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Zane Grey

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  • The Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey
    The Call of the Canyon (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

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  • Classic Westerns by Owen Wister
    Classic Westerns (English, Leather / fine binding) Owen Wister, Willa Cather

    Discover six classic novels as you follow the footsteps of the trailblazers who settled the American West.

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  • Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon by Zane Grey
    Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    A true story of Zane Grey's experiences capturing mountain lions alive, which makes ordinary hunting with guns seem, in contrast, about as exciting as a Sunday picnic. Everyone has heard of roping cattle and wild horses, but roping mountain lions on their home ground is another matter. Zane Grey, with four Western rangers, a Navajo Indian, and a pack of very lovable dogs (who are as much real...

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  • The Lone Star Ranger by Zane Grey
    The Lone Star Ranger (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Outlaw gunfighter Buck Duane is offered a full pardon by Captain McKelly of the Texas Rangers, but first he must bring down the Chelsedine Gang, deadly rustlers who will stop at nothing.

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  • Knights of the Range by Zane Grey
    Knights of the Range (English, CD-Audio) Zane Grey

    From the bestselling author of Riders of the Purple Sage, comes another classic Western tale....

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  • Thunder Mountain by Zane Grey
    Thunder Mountain (English, CD-Audio) Zane Grey

    One of the bestselling novelists of the American West brings us a gripping tale of gold, greed, and vengeance....

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  • Code of the West by Zane Grey
    Code of the West (English, CD-Audio) Zane Grey

    Hot-blooded Georgiana Stockwell will break a man's heart while he's eating out of her hand. Moving from the East to join her schoolteacher sister in the rugged wilds of Tonto Basin, Arizona, Georgiana makes quite an impression. Despite her sister's best efforts, Georgiana creates a culture clash as her modern, free-spirited personality comes up against the code of the West, the unwritten law of...

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  • Rogue River Feud by Zane Grey
    Rogue River Feud (English, CD-Audio) Zane Grey

    Along the notorious Rogue River, gold seekers, crazed by the discovery of nuggets that made them rich overnight, are at war with one another. The river itself swarms with salmon, bringing along with them another kind of wealth and violent fighting between fishermen and the fish-packing monopoly. Into this scene comes Keven Bell, returning to face life after being handicapped by a disfiguring wound...

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  • Robbers' Roost by Zane Grey
    Robbers' Roost (English, CD-Audio) Zane Grey

    A classic story of imperiled love on the western frontiers of nineteenth-century America....

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  • Blood 'n' Thunder's Western Movie Roundup by Zane Grey
    Blood 'n' Thunder's Western Movie Roundup (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    A sister publication to BLOOD 'N' THUNDER, this spin-off covers motion-picture Westerns from the dawn of the silent-film era up to the present day, with a special concentration on "B" Westerns of the Thirties and Forties. The first issue, being a trial balloon, reprints material previously published in BLOOD 'N' THUNDER. Leading off is a comparison of two Tom Mix silents, THE UNTAMED and JUST...

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  • Riders of the Purple Sage and the Rainbow Trail by Zane Grey
    Riders of the Purple Sage and the Rainbow Trail (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Riders of the Purple Sage Zane Grey's most enduring classic - the book that invented the myth of the American West. In the little village of Cottonwoods, Utah, Mormon rancher Jane Withersteen endures persecution, religious zealots, and cattle rustlers trying to prey on her land.

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  • Shadow on the Trail by Zane Grey
    Shadow on the Trail (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    In the days of the frontier West, it was not unusual for desperadoes and fugitives from justice to seemingly disappear from the face of the earth. Shadow on the Trail by Zane Grey, one of the bestselling authors of all-time, is the story of one such man who returned to reestablish himself in a law-abiding society. In Texas, young bank robber Wade Holden, once the toughest, fastest triggerman in...

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  • The Vanishing American by Zane Grey
    The Vanishing American (Paperback) Zane Grey $18.23
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  • To the Last Man by Zane Grey
    To the Last Man (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    This romance is true to Grey's conception of the Pleasant Valley War and he bases it upon the setting he learned to know and love so well, upon the strange passions of primitive people, and upon his instinctive reaction to the facts and rumors he had gathered.

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  • Wildfire by Zane Grey
    Wildfire (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    "Wildfire" is the story of Lucy Bostil, the daughter of a stable owner, who happens upon Lin Slone, knocked unconscious while chasing his unruly colt Wildfire through the hills. When Lin convinces Lucy to ride Wildfire in the upcoming race, the villainous Cordts will stop at nothing to make sure that it is his horse that wins the race instead. "Wildfire" is a classic tale of western suspense and...

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  • The Spirit of the Border by Zane Grey
    The Spirit of the Border (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    The Spirit of the Border By Zane Grey

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  • The Lone Star Ranger by Zane Grey
    The Lone Star Ranger (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    Buck Duane is the son of a famous outlaw. Though an outlaw is not always a criminal, if the Rangers say he is an outlaw, its just as bad ? he's a hunted man. After killing a man, Duane is forced to 'go on the dodge'. Duane turns up at an outlaw's hideout, still revolting at the idea of outlawry. Worse still, all the men he kills haunt him, for years. At the outlaw hideout, he meets a kidnapped,...

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  • The Border Legion by Zane Grey
    The Border Legion (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    The Border LegionBy Zane Grey

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  • The Light of Western Stars by Zane Grey
    The Light of Western Stars (English, Paperback) Zane Grey

    A classic Western story that inspired no fewer than three different filmed versions, The Light of Western Stars tells the tale of Madeline Hammond, a wealthy young woman from the high society of the East Coast who seeks a change of pace in the rowdy Wild West. She finds out a lot about herself ? and finds true love in the process. The book's gorgeous descriptions of the Western landscape and life...

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