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  • Wild Life of Owls
    Wild Life of Owls (English, Hardback) Camilla De La Bedoyere, Camilla De La Baedoyaere

    This book is filled with fun facts and activities that teach readers all about owls. Readers will learn about owl diet, habitat, and anatomy. Color photographs introduce readers to different owl species, while engaging text helps them gain an understanding of the similarities and differences between them. Jokes, activities, puzzles, and the poem The Owl and the Pussy-cat by Edward Lear supplement...

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  • Orcas and Other Animals That Hunt in Packs
    Orcas and Other Animals That Hunt in Packs (English, Paperback) Jennifer Way

    What's scarier than one predator coming your way? How about a whole pack! Orcas and other animals?such as piranhas, lions, hyenas, and humpback whales?have developed special strategies for hunting together, including excellent communication and ambushing techniques. Readers will love learning about these meat-eating mobs as the book introduces them to each animals' habitat, anatomy, and social...

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  • A Pig Called Pete Meets a Cat Called Kitty
    A Pig Called Pete Meets a Cat Called Kitty (English, Hardback) Alan Bowater

    Kitty is just as fun as Pete. She's from Kathmandu, wears a floppy hat and boa, and loves adventures. She can't fly like Pete can, so how does their friendship work? Readers will be thrilled to see that Kitty can still share in globe-trotting adventures of the imagination to wonderful locations like New Zealand, Hawaii, Scotland, and India.

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  • The Wild Life of Frogs
    The Wild Life of Frogs (English, Hardback) Camilla De La Bedoyere, Camilla De La Baedoyaere

    Readers will leap into this informative, colorful book about frogs. Fun, accessible text introduces readers to a variety of frog species, including the horned frog and deadly poison dart frog! Accompanied by stunning photographs, this book explores frog habitats and showcases interesting facts about their anatomy, behavior, life cycles, and the sounds they make. Jokes, puzzles, activities, and a...

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  • Mary Cassatt
    Mary Cassatt (English, Paperback) Alix Wood

    When most people think of the Impressionist painters, they think of European men. However, Mary Cassatt was an American-born woman who is regarded by many as the Impressionist who defined that movement. Readers learn about Cassatt's artistic career and successes, which are remarkable for a time when women were not even allowed to attend art school. This text features some of Cassatt's most famous...

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  • Marvelous Marine Mammals
    Marvelous Marine Mammals (English, Paperback) Ruth Owen

    Provides information about such marine mammals as orcas, harp seals, blue whales, and bottlenose dolphins.

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  • Cougars and Other Animals That Ambush Prey
    Cougars and Other Animals That Ambush Prey (English, Paperback) Vic Kovacs

    This book introduces readers to the fierce cougar, the master of the sneak attack. Readers will also learn about other animals that are excellent at the art of ambush, including leopard seals, crocodiles, praying mantises, and tigers. These hungry hunters will come alive as students learn about their habitat, social structure, and anatomy. Fascinating facts paired with eye-catching photographs...

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  • Big Cats
    Big Cats (English, Hardback) Carly Blake

    A puma may not be able to roar like a lion, but it can make ear-splitting screams just as terrifying as a lion's roar. Learn all about lions, pumas, tigers, African servals, and more with this high-energy Q-and-A formatted text that will fascinate even reluctant readers.

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  • Sophie the Silkworm
    Sophie the Silkworm (English, Hardback) Rebecca Johnson

    Readers will follow Sophie the silkworm as she spins the story of her magnificent metamorphosis. Sophie's character is at once whimsical and relatable, sparking readers' interest about her life cycle and role in her ecosystem. Information-rich text and accessible language introduce readers to a silkworm's life stages, as corresponding photographs help readers visualize the process. Readers will...

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  • Experiments with Living Things
    Experiments with Living Things (English, Hardback) Anna Claybourne

    Perhaps the most successful way to truly grasp an important science concept is to see it in action. This awesome book invites readers to put on their lab coats and transform into scientists. They'll perform several simple experiments by following step-by-step instructions, accompanied by helpful images, and are encouraged to reflect on their results. By each experiment's end, they'll have...

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  • I Want to Be an Astronaut
    I Want to Be an Astronaut (English, Paperback) Rebekah Joy Shirley, Chris Fairclough

    Provides step-by-step instructions for creating astronaut costumes and accessories, including a space helmet, spacewalking boots, Moon dust, and aliens.

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  • Bugs
    Bugs (English, Paperback) MS Lisa Regan

    From picnic-hungry ants to creepy crawly beetles, bugs are sure to fascinate young readers and artists. This book will help them learn how to draw these tiny critters with step-by-step instructions for different bugs on each spread. The book also includes advice and tips to improve basic drawing and shading techniques.

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  • Carly the Caterpillar
    Carly the Caterpillar (English, Paperback) Rebecca Johnson

    Get ready for a dazzling transformation! Readers follow Carly, a relatable and whimsical character, as she turns from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Age-appropriate text and eye-catching visuals will make learning about life cycles easy and fun. Readers will learn about the different parts of a caterpillar and butterfly, as well as what they eat and how they act. This book contains an easy-to-read...

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  • Safari Animals
    Safari Animals (English, Hardback) Mark Bergin

    Detailed instructions on drawing animals of the African savanna.

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  • Traditional Origami
    Traditional Origami (English, Hardback) Matthew Gardiner

    Origami is a Japanese art that's been practiced for hundreds of years. Origami figures, such as paper cranes, windmills, and butterflies, are known throughout the world. Readers learn to make these traditional origami projects and more as they follow sets of simple instructions accompanied by helpful visual aids. Each step in the process is clearly presented to readers, and each finished product...

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  • Georgia O'Keeffe
    Georgia O'Keeffe (English, Paperback) Alix Wood

    Georgia O'Keeffe is widely regarded as a founder of American Modernism. She is best known for her large, close-up paintings of natural forms and for her desert landscapes. Despite attending art schools and winning awards, she once quit painting for four years because she didn't think she was good enough. Readers learn these fascinating biographical details and more with this text, which presents...

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  • Whales & Dolphins
    Whales & Dolphins (English, Hardback) Carly Blake

    Presents information about whales and dolphins, in a question-and-answer format, discussing such topics as physical characteristics, behavior, life cycles, eating habits, and communication.

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  • Riddles at School
    Riddles at School (English, Hardback) MS Lisa Regan

    Presents a series of riddles featuring schoolchildren, schools, school personnel, the alphabet, numbers, and related topics, and provides solutions.

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  • Spiders and Other Animals That Make Traps
    Spiders and Other Animals That Make Traps (English, Paperback) Vic Kovacs

    There are animals that hunt, and then there are animals that wait until their prey comes to them. These animals make terrific traps that are sure to snap up their dinner when it walks by. Readers will be fascinated by these trap-making animals, including spiders that throw nets and spit poison, alligators that lure birds onto their nose, and antlions that build pits for other animals to fall into....

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  • Edouard Manet
    Edouard Manet (English, Paperback) Alix Wood

    Édouard Manet is one of the world's best-known artists, but he almost wasn't an artist at all. His father tried to persuade him practice law or join the navy, but Manet wanted to paint. His depictions of modern life, such as café scenes, people going to the opera, and watching horse races, bridged the gap between realism and Impressionism. Readers follow Manet's career from his early life in...

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