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  • Austerity
    Austerity (English, Paperback) Kerry-Anne Mendoza

    For the last five years, Britain has been under the hammer of 'Austerity'. In its name, wages have been frozen, benefits have been slashed and public spending squeezed. The pain of a financial crisis caused by bankers and speculators has been borne by ordinary people all over the country - and by the poor and disabled most of all.

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  • The Great Leveler
    The Great Leveler (English, Hardback) Walter Scheidel

    How only violence and catastrophes have consistently reduced inequality throughout world history...

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  • The Welfare Trait
    The Welfare Trait (English, Paperback) Adam Perkins

    In support of his theory, Dr Perkins presents data showing that the welfare state can boost the number of children born into disadvantaged households, and that childhood disadvantage promotes the development of an employment-resistant personality profile, characterised by aggressive, antisocial and rule-breaking tendencies.

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  • The Oxford Handbook of Health Economics
    The Oxford Handbook of Health Economics (English, Paperback) Sherry Glied

    This book provides an engaging, comprehensive review of health economics, with a focus on policy implications in the developed and developing world. Authoritative, but non-technical, it stresses the wide reach of the discipline - across nations, health systems, and areas within health and medical care.

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  • Poor No More
    Poor No More (English, Paperback) Peter Cove

    This is a paradigm-shifting work that guides the reader through the evolution of America's War on Poverty and urges policy-makers to eliminate training and education programmes that waste time and money and to adopt a work-first model, while providing job-seekers with the tools and life lessons essential to finding and maintaining employment.

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  • The Impact of Incomplete Contracts on Economics
    The Impact of Incomplete Contracts on Economics (English, Paperback) Philippe Aghion

    The Impact of Incomplete Contracts on Economics collects papers and opinion pieces on the impact that this property right approach to the firm has had on the economics profession.

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  • Portfolios of the Poor
    Portfolios of the Poor (English, Paperback) Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch

    Explains how the poor find solutions to their everyday financial problems by conducting year-long interviews with impoverished villagers and slum dwellers in Bangladesh, India, and South Africa - records that track penny by penny how specific households manage their money.

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  • Choice, Preferences, and Procedures
    Choice, Preferences, and Procedures (English, Hardback) Kotaro Suzumura

    Social choice theory critically assesses and rationally designs economic mechanisms for improving human well-being. Kotaro Suzumura-one of the world's foremost thinkers in social choice theory and welfare economics-fuses abstract ideas with real-world economies to examine foundational issues of normative economics and collective decision making.

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  • Lessons from the Black Working Class
    Lessons from the Black Working Class (English, Hardback) Lori Latrice Martin, Hayward D. Horton

    This book enables readers to better understand, explain, and predict the future of the nation's overall economic health through its examination of the black working class—especially the experiences of black women and black working-class residents outside of urban areas.• Contributes new information and fresh perspectives on the ongoing debate regarding the significance of race versus class•...

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  • Beyond GDP
    Beyond GDP (English, Hardback) Marc Fleurbaey, Didier Blanchet

    Is GDP a good proxy for social welfare? Building on economic theory, this book confirms that it is not, but also that most alternatives to it share its basic flaw, i.e., a focus on specific aspects of people's lives without sufficiently taking account of people's values and goals. A better approach is possible.

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  • The Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality
    The Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality (English, Paperback) Wiemer Salverda

    The Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality presents a new and definitive analysis of economic inequality in developed countries. Bringing together the world's top scholars, this comprehensive and authoritative volume contains an impressive array of original research on topics in economic inequality.

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  • The Economics of Poverty
    The Economics of Poverty (English, Paperback) Martin Ravallion

    The book reviews past and present debates on the challenges faced in attaining equitable economic development. The book aims to provide an introduction to economics where the application to poverty is central and guides learning. And it aims to help those who already know some economics learn more about poverty and inequality.

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  • Territories of Poverty
    Territories of Poverty (English, Paperback) Ananya Roy

    Challenges the conventional North-South geographies through which poverty scholarship is organised. Staging theoretical interventions that traverse social histories of the American welfare state and critical ethnographies of international development regimes, these essays confront how poverty is constituted as a problem.

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  • Economics of the Welfare State
    Economics of the Welfare State (English, Paperback) Nicholas Barr

    The fifth edition of this successful textbook discusses the different parts of the welfare system and, in particular, cash benefits, the health service, and education. The text is organized into four parts: Concepts, Cash benefits, Benefits in kind, and Epilogue.

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  • After Austerity
    After Austerity (English, Paperback) Peter Taylor-Gooby

    This book examines European welfare states, how and why they are changing, and how they are likely to develop.

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  • Paying for the welfare state in the 21st century
    Paying for the welfare state in the 21st century (English, Paperback) Sally Ruane

    Amid urgent debates around the function of welfare in the post-industrial 21st Century, and how we pay for it, David Byrne and Sally Ruane deploy the concepts and analytical tools of Marxist political economy to better understand recent developments, and the possibilities they present for social change.

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  • Arguments for Welfare
    Arguments for Welfare (English, Paperback) Paul Spicker

    This book is a concise explanation of what welfare is, and why it is important. With examples from the UK, Europe, North America and Australia the book explores how the principles of welfare are applied across the world.

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  • Caring Capitalism
    Caring Capitalism (English, Hardback) Emily Barman

    The book analyzes the changing meaning and measure of social value in an era of caring capitalism.

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  • Why Fight Poverty?
    Why Fight Poverty? (English, Paperback) Julia Unwin

    This book looks back at the struggle to rid the country of poverty and asks if the struggle is worth it. What would a poverty free country be like if we could overcome the obstacles which impede progress?

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  • Happiness Explained
    Happiness Explained (English, Hardback) Paul Anand

    Offers a response to one of the oldest questions known to humankind namely, what is happiness and how can we ensure that communities are flourishing, happy places for people to live and work?

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