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  • The Wild Life of Frogs
    The Wild Life of Frogs (English, Hardback) Camilla De La Bedoyere, Camilla De La Baedoyaere

    Readers will leap into this informative, colorful book about frogs. Fun, accessible text introduces readers to a variety of frog species, including the horned frog and deadly poison dart frog! Accompanied by stunning photographs, this book explores frog habitats and showcases interesting facts about their anatomy, behavior, life cycles, and the sounds they make. Jokes, puzzles, activities, and a...

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  • Mary Cassatt
    Mary Cassatt (English, Paperback) Alix Wood

    When most people think of the Impressionist painters, they think of European men. However, Mary Cassatt was an American-born woman who is regarded by many as the Impressionist who defined that movement. Readers learn about Cassatt's artistic career and successes, which are remarkable for a time when women were not even allowed to attend art school. This text features some of Cassatt's most famous...

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  • Experiments with Living Things
    Experiments with Living Things (English, Hardback) Anna Claybourne

    Perhaps the most successful way to truly grasp an important science concept is to see it in action. This awesome book invites readers to put on their lab coats and transform into scientists. They'll perform several simple experiments by following step-by-step instructions, accompanied by helpful images, and are encouraged to reflect on their results. By each experiment's end, they'll have...

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  • Light
    Light (English, Hardback) Katie Dicker

    Discusses the sources and properties of light; explores shadows, reflection, and lenses; and includes simple experiments that help to explain how light works.

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  • A Pig Called Pete Meets a Cat Called Kitty
    A Pig Called Pete Meets a Cat Called Kitty (English, Hardback) Alan Bowater, Pete Pascoe

    Kitty is just as fun as Pete. She's from Kathmandu, wears a floppy hat and boa, and loves adventures. She can't fly like Pete can, so how does their friendship work? Readers will be thrilled to see that Kitty can still share in globe-trotting adventures of the imagination to wonderful locations like New Zealand, Hawaii, Scotland, and India.

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  • The Hidden Valley
    The Hidden Valley (English, Paperback) Felicia Law

    After landing on a remote and seemingly deserted island, a disparate group of shipwrecked monkeys, unaware that they are being watched by the monkey rulers of the island, tries to use its reasoning abilities to better understand its situation and decide what to do next.

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  • Floop Does the Laundry
    Floop Does the Laundry (English, Paperback) Carole Tremblay

    Floop fills a pail full of water and prepares his clothes for washing and drying on a clothesline in the sun.

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  • Going to the Hospital
    Going to the Hospital (English, Hardback) Janine Amos

    It's never fun to have surgery and stay in the hospital, but sometimes it can't be avoided. This book helps kids understand that going to the hospital isn't as scary as they think. Readers learn the personal stories of children who overcame their hospital woes. Touching sentiment and words of support are shared in letters between family members and the patient. Bullet points offer overarching...

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  • Junk Modeling
    Junk Modeling (English, Paperback) Toby Reynolds

    Simple household items that are easily thrown away can become amazing works of art! In this book, readers will learn how to create cool crafts out of ?junk? objects, including toilet paper rolls, bottle tops, egg cartons, and corks. Readers will delight in turning these everyday objects into toy cars, caterpillars, snowmen, and frogs. A helpful hint and clear lists of materials give readers the...

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  • Five Friends Fight T-Rex
    Five Friends Fight T-Rex (English, Hardback) Stephen Bordiglioni

    The intrepid brontosaurus Dinodino meets four good-natured dinosaur friends while wandering through the Jurassic forests. The Fivedinos learn the true meaning of teamwork when they must face off against the ultimate carnivorous foe: the tyrannosaurus rex.

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  • Pirates
    Pirates (English, Hardback) Mark Bergin

    Provides step-by-step instructions for drawing pirates, and includes facts related to the theme of each figure as well as tips on drawing techniques.

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  • Floop Does the Laundry
    Floop Does the Laundry (English, Hardback) Carole Tremblay

    Floop fills a pail full of water and prepares his clothes for washing and drying on a clothesline in the sun.

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  • The Jolly Jungle Joke Book
    The Jolly Jungle Joke Book (English, Hardback) Sean Connolly

    The jungle is full of humor. A consistent play-on-words creates wonderful jokes that readers will love. Vibrant illustrations support the amusement and keep readers' interest.

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  • I Won't Do That Today
    I Won't Do That Today (English, Hardback) Gill Davies

    The three penguin brothers?Can't, Shan't, and Won't?are just as obstinate as their names would suggest. Rather than help their mother catch fish for dinner, they decide to run away from home. After a renegade ice floe nearly takes them out to see, they realize that listening to their mother isn't such a bad idea.

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  • Ghost Mouse
    Ghost Mouse (English, Hardback) Karen Wallace

    A group of ghost mice find their home in danger when a new family arrives with plans to build a new house on the property.

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  • Tiberius Goes to School
    Tiberius Goes to School (English, Hardback) Keith Harvey

    Going to school can be filled with challenges, including when trouble occurs between a teacher and a student. Tiberius meets a teacher who thinks that sweet little white mice are as scary as dragons. Can he coax her off of her chair and away from her fear?

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  • Pop Star
    Pop Star (English, Hardback) Lisa Regan

    Music is a great way for children to explore their creativity. This book guides readers through the process of getting into the music business, from starting a band to making and promoting a demo tape. Aspiring musicians and singers will learn the basics of stage presence and some fun facts about their favorite pop stars.

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  • Marvelous Marine Mammals
    Marvelous Marine Mammals (English, Paperback) Ruth Owen

    Provides information about such marine mammals as orcas, harp seals, blue whales, and bottlenose dolphins.

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  • Sophie the Silkworm
    Sophie the Silkworm (English, Hardback) Rebecca Johnson

    Readers will follow Sophie the silkworm as she spins the story of her magnificent metamorphosis. Sophie's character is at once whimsical and relatable, sparking readers' interest about her life cycle and role in her ecosystem. Information-rich text and accessible language introduce readers to a silkworm's life stages, as corresponding photographs help readers visualize the process. Readers will...

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  • Big Cats
    Big Cats (English, Hardback) Carly Blake

    A puma may not be able to roar like a lion, but it can make ear-splitting screams just as terrifying as a lion's roar. Learn all about lions, pumas, tigers, African servals, and more with this high-energy Q-and-A formatted text that will fascinate even reluctant readers.

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