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  • The Soul of an Octopus
    The Soul of an Octopus (Paperback) Sy Montgomery

    A profoundly moving exploration of the intelligence and personality of one of the world's most mysterious, beguiling creatures


    5 stars

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  • The Peregrine
    The Peregrine (Paperback) J. A. Baker

    Reissue of J. A. Baker's extraordinary classic of British nature writing

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  • My Family and Other Animals
    My Family and Other Animals (English, Hardback) Gerald Durrell

    Originally published: London: Hart-Davis, 1956.

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  • The Elephant Whisperer
    The Elephant Whisperer (English, Paperback) Lawrence Anthony, Graham Spence

    A charming, moving account of one man's race to save a herd of elephants.

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  • Audubon Birder's Engagement Calendar 2017
    Audubon Birder's Engagement Calendar 2017 (English, Calendar) National Audubon Society

    It’s a sumptuous gift for the birder: the perennially bestselling engagement calendar with over 2 million copies sold, created, of course, by Audubon, the organization synonymous with birds. THE BIRDER'S ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR offers a thrilling sighting, up close and in full color. Here is a stunning shot of a Snowy Owl in flight and a gorgeous Blue Jay with its distinctive wing pattern....

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  • The Biology of Belief
    The Biology of Belief (English, Paperback) Bruce H Lipton

    This new updated and expanded 10th anniversary edition of The Biology of Belief will forever change how you think about your own thinking. Stunning new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning show that all the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., a renowned cell biologist, describes the precise molecular pathways through...

    $15.54 $16.99
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  • Animalium
    Animalium (English, Hardback) Jenny Broom, Katie Scott

    Discover more than 160 exhibits in this virtual museum, open all hours.


    5 stars

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  • Collins Bird Guide
    Collins Bird Guide (English, Paperback) Lars Svensson, Killian Mullarney

    Following on from its hugely successful launch in 1999, Collins Bird Guide - the ultimate reference book for bird enthusiasts - now enters its second edition.

    $24.31 $25.73

    5 stars

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  • The Birds of Costa Rica
    The Birds of Costa Rica (English, Paperback) Richard Garrigues, Robert Dean

    A new, updated edition of the one compact, portable, and user-friendly field guide the novice or experienced birder needs to identify birds in the field in the diverse habitats found in Costa Rica.

    $26.51 $29.95
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  • A Natural History of the Hedgerow
    A Natural History of the Hedgerow (Paperback) John Wright

    It is difficult to think of a more quintessential symbol of the British countryside than the British Hedgerow, bursting with blackberries, hazelnuts and sloes, and home to oak and ash, field mice and butterflies. But as much as we might dream about foraging for mushrooms or collecting wayside nettles for soup, most of us are unaware of quite how profoundly hedgerows have shaped the history of our...

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  • Song of Increase
    Song of Increase (English, Paperback) Jacqueline Freeman

    Interest in sustainable beekeeping is at an all-time high. For anyone eager to learn more about this increasingly popular activity, Song of Increase is a book with the potential to change not just the way you look at honeybees, but your entire relationship with the natural world. “Bee whisperer” Jacqueline Freeman, whose bee and farm YouTube videos have been watched more than a million times, shares spiritual wisdom and practical insights for engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship with these surprising creatures.

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  • Bird Bingo
    Bird Bingo (English, Mixed media product) Christine Berrie

    Brings a educational twist to the traditional game as players learn the names and colorings of both their favorite species and weird and wonderful exotic birds. This title contains 64 illustrated bingo chips, 1 board, 12 bingo cards and brightly colored counters for you to mark up your card.

    $24.07 $29.95

    5 stars

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  • The Peregrine
    The Peregrine (Paperback) J. A. Baker

    Reissue of J. A. Baker's extraordinary classic of British nature writing, with an exclusive new afterword by Robert Macfarlane.

    $15.49 $16.72
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  • A Sting in the Tale
    A Sting in the Tale (English, Paperback) Dave Goulson

    The author has always been obsessed with wildlife, from his childhood menagerie of exotic pets and dabbling in experimental taxidermy to his groundbreaking research into the mysterious ways of the bumblebee and his mission to protect our rarest bees. This book tells the story of his passionate drive.


    5 stars

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  • The Essential Guide to Beachcombing and the Strandline
    The Essential Guide to Beachcombing and the Strandline (English, Paperback) Steve Trewhella, Julie Hatcher

    This book will satisfy your curiosity about the treasures found cast up on the beach strandline. Every find has a story to tell and we aim to answer the questions that arise from each beachcombing discovery. Clear photographs and descriptions are accompanied by information about the natural history of the animals and plants you encounter.

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  • Collins BTO Guide to British Birds
    Collins BTO Guide to British Birds (Paperback) Paul Sterry, Paul Stancliffe

    In a unique new collaboration, Collins have paired up with the respected British Trust for Ornithology, bringing together the most authoritative and up-to-date information in this new field guide to the common birds of Britain and Ireland.

    $22.81 $25.73

    3 stars

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  • Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands
    Birds of the Indian Ocean Islands (English, Paperback) Ian Sinclair, Olivier Langrand

    This book describes the bird life of the region embracing Madagascar, the Seychelles group, the Comoros and the Mascarenes (comprising Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues) – a region that hosts nearly 400 species, many endemic. All are fully described, giving ID features, preferred habitats, status, calls, distribution maps and full-color illustrations. The book includes useful guide-type maps and...

    $19.20 $29.00
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  • Photographing Birds
    Photographing Birds (English, Paperback) Mark Sisson

    Bird photography is one of the most challenging genres of photography, and can test even modern high-specification cameras to their limits. This practical book guides you through both how to understand your camera and how to develop your own style and approach. It also emphasizes the importance of fieldcraft and understanding your subject.

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  • RSPB Handbook of Scottish Birds
    RSPB Handbook of Scottish Birds (Paperback) Peter Holden, Stuart Housden

    The RSPB Handbook of Scottish Birds is the ideal reference for keen birdwatchers and visitors to Scotland alike, and this fully updated second edition is richer and more comprehensive than ever. Over 250 species are covered in detail with each account including information on identification, voice, habits, habitat, food, breeding, ecology, seasonal movements, population and conservation. More than...

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  • RSPB Handbook of British Birds
    RSPB Handbook of British Birds (English, Paperback) Tim Cleeves, Peter Holden

    This is a revised and updated fourth edition of the bestselling RSPB Handbook of British Birds. This unique guide provides a 'biography' of each of the 280 commonest British bird species. It coversall aspects of field identification, using illustrations from the highly acclaimedHandbook of Bird Identification to show all common plumage forms. The text also covers behaviour, breeding biology,...

    $15.16 $17.95

    5 stars

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