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  • The Witch
    The Witch (English, Hardback) Ronald Hutton

    Why have societies all across the world feared witchcraft? This book delves deeply into its context, beliefs, and origins in Europe's history

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  • Stormtroopers
    Stormtroopers (English, Hardback) Daniel Siemens

    The first full history of the Nazi Stormtroopers whose muscle brought Hitler to power, with revelations concerning their longevity and their contributions to the Holocaust

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  • Against the Grain
    Against the Grain (English, Hardback) James C. Scott

    An account of all the new and surprising evidence now available for the beginnings of the earliest civilizations that contradict the standard narrative

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  • The New Testament
    The New Testament (English, Hardback) David Bentley Hart

    From one of our most celebrated writers on religion comes this fresh, bold, and unsettling new translation of the New Testament

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  • The Master and His Emissary
    The Master and His Emissary (English, Paperback) Iain McGilchrist

    Now available in a larger format, this title offers a fascinating exploration of the differences between the brain's right and left hemispheres and their effects on society, history, and culture.

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  • Interaction of Color
    Interaction of Color (English, Paperback) Josef Albers

    The 50th anniversary edition of a classic text, featuring an expanded selection of color studies

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  • Devotion
    Devotion (English, Hardback) Patti Smith

    From the renowned artist and author Patti Smith, an inspired exploration of the nature of creative invention

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  • Medieval Europe
    Medieval Europe (English, Paperback) Chris Wickham

    A spirited and thought-provoking history of the vast changes that transformed Europe during the 1,000-year span of the Middle Ages

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  • The Country House Library
    The Country House Library (English, Hardback) Mark Purcell

    "Beginning with new evidence that cites the presence of books in Roman villas and concluding with present day vicissitudes of collecting, this ... book presents a ... survey of British and Irish country house libraries"

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  • The Most Good You Can Do
    The Most Good You Can Do (English, Paperback) Peter Singer

    From the ethicist the New Yorker calls "the most influential living philosopher," a new way of thinking about living ethically

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  • The Curious World of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn
    The Curious World of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn (English, Hardback) Margaret Willes

    An intimate portrait of two pivotal Restoration figures during one of the most dramatic periods of English history

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  • Seeing Like a State
    Seeing Like a State (English, Paperback) James C. Scott

    An analysis of diverse failures in high-modernist, authoritarian state planning. It covers projects such as collectivization in Russia and the building of Brasilia, arguing that any centrally-managed social plan must recognize the importance of local customs and practical knowledge.

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  • Eternity's Sunrise
    Eternity's Sunrise (English, Paperback) Leo Damrosch

    In this richly illustrated portrait, a prize-winning biographer surveys the entire sweep of William Blake's creative work while telling the story of his life...

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  • Iran
    Iran (English, Hardback) Abbas Amanat

    A masterfully researched and compelling history of Iran from 1501 to 2009

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  • After Buddhism
    After Buddhism (English, Paperback) Stephen Batchelor

    A renowned Buddhist teacher's magnum opus, based on his fresh reading of the tradition's earliest texts

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  • Why Marx Was Right
    Why Marx Was Right (English, Paperback) Terry Eagleton

    Taking ten of the most common objections to Marxism - that it leads to political tyranny, that it reduces everything to the economic, that it is a form of historical determinism, and so on - this title demonstrates in various cases what a woeful travesty of Marx's own thought these assumptions are.

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  • Mark Dion
    Mark Dion (English, Hardback) Ruth Erickson

    A comprehensive survey of American artist Mark Dion, examining three decades of his critically engaged practice interrogating our relationship with nature

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  • In Praise of Forgetting
    In Praise of Forgetting (English, Paperback) David Rieff

    A leading contrarian thinker explores the ethical paradox at the heart of history's wounds...

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  • The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes
    The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes (English, Paperback) Jonathan Rose

    Presents the history of the British working classes from the preindustrial era to the twentieth century. This title discovers which books people read, how they educated themselves, and what they knew. It includes a preface that uncovers the author's journey into labour history, and its link to intellectual history.

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  • Materialism
    Materialism (English, Hardback) Terry Eagleton

    A brilliant introduction to the philosophical concept of materialism and its relevance to contemporary science and culture

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