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Yuri Herrera

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  • Transmigration of Bodies by Yuri Herrera
    Transmigration of Bodies (English, Paperback) Yuri Herrera

    'The things people inscribe on tombstones, even if only with their breath - erasing those things is what the Redeemer's there for.'

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  • Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera
    Signs Preceding the End of the World (English, Paperback) Yuri Herrera

    Makina knows how to survive in a macho world. Leaving her native Mexico in search of her brother, she's smuggled into the USA bearing two secret messages - one from her mother and one from the Mexican underworld. In this grippingly original novel Herrera explores the actual and psychological crossings and translations people make.

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  • Lunatics, Lovers and Poets by Yuri Herrera
    Lunatics, Lovers and Poets (Multiple languages, Paperback) Yuri Herrera, Valeria Luiselli

    To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the deaths of Shakespeare and Cervantes, six Hispanic and six English-language authors have each contributed a previously unpublished story in tribute to these giants of world literature. With Ben Okri, Deborah Levy, Kamila Shamsie, Yuri Herrera, Valeria Luiselli and others, introduced by Salman Rushdie.

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  • Trabajos del Reino by Yuri Herrera
    Trabajos del Reino (Spanish, Paperback) Yuri Herrera

    Lobo, the protagonist of this engrossing novel about life on the border between Mexico and the United States, has no education to speak of but possesses an amazing talent for converting any notable event into an epic ballad. When the local drug kingpin discovers him, Lobo becomes the kingdom's artist-in-residence. Through his songs, he captures life both within the court and outside of it, and...

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  • Se?ales Que Preceder?n Al Fin del Mundo by Yuri Herrera
    Se?ales Que Preceder?n Al Fin del Mundo (Spanish, Paperback) Yuri Herrera

    A gripping reflection of life on the border between the United States and Mexico, this novel combines contemporary sensibilities with pre-Colombian myth as it relates the story of Makina, a young, temperamental, and free-spirited girl searching for her missing brother. Throughout her journey, Makina is forced to rely on her ingenuity to survive nine legendary quests in a hostile and dangerous...

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  • La Transmigracion de Los Cuerpos by Yuri Herrera
    La Transmigracion de Los Cuerpos (Spanish, Paperback) Yuri Herrera $20.81
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  • Der König, die Sonne, der Tod by Yuri Herrera
    Der König, die Sonne, der Tod (German, Hardback) Yuri Herrera Currently Unavailable More details
  • La trasmigrazione dei corpi by Yuri Herrera
    La trasmigrazione dei corpi (Italian, Paperback) Yuri Herrera

    Il Mediatore fa un mestiere delicato quanto insano: evitare massacri tra clan e famiglie, spesso scatenati da motivi di interesse o assurdi equivoci; in questo caso, tenta di scongiurare un conflitto scaturito dal duplice, insensato sequestro di una ragazza e un ragazzo, appartenenti a due famiglie nemiche eppure legate da radici comuni. Peccato che ormai entrambi i giovani siano morti, e si...

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  • Abgesang des Königs by Yuri Herrera
    Abgesang des Königs (German, Hardback) Yuri Herrera

    El Rey ist der König. Er herrscht über die Grenze Mexikos zur USA, ihm gehören hier die Menschen, die Länder, einfach alles. Er gibt Arbeit und Brot, er schenkt den Tod. Außer seinen Drogen gibt es nur Sand und Hitze. Lobo ist ein Sänger, er gewinnt seine Protektion, lebt im Inneren der Macht, bis eines Tages alles wieder zu Staub wird. Und zu Sand. ...

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  • Your Impossible Voice #8 by Yuri Herrera
    Your Impossible Voice #8 (English, Paperback) Yuri Herrera, Sarah Sorensen

    Our Summer 2015 issue offers a look at the sex lives of amputees, androids, dwarves, and people in animal costumes. All of this, reflections on art, the pleadings of a figurine, amazing new poetry, and more. Contributors appearing in the issue include: Yuri Herrera (translated by Lisa Dillman), Lisa Locascio, Lana Spendl, Jean Wyllys (translated by John Keene), Rob McClure Smith, Jessica...

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  • Segnali che precederanno la fine del mondo by Yuri Herrera
    Segnali che precederanno la fine del mondo (Italian, Paperback) Yuri Herrera

    Secondo la mitologia azteca, il Mictl

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  • Kingdom Cons by Yuri Herrera
    Kingdom Cons (Paperback) Yuri Herrera

    On the streets of a sprawling Mexican city, the Artist plays his accordion and sings: born into begging, he earns a living by the sweetness of his voice. Performing for a drug baron and his bodyguard one evening, the Artist recognises the power of his audience, and sees a way out.

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