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  • Death and the Dervish
    Death and the Dervish (English, Paperback) Mesa Selimovic

    Death and the Dervish is a first-person narrative told from the point of view of Sheikh Nuruddin, a dervish at a Sarajevo monastery in the eighteenth century during the Turkish occupation. The spiritual leader of a group of Moslems, Sheikh Nuruddin has deliberately removed himself from the day-to-day activities of society. This distance is shattered, though, by the arrest of his brother. As Sheikh...

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  • House of Day, House of Night
    House of Day, House of Night (English, Paperback) Olga Tokarczuk

    Nowa Ruda is a small town in Silesia, an area that has been a part of Poland, Germany and the former Czechoslovakia in the past. When the narrator of this novel moves into the area, she discovers everyone - and everything - has its own story.

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  • Sailing Against the Wind
    Sailing Against the Wind (English, Paperback) Jaan Kross

    "First published in Estonian under the title Vastutuulelaev: Bernhard Schmidti romaan in 1987 by Eesti Raamat in Tallinn, Estonia. Copyright (c) The Estate of Jaan Kross. Published by arrangement with Werner Soderstrom Ltd. (WSOY), Finland."

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  • Coming from an Off-Key Time
    Coming from an Off-Key Time (English, Paperback) Bogdan Suceava

    The fall of communism in Eastern Europe in 1989 marked, in one famous formulation, the "end of history." In his apocalyptic novel Coming from an Off-Key Time, Bogdan Suceava satirizes the events in his native Romania since the violent end of the Ceausescu regime that fateful year.

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  • And Other Stories
    And Other Stories (English, Paperback) Georgi Gospodinov

    A collection of short stories, which includes a tongue-in-cheek crime/horror story or the Christmas story of a pig, a language game leading to an unexpected epiphany or an inward-looking tale built on the complexity of a puzzle box, and more.

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  • Tworki
    Tworki (English, Paperback) Marek Bienczyk

    In Tworki, a village just southwest of Warsaw, there is a psychiatric hospital and in that hospital, the patients and their caretakers are hidden from the war just outside their iron gates. Our hero, Jurek, answers an ad in the paper for a job there and finds himself keeping the books alongside a knock-out strawberry blonde named Sonia.

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  • All This Belongs to Me
    All This Belongs to Me (English, Paperback) Petra Hulova

    Chronicles the lives of three generations of women in a Mongolian family. Told from the point of view of a mother, three sisters, and the daughter of one of the sisters, this story of secrets and betrayals takes us from the daily rhythms of nomadic life on the steppe to the harsh realities of urban alcoholism and prostitution in the capital.

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  • Vita Nuova
    Vita Nuova (English, Paperback) Bohumil Hrabal

    Showcases the author's bohemian intellectual life, and his relationship with Vladimir Boudnik.

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  • Border State
    Border State (English, Paperback) Tonu Onnepalu

    A novel of a life lived on the margins of Europe where East and West uneasily meet. At home in neither his native land nor his adopted country, the narrator writes from a fictional border state that transcends national boundaries.

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  • Zenobia (English, Paperback) Gellu Naum

    An existentialist anti-novel by a member of the Romanian literary avant-garde. It demonstrates a commitment to surrealistic aesthetics, and has a clear lack of an obvious plot, minimal development of character, variations of time sequence, and experiments with vocabulary and punctuation.

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  • Ruta Tannenbaum
    Ruta Tannenbaum (English, Paperback) Miljenko Jergovic

    "First published in Croatian in 2007. Copyright (c) by Miljenko Jergovic/Actes Sud"--T.p. verso.

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  • The Fortress
    The Fortress (English, Paperback) Mesa Selimovic

    The Fortress is one of the most significant and fascinating novels to come out of the former Yugoslavia. Ahmet Shabo returns home to eighteenth-century Sarajevo from the war in Russia, numbed by the death in battle or suicide of nearly his entire military unit. In time he overcomes the anguish of war, only to find that he has emerged a reflective and contemplative man in a society that does not...

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  • Gaps
    Gaps (English, Paperback) Bohumil Hrabal

    Gaps begins with Hrabal receiving the long anticipated advance copy of his first short story collection, Perlicka na dne (Pearl of the Deep). Hrabal's career as a successful writer starts here, and the novel details his rise on the domestic front, his relationship with influential Czech artists and writers, as well as the international recognition he gains from novels such as Closely Watched Trains.

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  • A Land the Size of Binoculars
    A Land the Size of Binoculars (English, Paperback) Igor Klekh

    This volume contains the five short pieces and novella that comprise Klekh's "Galician Motifs", plus two more recent novellas. Throughout, Klekh passes over landscapes as intimate as the terrain between fathers and sons and as broad as the wild and mysterious Carpathian Mountains.

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  • Shamara and Other Writings
    Shamara and Other Writings (English, Paperback) Svetlana Vasilenko

    This collection features Svetlana Vasilenko's novel Little Fool, nominated for the Russian Booker Prize. Rich in folklore, legend, and history, the story follows the transformation of Ganna, a girl from the Volga shores, into a modern-day Madonna. Also included are the novella "Shamara" and several short stories, including the acclaimed "Going After Goat Antelopes."

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  • The Tango Player
    The Tango Player (English, Paperback) Christopher Hein

    Set in 1968 Leipzig, Christoph Hein's novel is the story of Dallow, an apolitical academic who has just returned to civilian life after serving twenty-one months in prison. His crime: he was the substitute piano player in a student cabaret in which seditious verses were sung. Dallow returns to a life in of loveless sex, police harassment, and brutality, revealing how a corrupt system perverts all...

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  • Charon's Ferry
    Charon's Ferry (English, Paperback) Gyula Illyes

    At the heart of this collection are those themes that interested and inspired Gyula Illyes throughout his life: cultural values, and the legacy of suppression and survival. This collection of poems is characterized by a closeness to nature and a love for the underdog.

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  • The Third Shore
    The Third Shore (English, Paperback) Agata Schwartz

    This volume allows English-speaking readers to discover the work of women writers from East Central Europe. A compendium of fiction by twenty-five women from eighteen different nations The Third Shore brings to light a whole spectrum of women's literary accomplishment and experience virtually unknown in the West.

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  • Fire on Water
    Fire on Water (English, Paperback) Arnost Lustig

    In this pair of short novels. Arnost Lustig continues his lifelong project of creating a universe - at once concrete and dreamlike - to examine the horrors of the Holocaust and the impossible burden of living as a survivor.

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  • Bait
    Bait (English, Paperback) David Albahari

    The narrator of this novel has just exiled himself to Canada after the collapse of Yugoslavia and the death of his mother. As he listens to a series of audio tapes recorded by his mother years before, he ponders her life and their relationship, and tries to come to terms with a new life of his own.

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