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  • I Have the Right to Destroy Myself
    I Have the Right to Destroy Myself (English, Paperback) Young-ha Kim

    In the fast-paced urban landscape of Seoul, C and K are brothers who have fallen in love with the same woman - Se-yeon - who tears at both of them as they all try to find real connection in an atomized world. A spectral, nameless narrator haunts the edges of their lives as he tells of his work helping lost and hurting find escape through suicide.

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  • Your Republic Is Calling You
    Your Republic Is Calling You (English, Paperback) Young-Ha Kim

    Young-ha Kim's latest novel follows a North Korean spy, heavily undercover and long dormant in the South, on the day he is suddenly called back to headquarters.

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  • I Hear Your Voice
    I Hear Your Voice (English, Paperback) Young Ha Kim

    From one of Korea's literary stars, a novel about two orphans from the streets of Seoul: one becomes the head of a powerful motorcycle gang and the other follows him at all costs 

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  • Black Flower
    Black Flower (English, CD-Audio) Young-Ha Kim

    In 1904, as the Russo-Japanese War deepened, Asia was parceled out to rising powers and the Korean empire was annexed by Japan. Facing war and the loss of their nation, more than a thousand Koreans left their homes to seek possibility elsewhere?in unknown Mexico. After a long sea voyage, these emigrants?thieves and royals, priests and soldiers, orphans and entire families?disembark with the...

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  • Black Flower
    Black Flower (English, Paperback) Young-Ha Kim

    "This sprawling epic novel dips heavily into the concurrent Mexican revolution and the treatment of the Mayans. Spare and beautiful, Kim's novel offers a look at the roots of the little-known tribulations of the Korean diaspora in Mexico." ?Publishers Weekly, starred and boxed review

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  • Der Sterbehelfer
    Der Sterbehelfer (German, Paperback) Young-Ha Kim

    Seyon ist eine junge Frau aus Seoul, hübsch, verwöhnt und gelangweilt. Willenlos lässt sie sich treiben, wechselt ohne Anteilnahme von einem Liebhaber zum nächsten. Für sie, die nicht einmal dem Sex große Lust abzugewinnen vermag, hat einzig das Sterben noch einen gewissen Reiz. ...

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  • L'impero delle luci (Italian, Paperback) Young-Ha Kim

    Kim Kiyong

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  • Che cosa ci fa un morto nell'ascensore?
    Che cosa ci fa un morto nell'ascensore? (Italian, Paperback) Young-Ha Kim

    Kim Young-Ha esplora come un avventuriero la vita moderna. Sullo sfondo di una ipertecnologica Seoul, citt

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  • Black Flower
    Black Flower (English, Hardback) Young-Ha Kim

    Black Flower puts a fictional spin on a little-known moment when thousands of Koreans fled political upheaval and the fall of their empire to seek land and freedom in Mexico, found themselves bonded laborers on its plantations, and eventually started a revolution that led briefly to a "new Korea."

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  • Ein seltsamer Verein. Zehn Kurzthriller
    Ein seltsamer Verein. Zehn Kurzthriller (German, Paperback) Young-Ha Kim

    Liebe, Sex und Leben. Keiner ist mehr in nur einer Welt. Mehrfach-realitäten, Internet, Handys. Ein schneller Wandel. Grenzen zwischen Erlebtem und Fiktion verschwimmen. 10 atemberaubende Kurzthriller. Gänsehaut, Suspensegefühl, Erotik. Schauplatz der Handlung der neuen Erzählungen von Kim Young-ha ist meist das gegenwärtige Südkorea. Ein zufälliges Aufeinanderprallen in der U-Bahn. Die...

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  • Advanced Biomaterials VII
    Advanced Biomaterials VII (English, Paperback) Young Ha Kim Currently Unavailable More details
  • Ho il diritto di distruggermi
    Ho il diritto di distruggermi (Italian, Paperback) Young-Ha Kim

    Cos'hanno in comune Seyon e Mimi? La prima, soprannominata Giuditta per la sua somiglianza con l'omonima protagonista del quadro di Gustav Klimt,

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