery

    From jam-jar posies to elaborate displays, Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers explains how to grow and create beautiful arrangements and make your special day unique, without costing the earth.

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  • The
    The Homemade Wedding Cake (English, Hardback) Natasha Collins

    Whilst making your own wedding cake can seem daunting, it's actually easy when you've been shown the right materials and techniques. In this gorgeous and essential book, Natasha Collins reveals how a complete novice can create something stunning and inspirational for an unforgettable day.

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  • The
    The Wedding Dress (Italian, Hardback) Edwina Ehrman

    Published in a new hardback edition and accompanying a major V&A exhibition, this sumptuous book draws on wedding garments in the V&A's collection.

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  • The
    The DIY Wedding Manual (English, Paperback) Lisa Sodeau

    This book will show you that with a little bit of planning and preparation, it is possible to have the day of your dreams without starting married life in debt. The average cost of a wedding is about as much as a deposit on a house, but one thing the 'credit crunch' taught us all is that there are many areas in our lives where we can save money by doing things ourselves. So why should weddings be...

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  • Don'ts
    Don'ts for Weddings (English, Hardback)

    From the publishers of Don'ts for Husbands and Don'ts for Wives a brand new old collection of advice for couples from courtship to the honeymoon.

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  • Wedding
    Wedding Planner (English, Paperback) Speedy Publishing LLC

    The Benefits of a Wedding Planning Book ...


    4 stars

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  • Top
    Top Tips for Grooms (English, Hardback) James Harrison

    The question has been popped, the ring has been presented and the celebrations have begun! What's next? Just the wedding. Top Tips for Grooms presents ingenious ideas for the any groom-to-be, covering the ever-so-stressful months preceding the wedding - including surviving your stag party and choosing your outfit - to the big day itself.

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  • The
    The Bride's Instruction Manual (English, Paperback) Carrie Denny

    Offers the bride-to-be the information she needs to know as she prepares for the Big Day. This work provides tear-out checklists, worksheets, and resource guides.

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  • The
    The Everything Wedding Organizer (English, Spiral bound) Shelly Hagen

    All you need for planning the wedding of your dreams!

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  • Getting
    Getting Groomed (English, Record book) Jason Mitchell

    Finally, a fun wedding organizer for gay grooms! Packaged in a sleek two-ring binder this planner covers every aspect of the big event. Focusing on the details of the celebration and steering away from the politics of gay marriage, Getting Groomed offers a refreshing approach to readers planning a wedding or commitment ceremony.

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  • The
    The Bride-to-be Book (English, Diary) Amy Krouse Rosenthal

    The Bride-to-Be Book is designed for brides who want to preserve all the magic and excitement leading up to and including the big day: the proposal, the stories behind the ring and the dress, the parties, the toasts and speeches, and all the fun of celebrating with family and friends. Filled with insightful prompts, envelopes, and other thoughtful features,The Bride-to-Be Book shares the same...

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