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  • Riders of the Purple Sage and the Rainbow Trail
    Riders of the Purple Sage and the Rainbow Trail (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Riders of the Purple Sage Zane Grey's most enduring classic - the book that invented the myth of the American West. In the little village of Cottonwoods, Utah, Mormon rancher Jane Withersteen endures persecution, religious zealots, and cattle rustlers trying to prey on her land.

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  • Classic Westerns: Zane Grey
    Classic Westerns: Zane Grey (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Wealthy but morally conflicted, Jane Withersteen seeks peace and freedom from the constraints of her oppressive society on the Western frontier. With the help of her loyal rider Bern Venters and the mysterious Lassiter, Jane fights back against the authorities who aim to restrict her power and happiness. Filled with thrilling horse rides, evocative descriptions of the landscapes, and tense...

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  • The Deer Stalker
    The Deer Stalker (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Because of the unrestrained slaughter of cougars on Buckskin Mountain, the deer population has increased so fast that they begin to starve. But when Thad Eburne, chief forest ranger, hears the government's plan to open a massive deer hunt to hundreds of indiscriminate hunters, he worries that it will only worsen man's dangerous meddling with nature. Then, when Eburne decides to save a deer herd...

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  • The Rainbow Trail (a Romantic Sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage)
    The Rainbow Trail (a Romantic Sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage) (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    The outstanding sequel to Zane Grey's masterpiece, "Riders of the Purple Sage." Please visit for more great Westerns at great prices.

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  • The U.P. Trail
    The U.P. Trail (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Although Western writer Zane Grey is best remembered for The Riders of the Purple Sage, the novel The U.P. Trail is a favorite among critics and fans alike. This ambitious tale weaves a grand narrative of the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad line, which serves as the backdrop for a tender romance that blooms between the virtuous Allie and the mysterious and taciturn protagonist, Warren...

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  • Code of the West
    Code of the West (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    "Hot-blooded Georgiana Stockwell will break a man's heart while he's eating out of her hand. Moving from the East to join her schoolteacher sister in the rugged wilds of Tonto Basin, Arizona, Georgiana makes quite an impression. Despite her sister's bestefforts, Georgiana creates a culture clash as her modern, free-spirited personality comes up against the code of the West, the unwritten law of...

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  • Knights of the Range
    Knights of the Range (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    From the bestselling author of Riders of the Purple Sage, comes another classic Western tale....

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  • The Mysterious Rider
    The Mysterious Rider (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    A gunfighter with a shadowy past encounters a young woman being pressured into marriage with her foster father's wastrel son ? until tragedy, fate, and the mysterious rider intervene.

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  • The Drift Fence
    The Drift Fence (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Business ain't easy when the locals stand to lose it all....

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  • The Rainbow Trail
    The Rainbow Trail (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    The story of a young clergyman who becomes a wanderer in the great western uplands—until at last love and faith awake.The Rainbow Trail, also known as The Desert Crucible, is Western author Zane Grey's sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage. Originally published under the title The Rainbow Trail in 1915, it was re-edited and re-released in recent years as The Desert Crucible with the original...

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  • Desert Gold
    Desert Gold (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    The story describes the recent uprising along the border, and ends with the finding of the gold which two prospectors had willed to the girl who is the story’s heroine.When young Richard Gale arrived in the Southwestern border town of Casita, he didn’t realize it was a tinderbox waiting to explode. There’s a revolution in Mexico and American troops are stationed along the border. The town...

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  • The Light of the Western Stars
    The Light of the Western Stars (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    The Light of the Western Stars By Zane Grey

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  • Riders of the Purple Sage
    Riders of the Purple Sage (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    The first of Grey's bestselling westerns, this tale of adventure and romance tells of a proud young heroine who stands alone against the villains who rustle and stampede her cattle ? until a stranger rides into town.

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  • The Last Trail
    The Last Trail (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    The Last Trail Zane Grey Pearl Zane Grey (January 31, 1872 ? October 23, 1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that presented an idealized image of the American frontier. Riders of the Purple Sage (1912) was his best-selling book. In addition to the success of his printed works, they later had second lives and continuing influence when...

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  • The Rustlers of Pecos County
    The Rustlers of Pecos County (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    In the morning, after breakfasting early, I took a turn up and down the main street of Sanderson, made observations and got information likely to serve me at some future day, and then I returned to the hotel ready for what might happen.The stage-coach was there and already full of passengers. This stage did not go to Linrock, but I had found that another one left for that point three days a...

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  • The Rainbow Trail
    The Rainbow Trail (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Shefford halted his tired horse and gazed with slowly realizing eyes. A league-long slope of sage rolled and billowed down to Red Lake, a dry red basin, denuded and glistening, a hollow in the desert, a lonely and desolate door to the vast, wild, and broken upland beyond. All day Shefford had plodded onward with the clear horizon-line a thing unattainable; and for days before that he had ridden...

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  • Arizona Ames
    Arizona Ames (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Not all outlaws are bad men....

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  • Valley of Wild Horses
    Valley of Wild Horses (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Excerptng, saw with wild eyes how the yearling or calf would seem to be driven by him. There was always a cowboy near him, riding fast, yet close, yelling to him, making him a part of the roundup.At the noon hour an older man, no doubt the rancher who owned the cattle, called off the work. A lusty voice from somewhere yelled: "Come an' git it!"The rancher, espying Pan, rode over to him and said:...

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  • The Trail Driver
    The Trail Driver (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    From the best-selling novelist of the American West, comes a novel of romance, danger, and life along the trail....

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