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Yasmin Boland

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  • Moonology by Yasmin Boland
    Moonology (English, Paperback) Yasmin Boland

    Understanding the Moon's magical phases helps you to improve and empower every aspect of your life. This book will help you to consciously create your own life, move forwards, deepen your connection with the cosmos and take your spiritual practice to a new level.

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  • Moonology Diary 2019 by Yasmin Boland
    Moonology Diary 2019 (Paperback) Yasmin Boland

    Following the success of her bestselling book Moonology, astrologer and moonologer Yasmin Boland has created this diary to help you harness the mystical powers of the Moon and breathe magic into your life all year long....

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  • Astrology Made Easy by Yasmin Boland
    Astrology Made Easy (English, Paperback) Yasmin Boland

    This book contains everything you need to know on getting started with astrology, and how to use it to plan and predict your life. Yasmin Boland is an award-winning astrologer and bestselling astrology writer, and has put together this guide to help you understand past events, present challenges and future possibilities for your life.

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  • Angel Astrology 101 by Doreen Virtue
    Angel Astrology 101 (English, Paperback) Doreen Virtue, Yasmin Boland

    Helps you learn about the archangels who work with your birth chart in Doreen Virtue's Angel Astrology 101. This book also offers insights and material for those who have long worked with either astrology or the angels.

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  • Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland
    Moonology Oracle Cards (English, Cards) Yasmin Boland

    Work with the moon's power to gain clarity on your life, make informed decisions, and bring positive change where it is most needed!...

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  • Angel Astrology 101 by Doreen Virtue
    Angel Astrology 101 (English, Hardback) Doreen Virtue, Yasmin Boland

    Includes chapters that describe the personality characteristics of each of the sun, moon and rising signs, and your Mercury, Venus and Mars, as well as which archangels to call upon in association with them.

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