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Yi Yi

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  • Son of Man by Yi Yi
    Son of Man (English, Paperback) Yi Yi

    One of the greatest living Korean writers here details the quest of a young seminary student seeking transcendence, running through many Western and East Asian theologies in the process. Deciding that Jesus was not truly "the son of man," the student sets out to create his own alternative to Christ, and winds up dead. Soon, the detective called in to solve the killing winds up with more than a...

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  • Fire in the Hole by Fi Yi Yi
    Fire in the Hole (English, Hardback) Fi Yi Yi, Jeffrey David Ehrenreich

    During Mardi Gras, spectators wait for the approach of the Mardi Gras Indians, a sublime spectacle of dancing, chanting, and gorgeous hand-sewn costumes. But rarely are they shown the human stories behind this unique New Orleans tradition. Told through a collective oral history, Fire In The Hole weaves together the voices of costumers, anthropologists, and photographers to offer the previously...

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