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Wendell Berry

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  • Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry
    Hannah Coulter (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    "Ignorant boys, killing each other," is just about all Nathan Coulter would tell his wife, friends, and family about the Battle of Okinawa in the spring of 1945. Life carried on for the community of Port William, Kentucky, as some boys returned from the war and the lives of others were mourned. In her seventies, Nathan's wife, Hannah, has time now to tell of the years since the war. In Wendell Berry's unforgettable prose, we learn of the Coulter's children, of the Feltners and Branches, and how survivors "live right on."

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  • The Art of the Commonplace by Wendell Berry
    The Art of the Commonplace (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    The Art of the Commonplace gathers twenty-one essays by Wendell Berry that offer an agrarian alternative to our dominant urban culture. These essays promote a clearly defined and compelling vision important to all people dissatisfied with the stress, anxiety, disease, and destructiveness of contemporary American culture. Why is agriculture becoming culturally irrelevant, and at what cost? What are the forces of social disintegration and how might they be reversed? How might men and women live together in ways that benefit both? And, how does the corporate takeover of social institutions and economic practices contribute to the destruction of human and natural environments? Through his staunch support of local economies, his defense of farming communities, and his call for family integrity, Berry emerges as the champion of responsibilities and priorities that serve the health, vitality, and happiness of the whole community of creation.

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  • What Are People For? by Wendell Berry
    What Are People For? (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    Wendell Berry identifies himself as both ?a farmer of sorts and an artist of sorts,? which he deftly illustrates in the scope of these 22 essays. Ranging from America's insatiable consumerism and household economies to literary subjects and America's attitude toward waste, Berry gracefully navigates from one topic to the next. He speaks candidly about the ills plaguing America and the growing gap between people and the land. Despite the somber nature of these essays, Berry's voice and prose provide an underlying sense of faith and hope. He frames his reflections with poetic responsibility, standing up as a firm believer in the power of the human race not only to fix its past mistakes but to build a future that will provide a better life for all.

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  • This Day by Wendell Berry
    This Day (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    Collects a series of poems that reflect upon the life, nature, politics, and spiritual longing.

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  • Fidelity by Wendell Berry
    Fidelity (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    "Berry richly evokes Port William's farmlands and hamlets, and his characters are fiercely individual, yet mutually protective in everything they do. . . . His sentences are exquisitely constructed, suggesting the cyclic rhythms of his agrarian world." ?New York Times Book Review...

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  • Wendell Berry: Port William Novels & Stories: The Civil War to World War II (LOA #302): Nathan Coulter / Andy Catlett: Early Travels / A World L by Wendell Berry
    Wendell Berry: Port William Novels & Stories: The Civil War to World War II (LOA #302): Nathan Coulter / Andy Catlett: Early Travels / A World L (English, Hardback) Wendell Berry

    "Presents the complete Port William novels and stories for the first time in the order of their narrative chronology. This first volume, which spans from the Civil War to World War II, gathers the novels 'Nathan Coulter' [and others], along with twenty-three short stories..."--Jacket flaps.

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  • It All Turns on Affection by Wendell Berry
    It All Turns on Affection (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    When he accepted the invitation to deliver The Jefferson Lecture?our nation's highest honor for distinguished intellectual achievement?Wendell Berry decided to take on the obligation of thinking again about the problems that have engaged him throughout his long career. He wanted a fresh start, not only in looking at the groundwork of the problems facing our nation and the earth itself, but in gaining hope from some examples of repair and healing even in these times of Late Capitalism and its destructive contagions. As a poet and writer he understood already that much can be gleaned from looking at the vocabulary of these problems themselves and how we describe them. And he settled on ?affection? as a method of engagement and solution. The result is the greatest speech he has delivered in his six decades of public life. It All Turns on Affection will take its place alongside The Unsettling of America and The Gift of Good Land as major testaments to the power and clarity of his contribution to American thought. We have taken this opportunity to include a small handful of other recent essays and a wonderful conversation between Mr. Berry, his wife Tanya Berry, and the head of the National Endowment of the Humanities Jim Leech, which took place just after the award was announced. The result offers a wonderful continuation of the long conversation Berry has had with his readers over many years and as well as a fine introduction to his life and work.

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  • The Long-Legged House by Wendell Berry
    The Long-Legged House (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    First published in 1969 and out of print for more than twenty-five years, The Long-Legged House was Wendell Berry's first collection of essays, the inaugural work introducing many of the central issues that have occupied him over the course of his career. Three essays at the heart of this volume-?The Rise,? ?The Long-Legged House,? and ?A Native Hill? -are essays of homecoming and memoir, as the writer finds his home place, his native ground, his place on earth. As he later wrote, ?What I stand for is what I stand on,? and here we see him beginning the acts of rediscovery and resettling.

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  • That Distant Land by Wendell Berry
    That Distant Land (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    Drawn from three collections of stories and including new work, That Distant Land extends over nearly a century of Berry's Port William community. With 23 stories from the author's Port William membership, this book is arranged in its fictional chronology, and it shines forth as a single sustained work. That Distant Land truly reveals Wendell Berry?award-winning essayist, novelist, and poet?as a literary master.

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  • Imagination in Place by Wendell Berry
    Imagination in Place (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    In Imagination in Place, we travel to the local cultures of several writers important to Berry's life and work, from Wallace Stegner's great West and Ernest Gaines's Louisiana plantation life to Donald Hall's New England, and on to the Western frontier as seen through the Far East lens of Gary Snyder. The collection also includes portraits of a few of America's most imaginative writers, including James Still, Hayden Carruth, Jane Kenyon, John Haines, and several others. Berry laments today's dispossessed and displaced, those writers and people with no home and no citizenship, but he argues that there is hope for the establishment of new local cultures in both the practical and literary sense. For Berry, what is ?local, fully imagined, becomes universal,? and these essays serve as a reminder that a place indelibly marks its literature just as it determines its watershed community of plants and animals.

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  • The World-Ending Fire by Wendell Berry
    The World-Ending Fire (English, Hardback) Wendell Berry

    A collection of essays celebrating the cultural heritage of history and home argues that arrogance must be adandoned in favor of respect and care for oneself, one's neighbors, and the land.

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  • The Mad Farmer Poems by Wendell Berry
    The Mad Farmer Poems (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    During the otherwise quiet course of his life as a poet, Wendell Berry has become ?mad" at what contemporary society has made of its land, its communities, and its past. This anger reaches its peak in the poems of the Mad Farmer, an open-ended sequence he's found himself impelled to continue against his better instincts. These poems can take the shape of manifestos, meditations, insults, Whitmanic...

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  • The Unsettling of America by Wendell Berry
    The Unsettling of America (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    A critical inquiry into the ways Americans have exploited and continue to exploit the land that sustains them, tracing attitudes toward and methods of farming from the eighteenth century to the present

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  • The Hidden Wound by Wendell Berry
    The Hidden Wound (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    With the expected grace of Wendell Berry comes The Hidden Wound, an essay about racism and the damage it has done to the identity of our country. Through Berry's personal experience, he explains how remaining passive in the face of the struggle of racism further corrodes America's potential. In a quiet and observant manner, Berry opens up about how his attempt to discuss racism is rooted in the hope that someday the historical wound will begin to heal.

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  • The Soil and Health by Sir Albert Howard
    The Soil and Health (English, Paperback) Sir Albert Howard

    The Soil and Health argues that industrial agriculture, emergent in Howard's era and dominant today, disrupts the delicate balance of nature and irrevocably robs the soil of its fertility.

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  • By Southern Playwrights by Michael B. Dixon
    By Southern Playwrights (English, Paperback) Michael B. Dixon

    By Southern Playwrights is a rare assemblage of works from the 1980s and 1990s by writers continuing the tradition of Tennessee Williams, Lillian Hellman, and Beth Henley, among others.

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  • Andy Catlett by Wendell Berry
    Andy Catlett (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    Andy Catlett is the latest installment in Wendell Berry's Port William series, a distinct set of stories that Berry has been telling now for 50 years. Set during the Christmas of 1943, nine-year-old Andy Catlett sets off to visit his grandparents in Port William by bus, by himself for the first time. For Andy this is a rite of passage, his first step into manhood. His experiences on this solitary voyage become pivotal points in the entire Port William epic. The old ways are in retreat, modern life is crowding everything in its path, and as Andy looks back many years later, he hears the stories again of his neighbors and friends. A beautiful short novel, now in paperback, Andy Catlett is a perfect introduction to the whole world of Port William, and will be a rich new installment for those already familiar with this unfolding story.

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  • Our Only World by Wendell Berry
    Our Only World (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    Discusses such topics as the probable necessity of returning troops to Iraq, the international nature of today's environmental problems, and the role of late capitalism in compromising the American dream.

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  • New Collected Poems by Wendell Berry
    New Collected Poems (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    In New Collected Poems, the poet revisits for the first time his immensely popular Collected Poems, which The New York Times Book Review described as ?a straightforward search for a life connected to the soil, for marriage as a sacrament and family life? that ?affirms a style that is resonant with the authentic,? and ?[returns] American poetry to a Wordsworthian clarity of purpose.? In New Collected Poems, Berry reprints the nearly two hundred pieces in Collected Poems, along with the poems from his most recent collections?Entries, Given, and Leavings?to create an expanded collection, showcasing the work of a man heralded by The Baltimore Sun as ?a sophisticated, philosophical poet in the line descending from Emerson and Thoreau . . . a major poet of our time.? Wendell Berry is the author of over fifty works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and has been awarded numerous literary prizes, including the T. S. Eliot Award, a National Institute of Arts and Letters award for writing, the American Academy of Arts and Letters Jean Stein Award, and a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. While he began publishing work in the 1960s, Booklist has written that ?Berry has become ever more prophetic,? clearly standing up to the test of time.

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  • Roots to the Earth by Wendell Berry
    Roots to the Earth (English, Hardback) Wendell Berry, Wesley Bates

    An elaborately engraved collection of poetry by the author who was awarded the National Humanities Medal by Barack Obama in 2010ùand, in 2012, delivered the 41st annual Jefferson Lecture in the Humanitiesùdetails our relationship with the land.

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