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  • Unscrewed
    Unscrewed (English, Paperback) Ed Sobey

    Admit it: you love to explore how things work. Screwdriver and pliers in hand, no castoff electronics or old appliances are safe. But once you've pulled apart your prey, do you really just want to screw it back together again . . . assuming you could? Unscrewed is the perfect resource for all UIYers?Undo It Yourselfers?looking to salvage hidden treasures or repurpose old junk....

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  • Charting the World
    Charting the World (English, Paperback) Richard Panchyk

    As soon as early humans began to scratch images on cave walls, they began to create maps. And while these first drawings were used to find hunting grounds or avoid danger, they later developed into far more complex navigational tools. Charting the World tells the fascinating history of maps and mapmaking, navigators and explorers, and the ways that technology has enhanced our ability to understand...

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  • Team Challenges
    Team Challenges (English, Paperback) Kris Bordessa

    Offers teachers, facilitators, and parents a variety of activities designed to cultivate children's problem-solving skills while fostering co-operation between group members. These projects teach children to experiment with building methods, discover various uses for everyday items, try on new personas, and express themselves.

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  • Best Film You've Never Seen
    Best Film You've Never Seen (English, Paperback) Robert K. Elder

    In this book, 35 directors champion their favorite overlooked or critically savaged gems. Among these guilty pleasures, almost-masterpieces, and undeniable classics in need of revival are unsung noirs (Murder by Contract), famous flops (Can't Stop the Music, Joe Versus the Volcano), art films (L'ange), theatrical adaptations (The Iceman Cometh), B-movies (Killer Klowns from Outer Space), and even...

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  • Native American History for Kids
    Native American History for Kids (English, Paperback) Karen Bush Gibson

    Chronicles American indigenous life through profiles of the complex societies that lived in North America when European settlers first arrived, providing capsule biographies of famous Native Americans and informative hands-on activities from planting a Three Sisters Garden to weaving a basket using newspaper strips. Original.

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  • Art Is Fundamental
    Art Is Fundamental (English, Paperback) Eileen S. Prince

    An art curriculum that can be integrated into teachers' existing instruction and provides lessons for elementary art students, including printmaking techniques, tessellations, watercolours, calligraphic lines, organic form sculptures, and value collages. It is suitable for elementary school teachers, middle, and high school students.

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  • The Practical Pyromaniac
    The Practical Pyromaniac (English, Paperback) William Gurstelle

    "Combining science, history, and DIY pyrotechnics, this book for the workbench warrior explains humankind's most useful and paradoxical tool: fire. William Gurstelle, author of the bestselling Backyard Ballistics, presents 25 projects with instructions, diagrams, photos, and links to video demonstrations that enable people of all ages to explore and safely play with fire. From Franklin's stove to...

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  • Lady Q
    Lady Q (English, Paperback) Reymundo Sanchez, Sonia Rodriguez

    Looks at the life of a member of Chicago's Puerto Rican gang the Latin Queens, the female counterpoint of the Latin Kings, and details the years of sexual abuse that began at the age of five and the consequences of breaking the gang's code of silence when she appeared on Oprah Winfrey's local talk show.

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  • Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure
    Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure (English, Paperback) Matthew Algeo

    On June 19, 1953, Harry Truman got up early, packed the trunk of his Chrysler New Yorker, and did something no other former president has done before or since: he hit the road. No Secret Service protection. No traveling press. Just Harry and his childhood sweetheart Bess, off to visit old friends, take in a Broadway play, celebrate their wedding anniversary in the Big Apple, and blow a bit of the...

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  • Twelve Stations
    Twelve Stations (English, Paperback) Tomasz Rozycki

    Celebrated mock heroic poem now available in English translation.

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  • So Now You're a Zombie
    So Now You're a Zombie (English, Paperback) John Austin

    Being undead can be disorienting. Your arms and other appendages tend to rot and fall off. It's difficult to communicate with a vocabulary limited to moans and gurgles. And that smell! (Yes, it's you.) But most of all, you must constantly find and ingest human brains. Braaaains!!!...

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  • The Changing Room
    The Changing Room (English, Paperback) Yongming Zhai

    The first major collection in English translation of China's foremost feminist poet.

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  • The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova
    The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova (English, Paperback) Anna Akhmatova

    Not only the most comprehensive, but also simply the best English translation ever of the great Russian poet (1889-1966). Publication of the original hardcover edition was one of the great publishing and poetry events of 1990. The present edition adds 80 new poetic texts which came to light at the

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  • The Young Investor
    The Young Investor (English, Paperback) Katherine R. Bateman

    An updated edition of a guide that explains the language of finance and the skill of investing, offering kids an early start with learning how to make their money grow. Reprint.

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  • Beethoven for Kids
    Beethoven for Kids (English, Paperback) Helen Bauer

    Ludwig van Beethoven was a great innovator who expanded the limits of...

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  • Say Thank You
    Say Thank You (Multiple languages, Paperback) Mikhail Aizenberg

    An author from the heart of post-Soviet poetry.

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  • Salt Monody
    Salt Monody (Multiple languages, Paperback) Marzanna Kielar

    Metaphysical work from Polish poet featured in Zephyr anthology Carnivorous Boy Carnivorous Bird.

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  • Doubled Shadows
    Doubled Shadows (Multiple languages, Paperback) Ouyang Jianghe

    The first collection of the avant-garde Chinese poet Ouyang Jianghe in an English translation.

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  • Frederick Douglass for Kids
    Frederick Douglass for Kids (English, Paperback) Nancy Sanders

    Few Americans have had as much impact on this nation as Frederick Douglass. Born on a plantation, he later escaped slavery and helped others to freedom via the Underground Railroad. In time he became a bestselling author, an outspoken newspaper editor, a brilliant orator, a tireless abolitionist, and a brave civil rights leader. He was famous on both sides of the Atlantic in the years leading up...

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  • Not Written Words
    Not Written Words (Multiple languages, Paperback) Xi Xi

    Retrospective selection from one of Hong Kong's most celebrated literary figures.

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